The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Kaiser Care Over CCRMC - The poison case they should have investigated

Victim List 
Alicia Driscoll, daughter Jineva,
Ashley Turton 
~ (DC, Husband worked for Obama)

Ernie Scherer Jr. and Wife (Mormons Danville, many cross contact)
Catherine Perata 
~  Daughter-in-law of State Pro Tem Sen. Don Perata 

Roma Bahita ~ Customer (one of six deceased realtors, contacts)
Peter Branagh and Mona Branagh, Builder and Banker (Business Contact)
Kellie Reed - Bartender
Eiko Sugihara - tragic death outside residence and murder scene of Pamela Vitalie 

Dino Ghilotti, son Dick Ghilotti Brothers 
Anthony Banta Jr. Starbucks Barista Walnut Creek - the nicest person ever, would come out and busk with me.  

Michael McNulty - Patron of Tiki Toms, nephew of Sheriff Rainey 

Chuck Silverman ~ Havana Bartender 

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The Victim Collage - Alicia Driscoll, daugher, Ashley Turton, Ernie Scherer Jr. and Wife, Catherine Perata, Roma Bahita, Peter Branagh and Mona Branagh, Kellie Reed, Eiko Sugihara, Dino Ghilotti, Anthony Banta Jr. , Michael McNulty, Chuck Silverman (hidden)

Contra Costa County 

In November 2005 I was lying on a gurney at Merrithew Memorial Hospital dying from either bacteria or poison. It was a brutal 20 hours on top of the 20 plus hours from onset of symptoms.  This started within a few hours of dinner with my wife and sons that was estranged from for over a year. I went home to Richmond CA in a near continuous vomiting episode then returned to the ER and nearly died during the night.


Ten years later there were multiple US Grand Jury cases connected to the same agency.

Over the summer of 2005 my counsel was mugged in Walnut Creek CA which derailed Bennett v. Contra Costa County, in 2014 my roommate David Bremer died in custody after being picked up in Walnut Creek CA and his father has retained the same firm that just won 13.5 million.


I've been saying for several years they are killing witnesses and taking down collateral targets.

Bennett / Supervisor Glover Meeting - April 2009 

When Danville PD concealed the 2004 Danville assault, I started calling the FBI as by December of 2004, I was getting tickets, been set on fire, pulled over, accused of dealing drugs, thefts and DUI.

After the Eric Nunn fatal crash my opinion, which includes members of his family, was this was a murder not an accident.   Then in April 2009 a purely coincidental meeting was me taking a restaurant seat with Supervisor Glover where that evening, we learned we shared near identical and near fatal bacterial events.


For years I went to the ER with maladies of intestinal, bacterial and heart attack symptoms but often call the nurse advice line. After several years of calls one day the nurse said - have you considered that you were being poisoned which after the Nunn crash I knew something was going on.

The County ER staff is controlled by the county, they are like so many others incidents connect to the same risk management entities using he along most other Contra Costa Cities utilize MPA.

After filing claims with the City of Walnut Creek, they gave me the phone number for the Municipal Pooling Authority located on San Miguel Drive where across the street my friend who worked at McNamara Law but few know this is another local attorney like my attorney offices were burned down in 2012.

The coincidences fall in line with other allegations with State Senator Mark DeSaulnier whose been fully informed of events which precede the PG&E Gas Explosion which precedes the CNET Arrests in March 2011. Mark's answer to my car accident and incidents was to call the Legislative Threat Assessment Unit who like everyone have been fully informed.

All of this precedes the deaths of relatives of State Senator Richard Rainey (ret) and Don Perata (Ret) but there plenty of other deaths.

The FBI Call

After the Glover meeting and extensive my theory that Elected and Public Officials were being targeted and killed. That call preceded Councilman Shimansky's death by weeks who would know Danville Officer Stephen Tanabe, resident Loretta Hale, and Attorney James Greenan whose son Nate was murdered on WB-24. My FBI call was persons near CNET were dying. Glover and Bennett were poisoned by bacteria or expert poisoning. The County Hospital fought me over the allegations where my many attempts to reach the leadership fell on death ears.

Obama Care Medi-cal Care 

The recent malpractice loss within regards to the 1 in 30,000 pregnancy supports my allegations.  One part of this case leads my near 24 hour ER event and my poisoning allegations. I kept returning to the ER of pattern of maladies consistent with ingested a foreign substance.  In 2004 I was sick, inhalers, asthma, vomiting, diarrhea and parasites plus heart attack symptoms.

Today without medication or any significant medical care have shed my inhaler and no longer have intestinal problems.

Ten years later they're arresting police officers connected to assault   suspected connected to my 2004 Arson Fire,


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