The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Public Comment with Pete Bennett address Contra Costa BOS about several murder suicides - then relatives were murdered in days


PR.1 PRESENTATION recognizing September 2014 as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. (Supervisor Piepho, Gerold Loenicker, Mental Health Supervisor and Rhonda James, Director of Contra Costa Crisis Center)
AYE: District I Supervisor John Gioia, District II Supervisor Candace Andersen, District III Supervisor Mary N. Piepho, District IV Supervisor Karen Mitchoff
Other: District V Supervisor Federal D. Glover (ABSENT)


Oracle dumps Arthur Andersen as auditor after Enron

We needed a 9/11 Sacrifice of Oracle

Mr. Beamer's father worked for Amdahl. Pete met a former key person connected to Gene Amdahl founder of Amdahl creators of the first relational CIA Database.

Todd time to return Oracle for a meeting

Mr. Beamer your flight intinerary is as follows. Board in Newark for SFO to arrive at 1PM PST. See you in the meeting tommorow. Have a good trip

Todd time to return Oracle for a meeting

Mr. Beamer your flight intinerary is as follows. Board in Newark for SFO to arrive at 1PM PST. See you in the meeting tommorow. Have a good trip


Pete Bennett (2007) PBS NewsHour

Pete Bennett was contracting at SBC Global between June 2001 and just past 9/11. During summer a computers virus began circulating in the "Wild" around the internet. During the early 2000's one flawed element of Windows NT, 95

Pete Bennett (2007) PBS NewsHour

Pete Bennett was contracting at SBC Global between June 2001 and just past 9/11. During summer a computers virus began circulating in the "Wild" around the internet. During the early 2000's one flawed element of Windows NT, 95


First we arrange for our employee to return on Flight 95 that dissapeared from skies over Pennsylvania on 9/11. –

Oracle Corp. has dismissed Arthur Andersen LLP as its independent auditor, a job the embattled Big Five accounting company held for 15 years.

Oracle decided to switch to Ernst & Young LLP "given the breakup that started to occur within Arthur Andersen's global practice in the past few weeks," Oracle said in a statement Tuesday.

Arthur Andersen provided both audit and non-audit services for Oracle. The practice of having an accounting firm such as Arthur Andersen sell non-audit consulting services -- such as IT consulting -- to clients that it also audits has come under fire in recent months as a result of the Enron Corp. collapse.

Phillip Anschutz

Former Chairman of Southern Pacific during Bennett vs. Southern Pacific Transportation (1987 to 1991) Oh' S... someone killed the key witness Bennett loses millions then someonce killed his other witnesses but didn't stop there.
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Hope everyone saw the glowing portrait of Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz in the July 2 edition of USA Today. For a guy who never does interviews, he sure got some good press. Anschutz was even credited with helping the United State's showing in soccer's World Cup competition. The story even had a description of Anschutz's northeastern Colorado ranch-retreat, which has its own nine-hole golf course. By the way, invitations for Anschutz's annual soir�e with Denver business leaders, in which the participants sit around a humongous dining table and wax about their business, are already out. If you haven't received one yet, you're nobody.


Ken Lay

Former COE of Enron like many is a #deadceo
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Funny just like Pete Bennett's long running story people are dropping dead


Phillip Anschutz, Larry Ellison, Michael Milken, and Charles Hurwitz

Although legal, the selling of non-audit services to audit clients compromises an auditor's independence and leads to conflicts of interest, critics have charged. As in Oracle's case, Arthur Andersen provided both audit and non-audit consulting services to Enron, whose accounting practices are at the center of its bankruptcy scandal.

Oracle paid Arthur Andersen US$700,000 for audit services in fiscal year 2001, ended May 31, 2001, according to a filing Oracle made with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in August 2001. Oracle also paid Arthur Andersen $1.1 million for the design and implementation of financial IT systems and $5.3 million for other consulting work, including tax preparation, tax advice and business consulting, according to the filing.

Oracle said that the decision to fire Arthur Andersen wasn't due to any problems and that the accounting company "has done excellent, professional work for Oracle for the past 15 years."

An Oracle spokeswoman declined to comment on whether Oracle will continue giving non-audit c2nsulting work to Arthur Andersen, saying Oracle wasn't commenting on this matter beyond what is said in the statement.

In February, Arthur Andersen said it would stop designing and implementing financial IT systems for clients it audits. More recently, the company has pledged to separate its consulting practices entirely from its core audit business, thus abiding by a mandate from an independent oversight board it created this year to reform its business.

IT and related business consulting services generated about $1.7 billion in revenue for Andersen Worldwide SC in its fiscal year 2001, ended August 31, 2001. That's out of a total $9.34 billion. Chicago-based Arthur Andersen LLP is the U.S. member company of Switzerland-based Andersen Worldwide SC, which coordinates Arthur Andersen member companies worldwide.

Oracle joins a long list of audit clients that have fired Arthur Andersen firms in the U.S. and abroad this year as a result of the Enron scandal. Recent published reports put that figure at around 150 audit clients to date.

Arthur Andersen is trying to survive the Enron mess, but it seems to be getting harder with each passing day. It announced Monday it plans to lay off over the coming months 7,000 employees, a little over a quarter of its work force. It also faces a long list of civil lawsuits, an exodus of clients, a SEC investigation and an indictment on an obstruction-of-justice charge by a U.S. federal grand jury.

The other Big Five accounting companies have taken steps to avoid conflicts of interest arising from the sale of non-audit IT consulting work to audit clients. This year, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP announced it plans to separate via an initial public offering its management consulting business, PwC Consulting, which provides a broad range of IT consulting and services. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu made a similar announcement this year regarding its IT consulting unit, although it hasn't said how it will separate it.

Ernst & Young sold its IT consulting services unit to Cap Gemini in 2000 and currently provides a limited number of IT advisory services. KPMG LLP spun off its consulting business into an independent company called KPMG Consulting Inc. early in 2001, but like Ernst & Young still provides limited IT advisory services. Both Ernst & Young and KMPG have said that the IT services they provide are of an advisory nature -- as opposed to a more hands-on consulting approach -- and don't pose conflict-of-interest concerns.

This story, "Oracle dumps Arthur Andersen as auditor" was originally published by ITworld.


The Funeral of Nathaniel Greenan and the murder of Alicia Driscoll and daughter


Super Lawyer James Greenan

Surrounded by family with his son Nate Greenan lying in casket.

Super Lawyer James Greenan

Surrounded by family with his son Nate Greenan lying in casket.

Victim: Nathaniel Greenan

  • Sister: Cecilia Greenan Ashcroft
  • Sister: Nancy Greenan Hamil
  • Father: James Greenan
  • Brother in-law: Dax Craven, disbarred represented Bennett who lost his sons to the Mormons
Oracle and 9/11
Profile of Oracle employee Todd Beamer killed during WTC Attacks.
Larry Ellison
Connecting Larry Ellison ownership of Knowledge Universe which owns Kinder Care, Leap Frog and other entities.

Contra Costa Stupid Lawyers

Surrounded by the greedy Alamo 1st Mormon Ward

James S. Greenan
Profile and history of James S. Greenan
Richard Rainey and the Mormons
In the matter of Bennett vs. Southern Pacific a witness murder went down in 1989. The witness was slated to testify on behalf of Pete Bennett. The case fell apart on the courthouse steps. Judge Peter Spinetta should be a hostile witness now living in Darby Montana.

Alicia Driscoll and daughter Jineva

She was murdered sometime between our last conversation about the picinic.

The Unnoticed Lies of the Investigators

Sadly few noticed that Alicia Driscoll brother name was all over the CalFire Pipeline Safety Reports

The Unnoticed Lies of the Investigators

During the court proceedings no one ever mentioned that the sister of Mountain Cascade employee Joe Driscoll had been murdered. Not even the district attorney or her other brother Commander George Driscoll of CalDOJ or Contra Costa DA Inspector. That also suggests they have connections to the Contra Costa Narcotics Taskforce (CNET

Victims and Witnesses
  • Victim 1: Alicia Driscoll
  • Victim 2: Jineva Driscoll (5)
  • Witness 3: Joe Driscoll, brother of Alicia Residence: Norris Road Walnut Creek
  • Witness 4: Joe Driscoll, brother of Alicia Residence
  • Friend 1: Pete Bennett
Norris Road Walnut Creek
Norris Road Walnut Creek
  • Details: Shared house in title and residence.
  • Friend 1: Pete Bennett
  • First Contact: 161 Valle Vista Danville CA, responded to classified ad posted in regards to PLAY STRUCTURE "for sale" Alicia passed but suspect she didn't have funds 
Connecting Events (December 2004)
  • Dec. 2004 ~ Bennett lists backyard play structure on Craigslist ~ Alicia Driscoll responds but declines likely due to lack of funds.
  • Dec. 2004 ~ Bennett sells structures to unknown person in white van. Bennett realizes later unknown person was Nathaniel Greenan son Contra Costa Bar President James S. Greenan
Walnut Creek McDonalds
  • Bennett was stationed at the Walnut Creek McDonalds using Wifi
  • Alicia and daughter were regulars visitors
  • Over a period of month a friendship developed
The Final Call from Alicia
  • During June Alicia called suggesting a picnic with mutual children ;
  • The call was early in the week
  • The plans were set but the date/time would be set via the next call
She never called
What happened next is Pete attempted to reach her via email and phone.
  • Bennett tried to call to get the date and time.
  • Bennett reached out several times with no luck
  • Bennett read part of the article about a mom and daughter murdered but failed to make the connection to his friend as the names withheld pending notification
The Corrupted DA and Attorneys
Pete Bennett in the middle of a caustic divorce which included arson, muggings, tickets and court hearings while his customers vanished. What Bennett didn't know in 2005 the police scandal that spilled out in 2011 was his same adversaries for close to ten years.

Newell Arnerich, His CPS Daughter, Officer Clemente, Mitchoff, Anderson and Walter Ing (Bar-K Investors)

The recent murder of Attorney Mark Angelucci (July 2020) leads to Contra Costa County, Town of Danville and Child Protective Services.  

  • Mitchoff rebuked Bennett 
  • Anderson hangs up 
  • Arnerich well aware his building inspector murdered in 2011 
  • Buchanan and the San Ramon School District abused their power. 
  • Filed litigation against Bennett 
  • In General Conspired to kidnap Bennett's children 


Nancy Templeton City of Walnut Creek Code Enforcement (Homeless Harassment Specialist)

Source of Witness Intimidation 

A victim or witness should routinely receive information on steps that law enforcement officers and attorneys for the Government can take to protect victims and witnesses from intimidation

Nancy Templeton

Code Enforcement Officer at City of Walnut Creek

City of Walnut Creek Diablo Valley College

Benicia, California57 connections

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    • Code Enforcement Officer

      City of Walnut Creek

      Jan 2013 – Present7 years 8 months

      Walnut Creek, Ca

      Provides information to the public on nuisance and zoning ordinance requirements and compliance; provides notification of violations to property owners and achieves compliance by voluntary compliance and when necessary by issuing warnings and citations; locates owners of property using tax rolls, maps, and court records. Investigates reports of violations of laws relating to nuisances and zoning; monitors sites for compliance, conducts follow-up investigations, and oversees abatement of violations. Coordinates with and performs joint inspections with other City departments and outside agencies; may assist planning staff in updating zoning maps and in investigating permit and variance applications. Keeps field notes, takes photographs and writes letters and notices; prepares detailed written reports and routine correspondence; provides evidence and testimony at City hearings and in court; maintains inspection files and records; attends meetings and conferences as assigned.

    • Community Preservation Officer

      City of Emeryville

      2001 – Jul 2012 11 years

      City’s representative to manage and administer the Community Preservation program including the enforcement of a variety of occupancy, public nuisance, zoning and land use regulations. Work closely with subcontractors, residences and commercial establishments. Coordinate, monitor and disperse Redevelopment Agency and CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) funding. Responsible for both the Housing Rehabilitation and Code Enforcement budgets. The total combined annual budgets for these projects amount to approximately $800,000. I am the Economic and Community Development Department’s contact to the Finance Department regarding any budget issues concerning payment vouchers and purchase orders from my programs. Assist with the development of the Economic Development & Housing Department annual budget. Frequently called upon to provide project and budget audits for Economic Development & Housing Department. Investigate issues related to suspected code, ordinance, building and conditions of approval violations. Conduct in-the-field investigations to verify violations; advise individuals of violations and the methods of abatement; issue any appropriate warning or violation notice. Work with City Attorney to seek abatement through voluntary compliance or, as necessary, through direct enforcement activity. Perform outreach, marketing and administration of available programs for property improvement and rehabilitation; including the housing rehabilitation program, landscaping, fence grant programs and the first fully ADA compliant community garden. Provide public education regarding compliance with municipal codes and ordinances; when necessary explain related zoning subdivision or other related regulations to property owners and the general public. Responsible for handling and processing all requests for the city assisted rehabilitation programs. On average, handle from initiation to completion approximately 21 projects per year.

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    • Code Enforcement Officer

      Town of Danville

      May 1997 – May 20014 years 1 month

      Research background information on code enforcement complaint properties and conduct field investigations of potential code violations. Issue verbal and/or written warnings, correction letters and notices of violation to any non-compliant citizens. Assisted the Building Department by providing inspection of roof and water heater permits. Meet with property owners, tenants and business operators to review and explain code requirements and potential violations. Work cooperatively...

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    • Deputy Sheriff

      Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff

      Apr 1982 – May 199513 years 2 months

      The county of Contra Costa is a rapidly growing, extremely diversified community. The population within the county is 948, 816 of which approximately 155,000 live within the unincorporated county areas. The Office of the Sheriff provides service for citizens ranging from the very wealthy, living in affluent areas to those who are completely dependent on welfare and live in county subsidized housing. The department has approximately 1000 employees; about 800 are sworn law enforcement officers, 4 Commanders, 8 Captains, 31 Lieutenants, 200 Sergeants, and 600 Deputy Sheriff’s. Duties have varied according to each assignment. Initially worked in Detention Division, then Patrol Division, and a few temporary assignments in Investigation and Administration Divisions. As a Deputy Sheriff in Detention, assigned to the Sheriff's Main Detention Facility, my responsibilities included the care, custody and control of over 790 incarcerated inmates. The housing unit Deputy was responsible for the supervision of 65-100 incarcerated inmates at any given time. While employed as a Deputy Sheriff, I was required daily to document detailed reports concerning incidents, crimes or civil events that were highly scrutinized by District and Defense Attorneys or other legal personnel. These reports were vital for potential prosecution and personal recall of critical events or circumstances. As a Patrol Division Officer, I worked as a “beat” officer and responded to various crimes in progress to apprehend suspects and/or investigate penal code, health & safety code or vehicle code violations. Worked in the Marine Patrol unit investigating boating accidents and providing boating safety. Frequently testified in Superior Court as a witness in criminal or civil related matters. A physical injury while performing my duties resulted in a permanent medical disability of my right knee and caused me to accept a medical retirement from active law enforcement service.

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    • Diablo Valley CollegeDiablo Valley College

      Diablo Valley College

      Associate of Arts (A.A.)Administration of Justice

      1978 – 1981

    • Los Medanos CollegeLos Medanos College

      Los Medanos College

      Associate of Arts (A.A.)Police Academy

      1978 – 1978

      California Basic Police Officer Academy


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