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Lynch Sued Contra Costa County after he was 
  • Beaten by Deputies
  • Settled for $500.000
  • Sells Land to Horowitz 
The court record vanished from the docket
Vitale Murder 
  1. Investigator Eric Collins 
  2. Bennett v. Gary Collins 

Party Name Type Case Name Category Case Number Filed 


Expect to be called

This story is Hydra - it never stops.  On Sunday Nov 2nd I was mugged, beaten again, in March I was attacked by persons at Panera Bread connected the city of Walnut Creek, my roommate died in the jail after eating a baloney sandwich, I've cited numerous times for moving violations, I cannot get my license back because the fines you levy on your citizens are an undue burden where it's estimated that over 600,000 residents can't pay their fines, can't get jobs and then we get charged for failing to pay child support - read my story from US Programmer to Deadbeat - your tax dollars at work, a segment about what happened to me.

State Senator Mark DeSulnier chose to call the Threat Assessment Unit under the California Highway Patrol.  This unit has listened to events occurring near me and I've documented more than ten murders.  When I first sat down with them in 2011 I stated Politicians, Public Officials and others were being killed near the CNET story but part of this leads to PG&E where I developed software but as events unfolded I created another blog called Gas Pipeline Explosions where PG&E Laptop was stolen but allegedly recovered by none other than the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who coincidentally responded the "other" near deadly Rossmoor Limo Fire which I'm calling arson connected to other deadly fires such as the FedEx/School Bus, the PG&E San Bruno Explosion, Walnut Creek Kinder Morgan Explosion that leads into the same agencies connected to my 2004 Arson, my attorneys offices (2001) and the 1988 incident where an IRS Agents car exploded near Citrus Circle.

When you look at the story in a strait line then it wouldn't hard to consider that the 1988 murder of SFPD Officer Lester Garnier threads over the 1988 Murder of Cynthia Kempf by Pittsburg Officer Eric Bergen.  I knew both of them so rest assured this is not my first corrupt cop rodeo.

but I've encountered a Danville Officer impersonating a CHP Officer but it's not that important to CHP Internal Affairs.  That event occurred just after fatal shooting death of CHP Officer Youngstrom who took the time to learn about my 2004 Arson written off as accidental. Worse was my friend was former Starbuck's employee Anthony Banta Jr. was killed months later.

I've filed numerous police reports about persons stalking me but they also know I spoke to Youngstrom.  I reported the incident to Starbucks and asked them to save the video.

I shared my CNET story and my 2004 Truck Arson fire plus let Officer Youngstrom know the event was CHP Jurisdiction.

Burn Em' Alive - The Contra Costa Arson network.
In December 2009 the arsonist struck again with the death Eiko Sugihara but again few noticed that just down the street was the Pamela Vitale 2005 murder.  Over on WB-24 the brother in-law of my attorney Nathaniel Greenan was killed on April 18th, 2012, but also in was the alleged suicide of Michael McNulty who few know is the nephew of Former State Senator Richard Rainey's and his wife Former Walnut Creek Mayor Sue Rainey.

Sugihara's son is attorney Glenn Paul Sugihara - #87360, Vitale's husband is attorney Daniel Aaron Horowitz - #92400, Greenan's father is Super LawyerJames Steven Greenan - #53648 and his son in-law is attorney Dax Yeophantong Craven - #248583 but few are aware the his father is Robert Eugene McNulty - #54111, even less know about Bennett v. Collins (2006, 2004) Contra Costa Superior Court who was a witness to the CNET Scandal and knows persons listed on my CNET Players page who were police officer convicted of extortion, the Hobbs Act (RICO)


Senate President pro Tem

Kevin de León (D)

Senate President pro Tem

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 205, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4022

District Office

1808 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026; (213) 483-9300
Senator Corbett

Ellen M. Corbett (D)

Senate Majority Leader

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 313, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4010

District Offices

1057 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 206, San Leandro, CA 94577; (510) 577-2310       
39155 Liberty Street, Suite F610, Fremont, CA 94538; (510) 794-3900

Jerry Hill (D)

Democratic Caucus Chair

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 5064, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4013

District Office

1528 South El Camino Real, Suite 303 San Mateo 94402; (650) 212-3313

Bob Huff (R)

Senate Minority Leader

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 305, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4029

District Office

1800 E. Lambert Road, Suite 150,  Brea, CA 92821; (714) 671-9474

Ted Gaines (R)

Republican Caucus Chair

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4001

District Offices

4359 Town Center Blvd., Suite 112, El Dorado Hills CA 95762; (916) 933-7213
1670 Market Street, Suite 244, Redding, CA 96001; (530) 225-3142


OBIT: The Pamela Vitale Murder Case 2005

Coming Soon

Contra Costa Hate Crimes Network


After being beaten down many times in the legal system a pattern emerged.  My first incident was at the end of Santa Monica Drive Pleasant Hill CA where two separate murders occurred in 1979 or 1980.  These occurred less than 500 feet from my property.

One Black, One White and Two Arsons

Yes Enough Cases For Federal Civil Rights Investigations

In 1986 there were two well publicized lynchings of blacks near the Lafayette and Concord CA BART Stations.  Up at Newhall Park there was another Lynching but one that barely made the news was at Paso Nogal park.  In 2009 Timothy Mitchell was shot dead by CNET Commander Norman Wielsch in a case of alleged mistaken identity which was about two after Pittsburg Detective Ray Giacomelli was killed by Earl Foster but few know that Giacomelli killed Bernard Bynum in 1982.  I know because Tiny and his brother worked for me and their cousin is Supervisor Federal Glover.

Hate Crimes

There is a long history of murders in the East County that have gone unsolved with an occasional push via the press but an unusual incident was Eiko Sugihara who was found burned to death in her car down the road from the other Hunsacker Road infamous murder case involving Pamela Vitale wife of CNN Attorney Daniel Horowitz.   There are gay transgenders jumping from BART structures and DAnville moms from St. Isadore Church in Danville rolling down ravines in Mt. Diablo that independently appear benign but take a close look at persons on this Letter To Senator Feinstein where I've detailed a group of deaths that based on extensive personal knowledge and research lead to CNET.


Ex Military and Depleted Uranium Rounds - The Domestic Terrorists of the East Bay

Ex Military and Depleted Uranium Rounds
By Pete Bennett The Scandal Editor 

Walnut Creek CA -- For many years various stories would surface about the stolen munitions related to the The 1989 San Pablo Armory Thefts where today I've sensed a mysterious shroud has descended over this long forgotten incident.   

My personal connection is my long shuttered cabinet shop fabricated a large registration counter for Contra Costa College.  To date the only references I've found to the site is a graphic of where the armory once stood.  Interestingly is the comments section are references to Adachi Nursery and Miyamoto Florist located in the area which I know leads to the Sugihara family whose matriarch Eiko Sugihara died in a tragic murder down the road from Daniel Horowitz's tragic murder of his wife Pamela Vitale.  


Danville Mormon Stake - A Tall Tale about Two Mormon Sons - One Murdered - One is a Murderer?

A Tall Tale Two Mormon Sons One in Heeevan , One Living in Hell, One has the Missing Sword
I Know Both Families 

Vertical Pills

Use the .nav-stacked class to vertically stack pills:
Alamo CA:  Nestled in the East Bay about 30 miles from San Francisco CA is Alamo CA basking in the Shadow of Mt. Diablo, just beyond the East Bay Hills.  A pristine enclave of beautiful sunrises, striking sunsets interwoven with the boiling fog banks arriving in summer.  These can produce those once in a lifetime pictures rivaling the Sierra's, Smokey's, Rockies or Cascade Range.  The right day with the right sunlight.  

Having lived at the base of Mt. Diablo for many years I know the hills very well from hiking in Briones, Sugarloaf, Briones or Las Trampas.  

Mormon Country ~ The Western Edge of the Mormon universe, a Western Bible Belt and sun tanned golfers and staunch members Contra Costa Republican Party who dominate Danville, San Ramon and Walnut Creek CA attend church while ignoring lynchings, arson and murders.  These same groups have control of the Contra Costa Bar Association with airtight connections to the .  

One notable case was The Pamela Vitale in Lafayette CA murder which occurred just in time to disrupt the Susan Polk Murder Trial that my personal opinion was winnable and that opinion sealed when no one returned my inquiries about the The Eiko Sugihara Murder in 2009 where the Arson/Murder Tip Line was set up to deliberately derail the investigation.  It's interested in tips, leads or information that might shed light on the Sugihara case.  

This story leads to Las Vegas, NV, Pleasanton CA, and Ornida CA to a story that I believe is distorted by several clever Mormons from Danville.  They in turn will linked to the death of Nate Greenan who was the brother in-law of Attorney Dax Craven.  

A well hidden story from me for over 20 years. 

I can only guess who is the fathered a son given up for adoption.

  • I believe that Nate might be that son.  
  • The Alamo 1st Ward is blocking my efforts
  • There is one missing person, 
  • Who set my truck on fire   
  • Who is behind the expert bacterial cases

Threading The Cases


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