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Contra Costa BOS Meeting Sept 23rd, 2014 ~ Bennett speaks about the murder suicide of his friends.

The Suicide Conundrum of engulfing persons near Pete Bennett 

Bennett reveals his connection to Murder Suicide victims Alicia Driscoll and her precious daughter found dead in June 2005.  This happened to be the same day of planned picnic with their kids.  She lived on Norris Drive in Walnut Creek.  

Walnut Creek resident Pete Bennett takes the podium just after this speaker is providing his narrative on mental health.

Four days a family of five connected to his brother and to many from Mountain Lakes NJ was dead in Utah.

Lt. Jeff was present on July 5th, 2011 just days before Bennett's sons were kidnapped officer Kevin Keeler of Walnut Creek Police Department.

The kidnapping report was filed during 2013 but like all investigations near Bennett's story witnesses keep getting killed. 

OBIT: Charles McGlashan, Marin County supervisor, dies

Charles McGlashan, Marin County Supervisor for the 3rd District, is also chairman of the new Marin Energy Authority, which in May began buying renewable power to supply about 6,000 residents and businesses in ... more
Marin County Supervisor Charles McGlashan, an environmental visionary whose efforts brought solar, wind and biomass power into countless homes and businesses, died suddenly on Sunday while vacationing in Lake Tahoe. He was 49.
The supervisor's death, caused by an apparent heart attack while wrapping up a ski trip, has shocked county leaders and environmentalists.
"He leaves us a legacy that is a beacon to other counties in our state and across the country," said Susan Adams, president of the Board of Supervisors.
Last May, Marin became the first couny to take advantage of a 2002 law allowing communities to buy electricity on behalf of residents. Despite strong opposition from Pacific Gas & Electric Co., more than 27 percent of the county's energy today comes from clean and renewable sources, exceeding state targets.
"Supervisor McGlashan pretty much single-handedly wrestled this over the finish line," Adams said, noting that the system has already repaid taxpayers' $950,000 investment.
Dawn Weisz, executive officer of the Marin Energy Authority that runs the program, credited Mr. McGlashan with helping clear the county of 68 tons of carbon dioxide a year.
"He was very passionate and enthusiastic about getting things going, and making the vision into a practical reality," Weisz said. "It's a great loss."
Green energy isn't the supervisor's only environmental legacy. An advocate of alternative transportation, Mr. McGlashan served on the board of the 8-year-old Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit, and pushed for bike lanes along the rail line.
He also backed a successful effort to outlaw plastic bags in the county as of January.
"Charles wasn't just a Marin County environmental leader. He was an environmental leader for all of us in the Bay Area, and really showed what can be done at the local level when you have passionate commitment," said Joel Makower, chairman and executive editor of GreenBiz Group in Oakland. "This is devastating news."
Despite living outside of Marin, Makower hosted a political fundraiser for the future supervisor.
Mr. McGlashan won, and joined the board in 2005, representing southern Marin, which includes his town of Mill Valley, from which he often rode his bicycle to work in San Rafael.
Born in Hillsborough in 1961, Mr. McGlashan graduated with honors from Yale University in 1983. He earned an MBA from Stanford University in 1991, then worked as a consultant in environmental management and business planning.
He served on the Municipal Water District Board of Directors from 2003 to 2005, and on the Marin Economic Commission from 2001 to 2005. He advised a number of environmental groups including the Marin Conservation League and Sustainable Mill Valley.
The two-term supervisor was second vice president of the Board of Supervisors.
He went to Lake Tahoe with friends the other day "for a much-needed ski weekend," said aide Maureen Parton. As the group packed up to leave on Sunday, Mr. McGlashan stayed in the car as the others took a last-minute sweep of their cabin. Minutes later, they returned to find the supervisor slumped in the back seat.
"His passion and joy for the work of public service was without bounds," Parton said. "He changed the face of Marin."
Mr. McGlashan is survived by his wife, environmentalist Carol Misseldine.
The Marin County Board of Supervisors will remember Mr. McGlashan during today's meeting beginning at 10 a.m. in Room 330 of the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael.
A live video broadcast will be at public memorial is being planned.
E-mail Nanette Asimov at

The Pathetic Congressman DeSaulnier, the lynching of a black man near his former bar TR’s home of the Political power lunch crowd.

Dear Constituents and Readers

I have colorful but a tragic history connected to Congressman Mark DeSaulnier.  I was was once a heavy drinker in his bar.  We met in 1981 when m crew was building Hobies Roadhouse Bar and Restaurant when the City of Concord was a different place. 

There was a rough and tumble crowd near downtown off Sixth Street, there was urban sprawl extending to Clayton, but two blocks south a black man was lynched which is one of the original staged suicides,

Concord has many chapters of cover-ups and viscous political plays.   My personal connection is losing millions when my witness was murdered 1989.  The big problem was no one from the District Attorneys office asked my attorneys if his testimony was important. 
Public Meetings and Police
IN the coming days I am filing a claim with Diablo Valley College over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) meeting held on the DVC Campus.  Arriving early left a wide open clear space where the first row was empty.
Within minutes the College Police were called then later I was escorted out during a conversation with the President of DVC where we were discussing the murder of John T. Nejedly.
I know that Former Concord Officer Foley time as Concord Officer overlaps Congressman DeSaulnier business and political career that he and Foley would have met.
Too bad for the FBI I know enough about the CNET Scandal to know that anyone serving in SWAT would know Commander Norman Wielsch now inmate Wielsch sitting in Federal Prison.

In 1986 a black man found himself on he last train leading to the last stop leading to the Concord BART.   He called family for a ride but the next morning he was found hanging from a tree between TR’s Bar and Grill and the Concord BART. 

In 2003, less than 500 feet from the 1986 lynching Kevin Flanagan took his life in the B of A parking garage on the last day of job after being outsource.   There I am in 2003 holding a protest about American Jobs where I felt like the Baton Death March of WWII.  For us it was a war for B of A and IBM you got a bonus.  

1988 – 1991: Concord City Planning Commission
1991 – 1994: Concord City Councilmember
             1993: Mayor of Concord
1994 – 2006: Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors
1997 – 2006: California Air Resources Board
1996 – 2006: Association of Bay Area Governments
1996 – 2006: Bay Area Air Quality Management District
1996 – 2006: Metropolitan Transportation Commission
2006 – 2008: California State Assembly
2008 – 2014: California State Senate


Congressman Mark DeSaulnier

Congressman DeSaulnier history is extremely important to Congressional Comittees like or to US Attorney Jeff Sessions who already knows about the tight lipped murder near former US Attorney John Ashcroft linked to Ashcroft In-laws Attorney James Greenan hired by Contra Costa County to sue Chevron in a tax case. 

These slides will help you understand the possibility that Contra Costa County barely infamous lynching occurred two blocks from the power center bar once owned by Mark. 

When I was trapped in drugs everyone knew that TR’s had the best blow in town including no risk of arrest.  That was the 1980's where the Venture Intrepid landed Pittsburg CA which is Albert a D Seeno Country and his firm the target of a large FBI Raid in 2010.   DEA / DOJ Employee Bud Heng lived in Walnut Creek who recent passing allowed me to connect a local face to an international case in international waters with Russian connection to drug running ocean going barges.

The drug business sees no borders just customers, bankers and money. 

Mark and I have several truly unusual overlays of even more unusual deaths. 

By the Way: this story also about a murder near the US Department of Justice, President Bush who as Lt. Bush was a drunk in bar in Ft. Meyers Beach when these DC-3s ran out of fuel while the Medellin Cartel was doing two things - using pilots to fly to Mena and laundering money through Wall Street Banks - that's why USOS Ellen O. Tauscher was so successful as money laundering makes you very smart, buys privileges over at the NYSE.

Once I learned about the Mena Airport Stories it made perfect sense that the Clinton's were key parties in drug running.

Down in Cape Coral several of my friends are dead plus a couple of other hate crimes where five migrant workers were burned alive in trailer arson - more later.


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