Contra Costa County Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier, a New England transplant who wisecracks about starting his political career as a saloon keeper, has emerged as Contra Costa's highest-profile local leader.

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This occurred less than ten minutes
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DeSaulnier owns TR's Bar & Grill in Concord, the county's No. 1 power lunch hangout and political watering hole, where scribbles on crumpled napkins can show what power brokers are thinking.
"I can't tell you how many times I've learned something while busing tables," said DeSaulnier, a onetime partner of chef Jeremiah Tower.

This bar was Concord Cocaine Central 

Tower, who owns the celebrity hot spot Stars Restaurant in San Francisco, said that when DeSaulnier worked at his Santa Fe Bar & Grill in Berkeley, he began as a bartender and left as a partner.
"From bartender to higher office in 20 years. That's America," Tower said. "When you have to smile at everybody who comes in the door, what better training for a politician?"
By luck and instinct, the 46- year-old Republican, the son of a politician whose career ended in disgrace, has become Contra Costa's "go-to man," wielding influence disproportionate to his district, which includes one-fifth of the county's 900,000 residents.
His first critical vote as a supervisor decided the fate of public health care in Contra Costa by leading to the building of a new county hospital. When the federal government unloaded spent nuclear fuel rods at the Concord Naval Weapons Station in July, DeSaulnier was on the dock. Last month, he pulled strings behind the scenes to pressure Browning-Ferris Industries to settle the three- week garbage strike.