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Contra Costa Sheriff's Posse


Bennett / Supervisor Glover Meeting - April 2009


Bennett / Supervisor Glover Meeting - April 2009 

When Danville PD concealed the 2004 Danville assault I started calling the FBI as by December of 2004, I was getting tickets, been set on fire, pulled over, accused of dealing drugs, thefts and DUI. 

After the Eric Nunn fatal crash my opinion which includes members of his family was this was a murder not an accident.   Then in April 2009 a purely coincidental meeting was me taking a restaurant seat with Supervisor Glover where that evening we learned we shared near identical and near fatal bacterial events. 

For years I went to the ER with maladies of intestinal, bacterial and heart attack symptoms but often call the nurse advice line. After several years of calls one day the nurse said - have you considered that you were being poisoned which after the Nunn crash I knew something was going on. 

The County ER staff is controlled by the county, they are like so many others incidents connect to the same risk management entities using he along most other Contra Costa Cities utilize MPA.

After filing claims with the City of Walnut Creek they gave me the phone number for the Municipal Pooling Authority located on San Miguel Drive where across the street my friend who worked at McNamara Law but few know this is another local attorney like my attorney offices were burned down in 2012. 

The coincidences fall in line with other allegations with State Senator Mark DeSaulnier whose been fully informed of events which precede the PG&E Gas Explosion which precedes the CNET Arrests in March 2011. Mark's answer to my car accident and incidents was to call the Legislative Threat Assessment Unit who like everyone have been fully informed. 

All of this precedes the deaths of relatives of State Senator Richard Rainey (ret) and Don Perata (Ret) but there plenty of other deaths. 

Sheriff/Coroner Rainey is the Lynching Sheriff

"Jessica Frederick"
29 items matched your search for "Jessica Frederick"Blunt Force, Stab Wounds Killed Woman
December 9, 1998

Jessica Frederick, 27, was found dead on Industry Road in Pittsburg, the city's eighth homicide this year. Police have said Frederick was a suspected prostitute with a record of drug violations. ... Detectives ...

Murder Case Thrown Out Over Police Search Tactic
February 12, 2000

Niaz, 51, was arrested last year in the slaying of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick. Frederick's body was discovered dumped in an industrial area of Pittsburg. Niaz and Frederick had dated on and off for several years, police said.

Arraignment In Slaying of Prostitute
March 24, 1999

Niaz was arrested Monday in the slaying of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick, who was found stabbed and beaten to death in Pittsburg on December 5. Police said they found traces of Frederick's blood in Niaz's apartment.

Cabdriver's Charges Reinstated
January 26, 2001 | Bob Egelko

A Contra Costa County judge had dismissed charges against Mohammad Ismail Niaz last February in the fatal stabbing and beating of Jessica Frederick in December 1998. ... Frederick, 27, was found dead in an ...

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Boulevard of Bad Dreams / Intractable problems find dramatic expression on Pittsburg's 10th Street
February 15, 1999 | Christopher Heredia

One of the slain women, Jessica Frederick, had befriended Boyer before her death. Frederick was a regular customer who came to buy beer, food and cigarettes. The last time Boyer saw Frederick, the younger woman ...

Deaths jar Pittsburg
January 10, 1999 | Marianne Costantinou

Ten days earlier, Jessica Frederick, 27, was found stabbed to death about 4 miles away, at Industrial Road and Third Street.

Search for more stories in
SUBSCRIBESign InPolice See Deliberate Links in 2 Slayings / Woman and teen found in same area
December 8, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

The body of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick of Antioch was found on Saturday on Industry Way in Pittsburg only blocks from where the body of Lisa Norrell was found three weeks earlier. ... Unlike in the Norrell ...

Ex-boyfriend held in Pittsburg death case
March 23, 1999 | Ray Delgado

Authorities on Monday arrested Mohammed Ismil Niaz, 51, in connection with the murder of his former girlfriend, Jessica Frederick of Antioch, whose death was one of four between November and January that had ...

Ex-Boyfriend Arrested In Pittsburg Slaying
March 23, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

Jessica Frederick was one of four women slain in Pittsburg last winter, leading to speculation that a serial killer was at large. ... Af ter a two-year relationship, Frederick had been trying to break off the ...

Victim Was Choked To Death, Cops Say / Third woman slain in a month in Pittsburg
December 18, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

On December 5, an alleged prostitute, 27-year-old Jessica Frederick, was found stabbed and beaten to death. ... In Frederick's case, detectives have questioned a Concord man and searched his apartment.

Pittsburg Cops Sift Slaying Clues / Authorities look for evidence that may link 3 of 4 killings
January 12, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

The three latest victims, Jessica Frederick, Rachael Cruise and Valerie Schultz, were all known prostitutes, police say. ... Frederick, 24, was found slain on Industry Road on December 5 dressed only in a ...

Pittsburg cops find no clues to link deaths
December 17, 1998 | Robert Selna

Jessica Frederick, 27, of Antioch, was found stabbed to death at Industrial Road and Third Street.

Three Killings Have Prostitutes Fearful / Pittsburg police urge them to stay off the streets
December 17, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

On December 5, the body of alleged prostitute Jessica Frederick was found in plain view near a fence on Industry Road. ... Police have said there was no evidence Frederick was sexually assaulted but they will ...

Woman's Body Found Near Road in Pittsburg / No connection yet made with month's 2 previous slayings, cops say
December 16, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

Investigators said they have no evidence yet that yesterday's discovery is connected to the slaying of 15-year-old Lisa Norrell, found on November 14, or the stabbing death of Jessica Frederick, an alleged ...

4th body of woman found in East Bay
January 9, 1999 | Eric Brazil and Marianne Costantinou

On Dec. 5, about three weeks after Norrell's body was discovered, 27-year-old Jessica Frederick of Antioch was found stabbed to death about four miles away, at Industrial Road and Third Street.

4th Woman Found Slain In Pittsburg / Passer-by finds Bay Point prostitute in a ditch
January 9, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

After trying to unravel the mystery of Lisa's murder for two months, yesterday police had to put it back in the "unsolved" category, along with the slayings of Jessica Frederick and Rachael Cruise, both found killed in December.

Police say slain teen was a random victim
January 7, 1999 | Eric Brazil

Pittsburg Mayor Federal Glover, meanwhile, asked the community for patience while police continue to investigate the slayings of Jessica Frederick, 24, and Rachel Cruise, 32, whose bodies were found Dec. 5 and Dec. 16, respectively.

December 7, 1998 | Compiled from Examiner staff and wire reports

Workers reported finding the body, identified as Jessica Frederick, Saturday morning at Industrial Road and Third Street, said Lt.

New Garrido search: Prostitute serial killings
August 29, 2009 | Jaxon Van Derbeken

Among those found strangled, stabbed and dumped in ditches in a two-month period were Valerie Schultz, 27, Rachael Cruise, 32, and Jessica Frederick, 24.

Time doesn't ease pain for mother of slain teen
November 5, 1999 | Ryan Kim

The violent deaths of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick, 32-year-old Rachael Cruise and Valerie Shultz, 27, followed in December and January. ... Of the four cases, only one - the death of Frederick - has resulted ...

Serial Killers Find Prostitutes Easy Prey / Pittsburg slaying cases match profile of men who tend to dehumanize women
January 13, 1999 | Kevin Fagan

The man who left Valerie Schultz, 27; Rachael Cruise, 32; and Jessica Frederick, 24, sprawled in ditches in industrial areas of Pittsburg since December 5 is probably just getting started, Fox said. ... Jones said ...

2 Arrested In Pittsburg Teen's Slaying / Unemployed Antioch men have long records
January 7, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

Norrell's thoughts were also with the families of Jessica Frederick and Rachael Cruise, the other Pittsburg victims.


1 Mnuchin: Virus aid package soon, $1,200 checks by August
2 Sierra county now on watch list, surge linked to restaurants
3 Courthouse set on fire during protest in Oakland
4 Jungle oasis right in SF hits market at $1.6M
5 SF's Cliff House just closed its doors. Here's its fiery history
6 'Danger': Overcrowding closes hidden gem NorCal swim spot
7 Calif. public health officials battle water park that won't close

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There is a definite strain,” said Tahnjah Poe, a young black woman who moved out of Concord last October because of the harassment she said she and her son suffered at the hands of some local whites


That assessment is shared by others, such as William Callison, a white man who told police he received an anonymous threatening telephone call after he went to the FBI and challenged the coroner’s conclusion that Lee had committed suicide


Connecting Too Many Incidents with an indeliable link to to Cerberus Capital to Albertsons to Safeway CEO Steve whose former mistress nearly died but ended up with a colostomy. I know because I nearly died the same way

Connecting Too Many Incidents 

The Dubious Phone Call and Time Wasting Project
The reality of these cases is they lead to attorneys, legal cases, expertise that is patentable, private equity leading to Albertsons and one particular soldier killed in Balad in 2007.  My opinions just got much stronger.

My story is about witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions linked back to the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost in 1989.  It was a winnable case as long the witnesses testified.  


The Sun Micro Stories
Pfc Joseph Behiel died in the Contra Costa County Jail a/k/a Martinez Death Facility. was once Authentic Technologies located at 1136 Saranap Ave Walnut Creek was poised to retain Attorney Art Beheil of Silicon Edge. He lost his son, I nearly lost my life in the same jail

Oracle 9/11 a distant patriot?

Salesforce buys Exact Target and Ian Murdock dies?
Former Sun Microsytems programmer
The tragic untimely death of Ian Murdock could have been predicted based on the deaths of Kevin Flanagan, Darian Sable, Brandon Marshall, Patent Attorney James Gilliand and the death of Joseph Beheil son of Patent Attorney Art Beheil.

The Murder of US Attorney - The other 9/11 Murder
Doc's then 9/11, then Bennett, then Wales
Connecting Software Develper Bennett to the Thomas C. Wales murder to the NIMDA Virus (Computer Worm), The Patch Failures at Microsoft and McAfee Firewall at SBC Global on 9/18/2001 The Dubious Phone Call and Time Wasting Project The folks at TPG will have to answer...

The Doc's Pharmacy Murder Conspiracy
Why did Safeway hire
The Doc's Pharmacy Murder Case The Deliberately Overlooked Local Connections to the Anthrax Investigation. Steve Burd was CEO in charge of Safeway Stores How does a Pharmacist get hired while simultaneously involved in Quasi Murder Investigation to be hired at the...

San Francisco FBI

The West Coast Bomb School

Cypress Security

Words from the CEO
Posted by the person you nearly
Words from the CEO


Connecting Chief or Commander Wenzel to the Murders of inmate David Filkins Bremer, Deputy Carlos Francies and Robert Smith.

Connecting Chief or Commander Wenzel to the Murders of inmate David Filkins Bremer, Deputy Carlos Francies and Robert Smith.

The Dubious Phone Call and Time-Wasting Project

The folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating from companies connected to Richard Blum, William McGlashan, CBRE, Regency Centers, Trammell Crow, TPG Growth, Concord Naval Weapons Station, Base Realignment, Target Data Breach, NCR (Target POS Systems Vendor), Oracle (Target POS Software Vendor), Lawrence Investments, Kinder Morgan,

Anthony Banta Jr., Jason Amen Watts, Bernard (Tiny) Bynum. Cynthia Kempf, Ashley Turton, Adam Milford, Rylan Fuchs, Scott Dyleski, Scott Peterson, Ernie Scheer III, Vadim Trincher, Battalion Chief Riley, Deputy Chief Wiley, Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, Simon Hardware, Eileen Gorgas, Ideal Homes, Bob Martinez Landscaping, Tanjah Poe, Timothy Lee, Timothy Mitchell, Sgt. Paul Starzyk, Former BART officer John Kelly, BART Officer Craig Wilson, Erik Nunn, Natalie Nezara, Lisa Dickinson, Alison Bayliss, Daniel Van Voorhis, Behring, City Attorney Mark Coon, Kevin Flanagan, Darien Sable, Patricia Perry, Councilman Mike Shimansky, Councilman Gary Bell, Tax Collector Bill Pollacek, Dr. Kim Fang, Gary Vinson Collins, Robert Frazier, The Clone Zone, Record Factory (Ann) , Patricia Noel, District Attorney Mark Peterson, Pfc Joseph Beheil, Spc. James Coon, Marie Coon, Loretta Hale, Roma Bhatia, Clare Orton, Scott Bertics, Alicia Driscoll, Jineva Driscoll, Tim Hogan, James Hogan, Gavin Powell, Matthew Miller, Bishop Matthew Michael Lyons, Kristie Ferraro, Mike Sevenau, George Schram, Brian Erb, Adam Williams, Williams, Dean Huber, Huber, Pamela Vitale, Laci Peterson, Samantha Lewis, Tamara Moats, Charles (Chuck) Silverman, Kellie Reed, Johnny (Walnut Blvd.), Robert Frazier, Rhonda (Homeless), John Dullich, Todd Cambra, Kristi Strack, Benjamin Strack, Benson Strack, Emery Strack, Sgt. Scott Lunger, Earl Foster, The Putman Drive Incident, Mayor Moscone, Supervisor Milk, Dan White, The Bernam, Doe 1 Pleasant Hill 1979, Doe 2 Pleasant Hill 1979, Aaron Nettles, Crazy Dave (Martinez), Dori Garder (Crossing Fatality), Greg Anspaugh (Missing,1999, Martinez Missing Person 1999, Floyd Brown Jr. 1990, Eustacio Torres, Catalina Torres, Elizabeth Torres, Workers, Caldecott Tunnel, James Wesley Naylor, Albert Villalobos, Pasi Hamillien, Deputy John Foley (ACSO), Brandon Marshall, Chris Lacey, James B, Elizabeth Hitt. Donald Fontaine, Judy Scroggins, Patrick Butler, Shirley Pond, Randolph Grieg, Peter Branagh, Mona Branagh, Mrs. Tanya Nunn, Mrs. Craig Wilson, Adam Elliot, Sister of Rylan Fuchs, John Sweeney, Venza Heinze, Valle Vista Drive Resident, Melody Lister, Kaitlyn Strand, Josh Peterson, Patricia Perry, Paul Perry, Paul Sween, Chandra.Sween (wife), Don W., Brian Schwallen, Son Blackhawk, Samantha Mooney. Her Boyfriend, Michelle Celebrini, daughter, friend, Noel Ridual, Josephine Ridual, both 28, Lorenzo Silva , Harve Ringheim, Keiko Ringheim (wife), Christopher Spence, Michael Spence, Roland Haydell III (aka Keith Richards), Jamey Sheets, Cynthia Kempf, Matthew Moody, Graham, Runzel, Sakeyev Safar , Dr. Henry Eaton Collins, Randolph Grieg, Andrea Babyak, Officer Lester Garnier, Chief Alex Fagan, US Attorney Thomas C Wales, Scott Shepherd, Lara Shepherd, Floria Hakimi, #1 , #2, Mayor Ed Lee, Emmon Bodfish, Ernest Scherer Jr., Charlene Arbenoth, Walter Little, Julie Strack, Clinton Eull, Leon James Dwullet Jr.. Renato Simone, Edward Simone, Andrea Babyak, Andrea Huseby, Dale Potter, James Gilliland, Kevin Flanagan, Emily Courchesne, Farmers Market Clerk, George Stahl, Kadeem Hodge, Susan Kennedy, Glen Davis, Eiko Sugihara, Margaret Lesher, Anja Simonsen, Tony Nunes, Robert Seymour, Adrian Seymour, Tom Gonzalez Jr. , John T. Nejedly Attorney, Charles Burns, Jared Tucker, Sabrina Boyle, Martin Nelis, Miguel Toruño, Daniel L. Brenner, Michael Ruppert, Seth Rich, Madeline Seeley, Catherine Perata, Jacqueline Greig, Jennata Grieg, Noel Clyde Cobb, Meagan Mundi, Gabrielle Mundi, Mary Mahoney, Dimitra Mantas, Dennis Sandoval, Chris Stevens, Cosette Ellison, Erv Romans, Officer Michael Johnson, Officer David Haynes, Officer Leonard Garcia,



Crow, Lennar, Catellus.

My story is about witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions linked back to the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost in 1989. It was a winnable case as long the witnesses testified.





Key Executives for Ariel Investments, LLC

March 11, 2019 4:33 PM ET

Capital Markets

Company Overview of Ariel Investments, LLC

Company Overview

Ariel Investments, LLC is an employee owned investment manager. It provides its services to Individuals and institutional clients. The firm manages separate client-focused equity portfolios. It manages also equity mutual funds for its clients. It invests in the public equity markets across the globe. The firm primarily invests in value stocks of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies. It employs fundamental analysis along with bottom-up stock picking approach to create its portfolio. Ariel Investments, LLC was founded in 1983 and is based in Chicago, Illionis with an additional office in based in New York, New York.
200 East Randolph Street
Suite 2900
Chicago, IL 60601
United States
Founded in 1983

Key Executives for Ariel Investments, LLC

Chairman, CEO, Chief Investment Officer & Member of Board of Directors
Age: 59
President & Director
Age: 49
Senior VP, CFO & Treasurer
Vice Chairman & Head of Investment Group
Age: 58
Executive VP, Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager
Compensation as of Fiscal Year 2018.

Ariel Investments, LLC Key Developments

Ariel Investments, LLC Presents at NACD Annual Global Board Leaders Summit 2018, Sep-29-2018
Ariel Investments, LLC Presents at NACD Annual Global Board Leaders Summit 2018, Sep-29-2018 . Venue: Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washignton, District Of Columbia, United States. Speakers: John Washington Rogers, Chairman, CEO, Chief Investment Officer, Member of Board of Director, Portfolio Manager and Trustee.
Ariel Investments, LLC Presents at 13th Annual Conference of African American Financial Professionals, Aug-06-2018
Ariel Investments, LLC Presents at 13th Annual Conference of African American Financial Professionals, Aug-06-2018 . Venue: The Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington, District Of Columbia, United States. Speakers: John Washington Rogers, Chairman, CEO, Chief Investment Officer, Member of Board of Director, Portfolio Manager and Trustee.
Ariel Investments Presents at Ascend Pinnacle Second Asian Corporate Directors Summit, Apr-06-2018
Ariel Investments Presents at Ascend Pinnacle Second Asian Corporate Directors Summit, Apr-06-2018 . Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco, California, United States. Speakers: Mellody Hobson, President.

Similar Private Companies By Industry

Company Name Region
.Comdaq Corporation United States
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Recent Private Companies Transactions

March 16, 2018
Edgewater Technology, Inc.

The Pamela Vitale Murder - an out of tune riddle played on a fiddle

Horowitz recounts finding wife's body

Friend says TV legal analyst 'pretty sure' who bludgeoned wife

Wednesday, October 19, 2005; Posted: 9:40 a.m. EDT (13:40 GMT)

Horowitz: "I just told her, 'I love you, and you're beautiful.' "


Daniel Horowitz
San Francisco (California)
LAFAYETTE, California (CNN) -- High-profile defense attorney and TV legal analyst Daniel Horowitz said Tuesday he knew his wife, Pamela Vitale, was dead as soon as he saw her lying inside their temporary home Saturday evening.
"I took it all in, and I knew she was dead," Horowitz told CNN's Nancy Grace in an exclusive interview.
"You scream, you cry. But I just basically sat with her, and I just told her, 'I love you, and you're beautiful,'" Horowitz said.
"It didn't matter any more what was around her, or the horror," he said. "I had just so much time with Pamela, so I just looked at her face, and it was beautiful." (Watch Horowitz describe his last minutes with his wife's body -- 4:50)
After reporting her death to police, Horowitz said he was put in the back of a squad car and not allowed to return to the trailer to see his wife.
He was later taken to the police station, where he was placed in a room normally used for juveniles.
Horowitz, 50, said police monitored him as a person who might commit suicide, but he said he had no intention of killing himself.
Horowitz said he found Vitale, 52, when he returned from San Francisco to the mobile home where the couple was living while their dream house was being built nearby on a remote hilltop near Lafayette in Contra Costa County east of Oakland.
Medical examiners concluded Monday that Vitale died from blunt trauma to the head, said a spokesman for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department.
Investigators were still on the property Tuesday looking for evidence.
Horowitz said he had been in San Francisco preparing for the trial of Susan Polk, accused of stabbing to death her millionaire husband in 2002.
The judge declared a mistrial Monday in the high-profile Polk case because of Vitale's slaying.
On Tuesday, Joseph Lynch, a tenant on Horowitz's property, dismissed as "ridiculous" the suggestion that police were focusing on him as a suspect, telling CNN he had nothing to do with Vitale's death.
"I am innocent. I have not been on the premises up there," Lynch said.
Officials have described Lynch as cooperative and said he is one of many people they have spoken with about the case.
Four months ago, Horowitz and Vitale petitioned for a restraining order against Lynch, charging that he was dangerous. But Horowitz told CNN they never had the order served because they feared inflaming the situation.
Lynch acknowledged he has had trouble with alcohol and drugs, including methamphetamines, for more than 20 years, but he said he has put those troubles behind him.
He said Horowitz had been supportive, even writing a letter on his behalf to the judge after he was charged with driving while under the influence.
"I've been a real jerk over the years, but now I'm clean, sober and trying to concentrate on the present and the future," Lynch said. He would not say how long he had been off drugs, only that he was "currently clean."
Jimmy Lee, a spokesman for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department, said Monday that the case remains "wide open."
"We're looking at all possible theories and motives. We're not focused in one area," Lee said.
Ivan Golde, a fellow attorney and friend of Horowitz, said Tuesday on CNN's "Larry King Live" that Horowitz "is pretty sure who did this crime" but cannot identify the person publicly.
Golde had earlier said police were "zeroing in" on Lynch as a potential suspect.
In response, Lynch said, "It doesn't matter what he says. I didn't do it."
Golde, who is Horowitz's co-counsel in the Polk trial, said he was "confident" there was no connection between that case and Vitale's slaying.
Horowitz and Vitale had been building a 7,000-square-foot Italian-style mansion for the past two years. It was primarily her dream house and she supervised the project down to the last detail, Horowitz told CNN.
He said he is aware that media attention will "probably" turn to him as a suspect in his wife's death.
"I don't care," he said. "My wife is gone. ... It doesn't matter. What's the difference?"
Horowitz has represented numerous high-profile defendants and appears frequently as a legal analyst on cable television networks, including CNN.
Golde said Horowitz carried a gun because "he received threats from time-to-time."
"Dan had to protect himself," he said
CNN's Rusty Dornin and Ted Rowlands contributed to this report.

Emmon Bodfish - A real transgender murder

Here's this week's article from the Bay Area Reporter.  Thanks to Ed Walsh for
the professional but sensitive reporting he is doing on the case!  (I wonder if
the friends had met the son and have any opinion on his possible involvement.)
                       Bodfish likely struggled with killer, report says
                                           by Ed Walsh
         Transgendered murder victim Emmon Bodfish was known for doing
everything he could to be unknown and there was perhaps no greater symbol of
his reclusivity than his home on his seven acre estate in Orinda. Meanwhile,
Bodfish's coroner's report indicates he may have struggled with his killer.
         Last Thursday, August 19, this reporter was allowed to accompany three
of Bodfish's close friends along with his lawyer and executor Garrett Riegg, as
they returned to that home along Miner Road, an area known for some of the
highest priced real estate in the East Bay. The Bodfish home is just a
25-minute drive from San Francisco but the property is so wooded and isolated,
one could easily get the feeling that they are hundreds of miles away from
anything resembling a major city.
         Although Riegg estimates the property to be worth about $2 million,
the house itself is extremely modest and looks more like a cabin in the middle
of the Sierra than a home in an exclusive Bay Area bedroom community. It's just
two bedrooms, one bath, with a smaller cabin on a hill overlooking the home.
The house has a very rustic feel and Bodfish's friends say that was in keeping
with his nature-based Druid faith.
         One of Bodfish's close friends who knew him for more than two decades,
before Margaret became Emmon, said she appreciated the Bay Area Reporter's
sensitivity in its coverage of the case but didn't want to be quoted on the
record. She said she felt very conflicted about discussing her friend's life
because privacy was extremely important to him. When asked if Bodfish would
have preferred to be known as a man or woman, she said Bodfish presented
himself to most of the world as a man but his female identity was something he
chose to keep.
         Another friend, Stacey Weinberger, who has spoken with the B.A.R.
before, said she also felt conflicted about speaking to the media but thought
it was important for people to know that Bodfish wasn't a freak, but a very
good, honest, and caring person.
         A third friend, Doug Handler, also spoke with great affection about
Emmon Bodfish. The friends were allowed to claim a few sentimental items that
had special meaning for them. Handler, who also knew Bodfish before Bodfish
began living as a man, took a tiny photo of Margaret Bodfish as a child. He was
also allowed to keep a plumbing book with a photo of an adult Margaret Bodfish
demonstrating a plumbing job. Before Bodfish worked as an investment advisor,
he ran his own pool maintenance and plumbing business. An old and partially
burned blue truck bearing his company name, "The Blue Lagoon," continues to
stand watch in front of his home.
         Skull, facial bone fractures
         Bodfish died in the solitude of that home that he cherished so much
during his life. Now, almost two months after his bludgeoning death, much of
his home still remains how he left it but much has changed. Bodfish's body was
found on the floor in the living room next to a bookcase. Now, many of the
books that became bloodstained are packed away in plastic bags. A square patch
of carpet is cut away from the Oriental rug where his head lay.
         The B.A.R. obtained a copy of Bodfish's coroner's report which appears
to indicate a struggle he had with his attacker. The official cause of death is
listed as "blunt-force head injuries." The report details fractures to his
skull and facial bones and cuts to the forehead and upper lip. Bruises were
found on his chin, legs, shoulder, and back. "A decorative screen with a glass
front was standing to the right of the body," the report details. "The glass
was broken and there was evidence of blood splatter on this item. The head was
laying near one wall which was totally made up of book shelves."
         The highest bloodstain on the book shelves observed by this reporter
was only about three feet off the floor. The bloodstained books that were
removed came from the lower shelves of the book case. The blood splatter
evidence seems to indicate that Bodfish was struck once or several times while
he was already down and lying next to the bookshelf. Forensic experts say that
the first blow to the head is unlikely to cause blood to splatter. Bodfish may
have been taken down by the first or second hit and then beaten to death while
he was lying helplessly on the floor.
         The report goes into graphic detail over the extent of decomposition
of the body with the opinion being that "the decedent had been dead for several
days." Bodfish's body was found by his ex-mother-in-law, Edith Willes, on June
30 at about 9 a.m. At about 6 p.m. that same day in a phone conversation,
Willes told her grandson, Max Wills, that his mother was dead. Hours later,
Wills checked into a Santa Monica hotel room where he killed himself.
         Orinda police say they don't consider Wills a suspect in Bodfish's
death nor can they rule him out.  Wills had been vacationing in Southern
California when Bodfish was killed but investigators say they can't account for
all his time there. Orinda police Sergeant Mark Hale who told the B.A.R. last
week that investigators are waiting for some potentially important new
information said this week that are still waiting for that information. Hale
wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the information they were expecting.
         Bodfish's coroner's report unveils some striking similarities between
his murder and the last homicide in Orinda almost two years ago. That was the
case in which XY magazine cover boy Josh Puckett confessed to killing Vitaly
Poliakov but said he acted in self-defense to fend off a sexual assault. The
cause of death in both the Bodfish and Poliakov murder cases was ruled as blunt
force head injuries. In both cases, the victims appeared to suffer the most
severe hit on the right side of the head. In addition, investigators say blood
splatter evidence had indicated that Poliakov, like Bodfish, likely suffered
the fatal hit while he was already down. Puckett plead guilty to involuntary
manslaughter and burglary last year and was sentenced to 13 years, eight months
in state prison.


@lovelafayette @FBI @realdonaldtrump @


For Eric Christensen, the call came early.

Lafayette’s new top cop says he was in fifth grade when he realized he wanted to become a police officer. His inspiration was a teacher with a dual career in law enforcement.

“He was such a compelling guy, he was the person I wanted to model myself after,” Christensen, 47, recalled. “Because of that contact, (I thought it) was an honorable profession.”

Now a 20-year veteran of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, the respected lieutenant was recently tapped to head Lafayette’s police department following chief Mike Hubbard’s retirement, announced in February. Christensen will oversee a staff of 16 sworn officers and five department employees, and said he’s eager to address the challenges facing those involved in public safety. “The biggest thing that affects all of us as police chiefs or citizens is complacency, and not being ready for what’s around the next corner,” he said.

Selected from a handful of applicants following interviews with citizens, lawmakers and fellow officers, Christensen was the right candidate for Lafayette, said City Manager Steven Falk. He singled out the lieutenant’s expertise in volunteer management and emergency preparedness.
“We really are an area that is ripe for some kind of emergency” Falk said. “It’s good to have another police chief who is comfortable dealing with those situations.”

Crime Prevention Commission chair Traci Reilly said she too was impressed by Christensen’s handling of disasters, including the Walnut Creek pipeline explosion in 2004. Immediately following the blast, Christensen, then coordinator of the Sheriff’s Emergency Services Support Unit, helped set up and run a command post that included emergency personnel and members of the public.
During his five-year assignment with the support unit, he managed more than 600 volunteers, and was involved in other high-profile cases, including that of Laci Peterson, the Modesto woman whose husband was convicted of her murder.

“He’s just a very likable person and incredibly enthusiastic,” Reilly said. “He’s got a lot of energy.”
That energy has propelled Christensen from the start of his career, which began as a military policeman in the Army. The skills he picked up while assigned to the Army’s emergency services are still in practice today, Christensen said.

His first civilian job was with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department, which provides Lafayette’s police services by contract. He was assigned to the Martinez Detention Facility, working there for four years before becoming a field training officer and putting himself through police school.

After hitting the streets, he realized his goal of becoming a detective in San Ramon, which is where he won Sheriff’s Officer and Employee of the Year for 1999. Other awards followed. He joined the Oakley Police Department and became a supervising sergeant and took other assignments before being promoted to lieutenant. These days, he’s running the sheriff’s civil unit in Martinez and training for his new position.

“I enjoy working to no end,” Christensen said about his busy schedule, which includes instructing police academy recruits. He credits his strong work ethic to his Danish immigrant parents and said he took his first job at age 13.

As for his new job, which some consider a plum assignment due to Lafayette’s low crime rate, Christensen is both philosophical and grateful.

“I think that with any assignment you get, it’s what you make of it,” he said. “Having a community that appreciates it’s law enforcement officers is not a bad thing.”

Big “Al” Seeno We screw everyone

This long settled case portrays the connection between City Attorney Mark Coon and Nathaniel Greenan who both dead.  

The discussion of two murders

  • Greenan is Mormon at Alamo 1st
  • Coon was Concord City Attorney who committed suicide

Albert D. Seeno and Bennett

This oddity is posted so the IRS, FBI and SAG might pursue Seeno on new charges.
Without question this was a setup project as my little tiny software company suffered a 20K loss with Seeno with emphasis that I would be buried in court.  Seeno deliberately failed to pay and today I suspect that Alamo 1st Mormons coupled with James Greenan's law firm.

James Greenan a licensed Attorney fully aware of Bennett's Arson, the Police Stop in 2004 with the potential of ending Bennett's life.  In 2011 that officer was indicted by Federal Grand Jury in his role contents of site.  

Deputy Sheriff

Michael Robert Foley
Alameda County Sheriff's Office, California

End of Watch: Thursday, February 23, 2017 

To understand his link to CNET all you need to read in this story, is SWAT, ATF, CNET or Fire Protection.  In most police stories there is a Chinese wall between agencies but the East Bay is a simmering story of nepotism and cronyism.  

Foley History

Foley likely as a Concord Police Officer likely targeted me while working with Concord Police Chief Livingston.   My position on Foley is he's part of growing list of murdered police officers. 

The perfect place to kill anyone while using California Prison Laws in the jail.   


The Unknown Connection To Jaycee Dugard at the Chevron Gas Station

The Job Seeker from EDD

Mainframe Designs Cabinets and Fixtures
He would have been hired, we were already hiring ex-cons and

The 1972 Rust Bucket Ford Window Van

The Secrets of the Contra Costa Sherrif final reports feels the same as Gavin Powell and Matt Miller - What report?

Way back in the 80's I operated a cabinet and millshop in
Pittsburg CA on Bliss Ave. I was also an approved employer with
EDD for hiring via a Private Industry Council (PIC) for the
former Enterprise Trade Zone that placed around where my shop
was located.

how Phil Garrido arrived via an EDD referral, that's how I knew
about the van, that's the van she was in staring out the window
at the Chevron Station. I made the call when I spotted her and
didn't stick around because of the other cases.

In 2013 I filed kidnapping reports on my sons. It didn't
do much good and my son attends UCSB, the other is in Paradise
CA where an Arson Fire nearly claimed their residence.

Overdose or Murder: Melody Lister (1989), Marc Lister's sister
in-law died on Cameo Drive in late eighties which is near Diablo
Country Club, my nephews the Strack's died via a Methadone Overdose
(Official), my friend Alicia killed her daughter, my neighbors
on Valle Vista son Chad Cordon was hurt in the school bus accidents,
a potential client was Peter Branagh and Candidate Erik Nunn
both died in plane crashes, Councilman Helix's grandson died
an unexplained death but so did Kristie Ferraro who sold her
Alamo Home at
141 Dean
to David Christensen whose is clearly related to
Chief Erik Christensen who refused to investigate my July 2011
accident that was attempted murder?

Let's be real I've been through arson, accidents, bacteria,
hit and run, my son have been kidnapped, I worked for PG&E
whose employee was kidnapped in November 2011, I've been mugged
in Walnut Creek four times, by cars regularly destroyed and
I know police officers in Federal/State/County jails or prison
plus don't forget my roommate drowned in the suicide cell of

Kidnap-rape suspect

Phillip Craig Garrido
recorded love songs featuring lyrics
that appear to refer to young girls, a business acquaintance
said Friday.

"For every little girl in the world, they want to be in love,
yeah," Garrido sings in one song. "Please tell me that you want

In another song, Garrido croons, "The way she walks, yeah,
subtle, sexy. What can I do? I fall victim too. A little child,
yeah, look what you do."

Garrido told

Marc Lister
, a 15-year acquaintance, that he wrote the songs
while serving time in federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., for
a 1976 kidnapping and rape, Lister said. Garrido gave two CDs
containing 20 songs several years ago to Lister, a former glass-shop
owner who hired him to print his business cards and invoices
and who knew people in the music business.

Lister said he believes some of the lyrics could reflect
a predilection for young girls. Garrido, 58, who led a rock
band and played bass as a teenager in Brentwood, is accused
of kidnapping

Jaycee Dugard
, then 11, from South Lake Tahoe in 1991, raping
her and keeping her imprisoned in a backyard compound at his
home outside Antioch.

His wife, Nancy Garrido, 54, has also been charged with kidnapping
and rape. Both have pleaded not guilty.
"The language, the lyrics, they're suggestive and they're
provocative in a lot of the songs," Lister, 57, of Concord said
Friday during an interview at the Walnut Creek office of his
business attorney,

Mark Mittelman

Lister said he wanted to share the lyrics with law enforcement
and raise money from the songs to benefit abused women, but
not before he gets a chance to "sit down with Jaycee and make
sure it is not going to impair or slow down, in any way, her
going back into society, just starting out a normal life."

Garrido sought Lister's help to get his music released to
raise money for a religious program to "let people hear the
word of God in the way that he interpreted it," Lister said.
"When he gave me these, he said, 'Someday, these are going to
be worth millions,' and I just thought, 'Well, Phil's just being
weird again,' " Lister said.

He said he had listened to the music - which features Garrido
playing bass - without fully comprehending the lyrics and had
tossed the CDs into storage.

Lister said he had visited the Garridos' home on Walnut Avenue
a number of times and had seen Dugard and her daughters, who
authorities say were fathered by Garrido.

Garrido introduced the girls as "our daughters," Lister said,
but it was unclear to him whether Dugard or Nancy Garrido was
his wife. Dugard "always looked healthy to me," Lister said.
"There was absolutely nothing that I saw that would have raised
suspicion." Mittelman and Lister shared transcribed lyrics and
played short snippets of some of the songs with reporters. They
also displayed one of Garrido's business cards that they said
showed a picture of Dugard several years ago.

The card, which they did not allow to be photographed, shows
an attractive, smiling woman with flowing blond hair. Lister
said the picture was clearly a "glamour shot" and that Dugard,
who helped Garrido with his printing business, often wore her
hair up in a bun.



Meet The Lakers

Kobe Bryant

Card image cap

Pete Bennett met Mike at Green valley elementary School we were sort of the tradesmen that didn't fit the billionaire parking lot. he's one of a few friends burned alive just the way things go in Danville

The Murderous Billionaire

Southern Pacific Chairman

Pete Bennett sued Philip Anschutz in 1987 but lost when witnesses vanished before trial. Years married a non-practicing Mormon who unknown to Bennett was raised by members of Alamo 1st Ward but unknown element was she raised by the same Mormon Attorney that ordered the murder on 1990.

The Murderous Billionaire

Southern Pacific Chairman

Pete Bennett sued Philip Anschutz in 1987 but lost when witnesses vanished before trial. Years married a non-practicing Mormon who unknown to Bennett was raised by members of Alamo 1st Ward but unknown element was she raised by the same Mormon Attorney that ordered the murder on 1990.

Mike Sevenau - friend


Sunday, August 31, 2014 ALAMO, Calif. (KGO) -- One person is dead after a fiery car crash in Alamo Sunday morning. Investigators say the car was heading east on Stone Valley Road when it veered off the road into a residential area. 

The driver hit a light pole, several mailboxes and a fence. 

 The car then caught fire with the driver trapped inside. 

 Investigators are still trying to determine whether alcohol is a factor in this crash.

Stone Valley Rd at Miranda

Just east of 680 Miranda Road is a left hand turn.  Down the road from this accident was the April 2013 Death of William Schramm at Round Hill Country Club. >

Like so many other accidents for no apparent reason this car veers off the road, crashes and catches on fire where the occupant succumbs to either the accident then fire or fire then expires.

Profile Details
Accident, Fire, Arson, Stone Valley Road, Danville, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District and CCSO and CHP.

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