Police Targeting - Abuse of Authority To Thwart Civil Rights Actions

Simplicity Of Process

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Misuse Of Intelligence Apparatus  

The Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce (CNET) arrests were a culmination of decades of corruption spilling from under the pixie dust waterfall of the war on drugs. The war Contra Costa County sent thousands to prisons while Norm's friends likely got special treatment but proving it much harder as Police can use many tools at their disposal to conceal the truth.

Part One - Intelligence apparatus
Part Two - The Software Providers
Part Three - Technical Breach Risks
Part Four ~ Systemic Breach - Off Shoring AT&T databases 

Tactical Methods 

This is specific to Contra Costa and East Bay Counties but is derived from personal experience connected to arrests of more than 10 police officers that targeted me, my clients and nearly killed my sons.  The State workers e.g. CalPERS and CalSters members can work in unison across most departments due to the endless family connections which has been detailed by Contra Costa Times and other Bay Area Papers.

For several years I kept noticing persons attending a search warrant class at Walnut Creek City Hall I walked in the open door and listened for over two hours.  I was taken aback by the instructors near cavalier attitude in regards to Civil Rights Cases, the time it takes to wind through the system and how long the the litigant has to wait for justice.  Most cases are stalled in the Federal Court backlog but in my potential cases I've endured fines, tickets and arrests.

Please read my Prepared Homeless and Welfare Statement for the Three Minute Public Hearing.  My hope is to get off welfare, get my life back and get my sons off welfare





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