The Anatomy of Public Corruption

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HUD No. 20-006
HUD Public Affairs
(202) 708-0685
January 14, 2020

Funding supports thousands of local homeless housing and service programs

WASHINGTON - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson today announced nearly $2.2 billion in grants to support thousands of local homeless assistance programs across the nation. HUD's Continuum of Care grants will provide critically needed support to approximately 6,593 local programs on the front lines, serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness. This is the first of two announcements of Continuum of Care awards. View a complete list of all the state and local homeless projects awarded funding.
"A safe, affordable place to call home is key when creating a path toward opportunity and self-sufficiency," said Secretary Carson in Ohio, where he made the funding announcement. "The grants awarded today help our partners on the ground to reduce homelessness in their communities and help our most vulnerable neighbors."
HUD Continuum of Care grant funding supports a broad array of interventions designed to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness, particularly those living in places not meant for habitation, located in sheltering programs, or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Each year, HUD serves more than a million people through emergency shelter, transitional, and permanent housing programs.

HUD continues to challenge state and local planning organizations called "Continuums of Care" to support their highest performing local programs that have proven most effective in meeting the needs of persons experiencing homelessness in their communities.
In 2019, most of the country experienced a combined decrease in homelessness but significant increases in unsheltered and chronic homelessness on the West Coast, particularly California and Oregon, offset those nationwide decreases, causing an overall increase in homelessness of 2.7 percent. HUD's 2019 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress found that 567,715 persons experienced homelessness on a single night in 2019, an increase of 2.7 percent since 2018 but nearly 11 percent decline since 2010. The number of families with children experiencing homelessness declined 5 percent from 2018 and more than 32 percent since 2010. Local communities also reported a continuing trend in reducing veteran homelessness across the country—the number of veterans experiencing homelessness fell 2.1 percent since January 2018 and by 50 percent since 2010.
The grants HUD is awarding include the following:
2019 Continuum of Care Grants (Tier 1)
State Number of Projects Amount
Alaska 30 $4,688,499
Alabama 50 $16,187,098
Arkansas 20 $4,166,349
Arizona 79 $39,667,766
California 761 $415,233,197
Colorado 51 $31,823,715
Connecticut 148 $53,925,797
District of Columbia 34 $21,068,602
Delaware 27 $7,825,678
Florida 309 $87,529,248
Georgia 169 $42,721,865
Guam 8 $1,119,247
Hawaii 30 $12,158,946
Iowa 41 $9,364,401
Idaho 27 $4,234,119
Illinois 368 $114,704,242
Indiana 89 $23,770,934
Kansas 40 $7,500,169
Kentucky 105 $23,141,762
Louisiana 142 $50,763,628
Massachusetts 217 $76,567,387
Maryland 157 $49,879,309
Maine 22 $13,121,653
Michigan 274 $73,362,763
Minnesota 202 $33,500,442
Missouri 135 $36,059,327
Mississippi 31 $4,892,316
Montana 14 $2,529,752
North Carolina 134 $26,659,517
North Dakota 18 $1,943,050
Northern Mariana Islands 1 $13,983
Nebraska 47 $8,767,133
New Hampshire 54 $7,702,743
New Jersey 223 $46,031,871
New Mexico 51 $10,506,434
Nevada 50 $16,051,105
New York 520 $214,895,469
Ohio 284 $106,811,990
Oklahoma 59 $8,354,106
Oregon 120 $37,289,231
Pennsylvania 459 $106,088,546
Puerto Rico 55 $18,596,380
Rhode Island 34 $7,308,810
South Carolina 53 $10,509,459
South Dakota 10 $1,299,930
Tennessee 119 $21,010,778
Texas 206 $101,332,807
Utah 48 $10,928,741
Virginia 136 $29,207,216
Virgin Islands 4 $188,753
Vermont 22 $4,572,629
Washington 166 $72,793,372
Wisconsin 81 $24,700,183
West Virginia 55 $8,601,585
Wyoming 4 $277,357
TOTAL 6,593 $2,163,951,389


The Slaughtering of Mormon Americans - Barcelona, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Pleasanton, Orinda San Ramon

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The Slaughtering of Mormon Americans

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WHEN: November 4, 2019

WHERE: La Mora,Mexico
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Women, Children and others die so you can snort again and again?

At the this juncture near Pete Bennett is a Mormon Murder story with five dead in Utah, one dead in Barcelona, two dead in Pleasanton, Three dead from Alamo 1st and 2nd, and one dead from Walnut Creek 1st.

Bennett faces endless obstacles with Contra Costa County, City of Walnut Creek, Town of Danville, City of Lafayette and a long list of failures at agencies protecting themselves.

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Mark Peterson

In 2017 Contra Costa District Attorney was convicted of Perjury, disbarred and removed from office. In 2010 Bennett went to Peterson about the Parental Abduction of his sons weeks later he was evicted from his offices.
Mark Peterson

Rick Kopf

Michael Peterson

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Frank Doyle Jr.

This former FBI agent arrived at Mainframe Designs Cabinet and Fixtures a few months after his role in the investigation of the 1988 Lockerbie Bombing but during the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific
See Profile

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Officer Ray Giacommeli

Bennett moved his cabinetshop from Concord to Pittsburg in 1981, he hired Tiny Bynum on a Wendesday but shot dead by Saturday. His brother was also employed was arrested a few days later.
Ray Giacomelli

City of Pittsburg

PACTEL INFOSYSTEMS - A failure connected to Pete Bennett, AT&T Stores to what became PacBell, then SBCGlobal

Former Customer of Mainframe Designs Cabinets and Fixtures

During 1980s, Pete Bennett founded a small cabinet shop in his garage.  The first location was ojn Garry Road next the former COOP Grocer, then to Pleasant Hill to the end of Santa Monica Drive then back to Pleasant Hill on Geriola middle of 1980 he moved to Cloverdale Ave.  Then he took a chance with a full yellow page ad around 1982.  Five years later revenues were close one million, the clients were calling with projects in the millions.

During 1987 just after doubling shop space Bennett suffered near fatal bicycling accident triggering litigation that became Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost after a key witness was murdered.

PacBell InfoSystems took over the AT&T Phone Stores after the landmark AntiTrust divestiture that created the Baby Bells.

The shop by 1984 was known for high-quality commercial fixtures. 

333 W El Camino RealSunnyvaleCA 94087
Categories:Local Phone Services, Long Distance Phone Services
Phone:(408) 737-0821

664 El Rio DrOxnardCA 93036
Description:Pactel Meridian is a Telecommunications company located in 664 El Rio Dr, Oxnard, California, United States.
Registration:Jun 9, 1986
Inactive since:May 1, 1996
Addresses:130 Kearney St.San FranciscoCA 94108 (Physical)
130 Kearny St Ste 3501 %pacific TelesisSan FranciscoCA 94108 (Mailing)
State ID:680003052
Business type:Foreign Corporation
Members (9):E.d. Taylor (President), 130 Kearny St.San FranciscoCA 94108 (Physical)
L.t. Barnes (Treasurer), 130 Kearny St.San FranciscoCA 94108 (Physical)
G. L. Sheffield (President, Director, inactive)
R. W. Wohlert (President, inactive)
J. E. Bunting (Treasurer, inactive)
Agent:Prentice-Hall Corp. Sys

Little Rock, AR  ·  San Francisco, CA
Registration:Aug 31, 1983
Addresses:Union National Bank Bldg.Little RockAR 72201 (Physical)
140 New Montgomery St.San FranciscoCA 94105 (Foreign)
State ID:100064456
Business type:Foreign For Profit Corporation
Agent:The Prentice-Hall Corporation Syste
Union National Bank Bldg.Little RockAR 72201 (Physical)
Filled under act:For Bus Corp; 958 of 1987

818 W 7Th StLos AngelesCA 90017
Registration:May 11, 1988
State ID:P19202
Business type:Foreign for Profit Corporation
Entity State:FL
Members (4):Jim G. Mcguire (Chairman, Treasurer, inactive)
Wayne A. Wirtz (President, Director, Secretary, Vice President, inactive)
William Miller (President, CEO, inactive)
Paula Anderson (Director, Secretary, inactive)

1777 Botelho Dr Ste 200Walnut CreekCA 94596
Business type:Dba Pactel Finance Inc
Agent:Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc Corporation S
C/o Prentice Hall Littlefield BldgAustinTX 78701 (Physical)

130 Kearny StreetSan FranciscoCA 94108
Registration:May 17, 1985
State ID:C1275691
Business type:Articles of Incorporation
Member:E. K. Roemer (President, inactive)
Agent:Thomas E Macbeth
San FranciscoCA 94107 (Physical)

2999 Oak Rd. #ms 800Walnut CreekCA 94596
Registration:Feb 5, 1990
State ID:C1512491
Business type:Articles of Incorporation
Member:E. D. Taylor (President, inactive)
Agent:Jeanne Wagner
OaklandCA 94612 (Physical)
Registration:Jan 9, 1986
Addresses:130 Kearny St 37Th FloorSan FranciscoCA 94108 (Physical)
130 Kearny StSan FranciscoCA 94108
State ID:C1295008
Business type:Statement & Designation By Foreign Corporation
Entity State:NV
Member:C. L. Cox (President, inactive)
Agent:Thomas E Macbeth
San FranciscoCA 94107 (Physical)

San Francisco, CA
Registration:Jul 15, 1983
Addresses:C/o P.m. RosenthalSan FranciscoCA 94108 (Physical)
130 Kearny StSan FranciscoCA 94108
State ID:C1146702
Business type:Articles of Incorporation
Member:E. K. Roemer (President, inactive)
Agent:Mark E Ferrara
OaklandCA 94612 (Physical)

201 North Civic Dr.Walnut CreekCA 94596
Registration:Apr 29, 1987
State ID:F00301787
Business type:Gen. Business - For Profit
Agent:Prentice-Hall Corp. System Inc
304 East High StreetJefferson CityMO 65101 (Physical)

130 Kearny St.San FranciscoCA 94108
Registration:Jan 7, 1985
State ID:C1265306
Business type:Articles of Incorporation
Member:E. K. Roemer (President, inactive)
Agent:Thomas E. Macbeth
San FranciscoCA 94107 (Physical)

San Francisco, CA
Registration:Jun 15, 1994
Addresses:P.m. RosenthalSan FranciscoCA 94108 (Physical)
130 Kearny StSan FranciscoCA 94108
State ID:C1890987
Business type:Articles of Incorporation
Member:E. K. Roemer (President, inactive)
Agent:Mark E Ferrara
OaklandCA 94612 (Physical)

5670 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesCA 90036
Registration:Mar 24, 1994
State ID:C1884788
Business type:Articles of Incorporation
Agent:The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc
SacramentoCA 95833 (Physical)
Registration:Apr 29, 1986
Inactive since:Aug 1, 2005
State ID:600631282
Business type:Profit
Members (4):William M Miller (President), San RamonCA 94583
Paula Anderson (Secretary,Director), San AntonioTX 78205
Lori Lee (Treasurer), San AntonioTX 78205
Wayne A Wirtz (Vice President,Secretary,Director), San AntonioTX 78205
Agent:C T Corporation System
505 Union Ave Se Ste 120OlympiaWA 98501 (Physical)


San Francisco, CA
Registration:Mar 1, 1993
State ID:74363729
Reg. number:1818181
Status:711 - Cancelled - section 7
Status date:Oct 6, 1994
Illustration:Typeset: Word(s)/letter(s)/number(s)
Attorney:Carol Elizabeth Frizzell
130 Kearny Street Room 3659San FranciscoCA 94108
Employee:James A Rauen
Goods & Services:"infocenter", Telecommunications services; namely, cellular telephone services
Owner:Pacific Telesis Group, 130 Kearny StreetSan FranciscoCA 94108


San Francisco, CA
Registration:Dec 11, 1985
State ID:73572896
Reg. number:1432452
Status:710 - Cancelled - section 8
Status date:Sep 13, 1993
Illustration:Typeset: Word(s)/letter(s)/number(s)
Attorney:Paul B. Van Buren
Room 554San FranciscoCA 94104
Employee:Mary E Hannon
Goods & Services:Retail computer store services
Owner:Pacific Telesis Group, 140 New Montgomery StreetSan FranciscoCA 94105

2999 Oak Rd.Walnut CreekCA 94596
Registration:Dec 1, 1986
State ID:1333699
Business type:Foreign Profit
Agent:Prentice Hall Corporation
33 North Lasalle StreetChicagoIL 60602 (Physical)

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