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Tickets CalPERS Members?

Being near the court system, police and different public events over the years I've often noticed the Official Business Card facing the the Drivers license at check out lines or overheard someone boasting they have a friend who is this or that. 

My other tactical move is say hello where all too often learn I'm chatting with a public employee.   In my story longer observation in the court room the most unrepresented person is the public employee. The court room is loaded with persons on welfare, SSI or simple lost their job.  

In the end they're forced choose between food and fines.  The obvious choice is not to starve to death but obvious problem is the fine goes from 300 to in my case nearly $3,000 per ticket.  

You can rest assured this means my life goes nowhere, job options are limited for many and the vast majority of jobs require a license.  

Homeless Courts 

The concept of a homeless court is to give a fresh start on getting past the tickets and fines.  As this portion of the blog grows I'll share the endless stonewalling I endure for tickets, fines, the court and the endless obstacles and other face.

The State Of California has the No-Win Traffic System that has cost Butte County over $500,000 to take care of my sons while down in Contra Costa County the CNET Players and related investigators targeted my clients, offices and friends.

Judge Joel Golub who in early September 2014 decided to appear at the Walnut Creek Library where the Walnut Creek Police were called my questioning is near zero coincidence of sitting on the same row I'm stuck on while still fighting for license ten years later.

Read more about my personal opinion of what Joel knows as he was once my neighbor and whose been killed in out old neighborhood but more important is we both know the same officers who could have been stopped in 2004 not 2011 and with the recent arrest of now former officer Greg Thompson a black women in Richmond would have been avoided.

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