Murder By Bacteria - Bennett/Glover/Shimansky/Bell/Pollacek/Doc's Pharmacy

Murder By Bacteria
The Unfortunate Possibility 

2004 Bennett Arson that was witnessed by a Danville Officer,  the 2011 Walnut Creek CHP Arrest (setup), and this particular impersonation of a CHP officer occurred shortly after Officer Youngstrom was killed on SB 680 Alamo CA.  He's the same funny guy I'd met at Starbucks Walnut Creek CA on near the N. Main/Treat Blvd.  My view is slightly different as he killed by a job seeker being duped by a firm using his acquired skills for Fake H1b Visa interviews but his solution to the problem completely wrong.

One troubling incident was the person wearing CHP Work Coveralls known to be worn by officers at Truck Inspection Stations.  The officer represented himself as being employed by CHP but he was wearing a Dark Blue Navy Uniform.  In 2004 I thought it was a CHP officer that arrived at the truck fire but now I suspect it was a Danville Officer as the motorcycle had Black and White side box's not the CHP Harley Motorcycles.

That subtle mistake was ignored by CHP's Martinez offices and then their Internal Affairs Unit who would have benefited knowing I've narrowed down the suspects to police officers. 

  • A Danville Motorcycle Unit 
  • Mechanic at Greggs Muffler Lafayette CA
  • LPD Chief Eric Christiansen who in 2012 told me my car accident was just unfortunate.  
  • Municipal Pooling Authority using the legal system to intimidate citizens.

CHP Threat Assessment Unit (TAU)

When I asked for help from Senator Mark Desaulnier he called the CHP Threat Assessment Unit where in the first interview explained my long held suspicions that persons near the CNET investigation were being railroaded, harmed and/or being targeted by Police Officers not yet identified.

Update: Walnut Creek Officer Arrested

Since our first meeting there are have been more than ten deaths near persons that would be either witnesses, victims, suspects or knowledgeable of events near Wielsch, Tanabe, Butler and Lombardi. who are my first suspects for rigging my truck with accelerant in 2004.

Arboviral Encephalitides

The arboviral encephalitides with high fatality rates include Venezuelan equine encephalitis(VEE) virus, western equine encephalitis (WEE) virus, and eastern equine encephalitis(EEE) virus. They are members of the Alphavirus genus and are regularly associated with encephalitis. These viruses were recovered from horses during the 1930s. VEE was isolated in the Guajira peninsula of Venezuela in 1930, WEE in the San Joaquin Valley of California in 1930, and EEE in Virginia and New Jersey in 1933. A more common, but milder arboviral disease, is West Nile, which is caused by a flavivirus.
Although natural infections with these viruses occur following bites from mosquitoes, the viruses are also highly infectious when spread through the air. If intentionally released as a small particle aerosol, this virus may be expected to infect a high percentage of people exposed within a few miles.
VEE virus has the capacity to produce epidemics. Outcomes are significantly worse for the very young and the very old. Up to 35% of people infected may die. WEE and EEE typically produce less severe and widespread disease but are associated with death rates as high as 50%-75% in those with severe illness.  


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