Bennett Arson and the Mormon Connection


Quick Facts
Date: On or About August 2004
Location: NB 680 
Starting Point: Valle Vista Danville CA
End Point: Greggs Muffler (Repair)
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The Technique

Barbecuing Constituents

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SRVFPDIgnoring Arson

Starting in 2004 all the way through to present day.
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On Scene 

In 2004 there were fire engines and police officers, there were at least 10 calls to 911 and probably a hundred witnesses.   There was an attempted murder and there is no record of this incident.  

I was always curious why the Motorcycle Unit arrived so promptly as in less than five minutes.  For many years I've complained about this incident as I've said from the beginning it was arson but the responding officer didn't take my complaints seriously. 

This officer returned to Walnut Creek in 2012 after I'd been calling everyone which includes San Ramon Fire Protection District and working with the Threat Assessment Unit (Info Popup)

The Witnesses Are 

Danville Motorcycle Officer

Mechanic at Gregg's Muffler Lafayette
The Owner Gregg Coons

The Public Officials That Knew 

The Informed Judge



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