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NTSB Five Dead Realtors Pete knew three

The tragedies kept coming like as if it was a factory of mayhem crashes and witness murders.

We moved to Danville in 1996 had our first son got married and overtime Realtors would come looking to buy the house or introduce themselves asking if you wanted to buy a house if we wanted to sell the house or refinance.

These two nice ladies walked up saying they represented as so-and-so agency and that they were a team Davis some flyers and business.

That's how I met Floria Hakimi nicest lady in the world, genuine and honest. I don't remember the other person but a common tactic before the internet was so big was panning for customers in the old belly-to-belly way face2face Hi how are you doing I'm here to having him a personal conversation with you.

By 2003 my software career was tanking oh, I shut my Corporation down close my offices and pulled back into the house, income was crashing little did I know that my grass roots activism had a lot to do with my name being passed around to corporations put on a do not hire.

I change gears and started doing mortgages in Danville because the recruiters now dominated by mostly Indian Nationals we're telling me I needed to reinvent myself.

I started doing mortgages it first at Mount Diablo mortgage then second at Diablo funding and then lastly Charter, made some commissions but nothing stellar just enough to pay the short-term Freight.

This very nice lady that work next door at Better Homes and Gardens then single Lara Shepherd.  She had a art and history degree and we would talk about American history because of my family history which is all the way back to the Mayflower.

Then I remember seeing Scott Shepherd in Peet's Coffee Walnut Creek, the location of several other plane crashes of Pilots that I've known.

The other two way under my age radar treatment of met them other than I might have seen the DJ different events but I typically didn't go go to DJ events.

You can find legal documents binding Scott Shepherd, plumpjack, KKR, and other notable financing.

It appears mr. Shepherd setup some of plumpjacks real estate holdings and that reads to Gavin Newsom who is the founder of plumpjack


The Dead Series


Obit:The First Dead Banker just after 9/11

The First Dead Banker? 

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October 30, 2003 | Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA)
Author: ELLEN LEE, TIMES STAFF WRITER | Page: c01 | Section: Business
610 Words | Readability: Lexile: 1480, grade level(s): >12

They range from computer programmers to clerks who input data, from medical transcriptionists to paralegals, and are not concentrated solely in the high-tech market, said Ashok Deo Bardhan and Cynthia Kroll, economists at UC Berkeley's Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics.

"The bottom line is, if there is a job that can be done equally well, equally efficiently, at a much lower cost in a different part of the world, then that job is at risk in today's globalizing world," Bardhan said.

The report also said that many of the jobs that were lost during the downturn will not return.

During the dot-com frenzy, businesses that had difficulty finding high-tech savvy workers turned to outsourcing, or contracting jobs to workers outside of the company. Many of the contracted workers were based outside the United States, in places such as Canada, Ireland, Russia, China and India, where the wages of educated workers are fractions of those of their U.S. counterparts.

When the economy went south, businesses continued to outsource, and more and more joined their ranks, saying that it allows them to cut costs and offer cheaper and better services to consumers.

That hasn't been good news for U.S. employees in telecommunications, accounting, telephone call centers, data processing and other sectors that are more easily outsourced than others. In the past two years, employment in those sectors fell 15.5 percent in the United States and 21 percent in California, totaling more than 1 million lost jobs in the United States and 200,000 in California, according to the report.

"About every day I get an e-mail from someone who expects to have their jobs outsourced," said Pete Bennett, a Danville resident and activist against overseas outsourcing.

Certainly not all the lost jobs were moved overseas. Some were simply lost to the distressed economy, Bardhan said. But if the trend continues _ with other countries churning out more and more low-wage, highly-educated workers, with the costs of setting up operations outside the United States staying low, with the costs of doing business in the United States staying high, especially in California _ more than 14 million jobs at an average annual salary of $39,600 could potentially be sent overseas, the report said.

This would especially hurt the San Francisco Bay Area because not only are many of the high-tech companies themselves based here, but also the technology-related positions in other industries such as retail and finance. It could also affect jobs in the suburbs, such as the East Bay, because many businesses have been housing back office and support services in places where commercial real estate is cheaper.

"San Francisco and San Jose are pretty clearly vulnerable," Bardhan said. "The wages are higher here. The proportion of those occupations (well-paid computer and math jobs such as programming) are higher than the national average."

Bardhan said that not all 14 million jobs will eventually be sent away and that the figure represents the maximum number of jobs impacted. Laid-off workers, including here in the East Bay, have been aggressively lobbying businesses and legislators to put a cap on overseas outsourcing. But some workers will ultimately have to settle for lower-paying positions. The Bay Area could also create a new set of jobs, keeping the "cream" of the new development here, the report suggested.

"Silicon Valley could continue being Silicon Valley, with more innovations and new technologies, with new firms and jobs," Barhan said. "That is the optimistic scenario."

Ellen Lee covers technology and telecommunications. She can be reached at 925-952-2614 or

Jamie Dimon and 417 Park Ave 12c, New York


PORTFOLIO of Contra Costa Murders


David Bremer

Raised in Danville died under the Command of Chief Wenzel


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The Dead Series - Tracking the unfathomable

Connecting Success Factors to Bennett

The Dubious Phone Call and Time Wasting Project
The folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating from companies connected to Richard Blum, William McGlashan, CBRE, Regency Centers, Trammel Crow, Lennar, Catellus.


witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions. One key piece of litigation is the matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific argued in Contra Costa Superior Court. The case was list in 1989 when a key witness was unavailble as disposition for the deposition was permantely unavailable.


Incident/Miracle on the Hudson

Connecting Success Factors to Bennett

The Dubious Phone Call and Time Wasting Project
The folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating from companies connected to Richard Blum, William McGlashan, CBRE, Regency Centers, Trammel Crow, Lennar, Catellus.

My story is about witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions linked back to the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost in 1989.  It was a winnable case as long the witnesses testified.  

Flight 1549, runway 4.
Clear to take off.
This is Flight 1549, clear for take off.
Mayday, Mayday, Captain 1549,
we've lost both engines.
Both engines.
No rely on motor 2.
Captain 1549, We can get a view,
can you try to make it to runway 913
Tower control, we can make it,
We're turning back towards LaGuardia.
LaGuardia tower, Flight 1549
We're trying to make 13.
Sully! We are too low!
Sully! We are too low!
Come on!
It's set on fire!
Come on!
Lory I love you!
What the hell is the matter with you?
Everyone, EVERYONE survived on flight 1549!
You think you'll die,
that's what you think.
And then, miraculously you don't!
Thank you Captain, Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you Captain Sullberger for being here today.
I would also wanna welcome First Officer Skiles.
Glad you made it at this point.
Not as well as we are.
For the record.
We have an aircraft system investigation...
and also aircraft structures, MRT...
aircraft perfomance, ATC, wide life factors,
survival factors...
and emergency response.
Today we begin...
with our operations,
human performance and investigations...
On the crash of US Flight 1549.
The water landing.
This was not a crash, it was a water landing.
We knew what we were trying to execute here.
It was not a crash, it was a forced water landing.
Why didn't you attempt to return to LaGuardia?
That simply was not enough altitude.
The Hudson was the only place who's long enough and
smooth enough and wide enough to even attempt a landing.
Air traffic testified that you stated that you were
returning to LaGuardia but you did not.
As I began the left turn...
I realized I couldn't make it back
and I would have eliminated the other options...
returning to LaGuardia would have been a mistake.
Let's get into how you calculated all those parameters.
There was no time for calculating.
I had relied on my experience of managing the altitude
and speed of thousand of flights over four decades.
You're saying you didn't do it...
I eyeballed it.
You eyeballed it?
The best chance those passengers had
was on that River.
And I bet my life on it.
In fact, I did!
And I would do it again.
Aviation engineers are theorizing that you had
enough energy to make it back to the runway.
Well, engineers are not pilots.
They're wrong.
And they weren't there.
Regardless, we have to follow up on all implications
as part of our investigation.
Our computers were there thriving scenario...
algorithms, which generate simulations
with your exact parameters...
the engine loss,
the altitude, everything you faced...
when you made your decision.
I would like to oversee those computer simulations.
Not possible during the investigation.
You stated there was a dual engine failure...
due to multiple bird strikes?
That would be unprecedented!
Everything is unprecedented,
until it happens for the first time.
How much sleep did you get the night before?
Eight hours, enough.
Was it possible that blood sugar was low?
I was rested, alert, and completely
aware of my surroundings.
When was your last drink, Captain Sullenberger?
Nine days ago.
No, I've never.
First Officer Skiles?
Don't drink.
Never have.
have you had any troubles at home lately?
Well, no more than anyone else.
And nothing that affected my work.
But why are they looking for something
we did wrong...
when that all turned out right?
It didn't turned out right for the Airline
and their insurance company.
We should expect some blowback.
Oh like what they can say?
That we shouldn't have saved everybody?
That's not personal.
That's the NTSB just doing their job.
Once they got all the facts,
then we all calm down.
Sully, they should pin on you on a medal...
and send you back to work.
Sorry, this mailbox is full.
I didn't called Lori since this morning.
Emily and Miles did.
Not meaning to bother, but I have to say:
It is an honor driving you today.
Thank you.
What has it been this here so far?
Bernie Madoff, two wars without end...
many million of people with no work,
and that's just the first two weeks of January.
Pride this headline:
This is beautiful!
Hey Mike, how about we got the driver
as a character witness?
Yeah, finally.
The NTSB has us all tied up all day.
Yeah, I just... I need to hear your voice.
I've heared everybody else's.
You'd be amazed on how many cousins you have.
It doesn't feel much like family.
They're quiet here too.
There are reporters who would give an update.
Inside the mind of Sully.
What should I tell them.
Lori, tell them you don't love to tell them...
I can't, I can't hear you, Sweetie. Listen, really,
I can't hear you. Just, just call me back.
You don't have to talk with them.
Call. I can't hear you, call me back.
How did you blow out the impossible?
I'm thinking about running over the press with the car.
Self-Defense, think the juror would convinct?
Do what you have to do.
No, I'm taking that as permission.
Cops will be coming after you.
Sully, are you listening to me?
We should talk later.
Honey, it is later. I've been reading all day.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just tired, that's all.
How are the girls?
Oh, they're...
They're a bit overwhelmed,
sounds like you are too.
Yeah, well, they'll be alright.
They'll be alright.
The whole world is talking about you.
Right, Sully.
I just, I, I can't believe this.
Lori, I'll have to stay here longer...
for the NTSB investigation,
Did I tell you that already?
And I apologize if I didn't tell you.
There's no need for you apologize,
You are right where you need to be.
I want you to know, I did the best I could.
Of course you did.
You saved everyone.
Maybe we should just talk in the morning.
I'm tired.
I'm overwhelmed by all these attentions.
I'm gonna be on TV in the Morning,
what are they gonna ask me? What am I gonna say?
Sully, do you want me to come be with you?
No, no, Lori.
Thanks, but the girls need you.
Tell them I love them.
I love you.
Get some sleep.
Yeah, maybe when I'll wake up it'll be January 14th.
Wouldn't that be good?
I love you.
Why Captain Sullenberger made that faithful
decision to turn the Hudson into a runway?
Well, only he can answer.
But we now know, it was the wrong choice.
A choice that endangered the lives of all of those on board.
So, while much of the country hails him as a hero...
this new information will certainly change everyone's
understanding of the so called Miracle on the Hudson...
Sully Sullenberger, are you a hero,
or a fraud?
Jeff? Sorry call so late.
It's ok, There's no sleep for me, for either.
Can you believe they charge 5 dollars
for a Snickers?
They can bankrupt the Airline in about four bites.
- I just thought, maybe you may want to eh!
- Talk? Absolutely!
Let's get some air.
I will be down there in 5 minutes.
Enjoying the shakes?
The nightmares? Rapid heartbeat?
A little bit of it.
The Union is offering us Counseling.
Yeah, what are they gonna say?
You were in a plane crash and lived.
It might have lighter impact in your day to day.
I don't like not being in control of the process.
I won myself that.
Yeah! Well over in 6 months from now, we'll just be
laughing how about we got to meet David Letterman.
We're doing David Letterman?
Yeah, right after next NTSB interview.
I'm guessing David's gonna be excited before you.
This is so surreal.
I guess I'm having some trouble separating reality
from whatever the hell this is.
Yeah, this is two man freezing their asses off.
Don't worry, you did a great thing.
It's gonna be remembered for a very long time.
Here's a funny thing:
I've delivered a million passengers
over 40 years in the air...
but in the end I'lm gonna be judged
on 208 seconds.
Come on, tomorrow it's gonna be a good day.
Computer central will prove you're right,
and you'll put your wings back on.
You wanna run?
Yeah, let's run.
Fucking cold out here.
It was obvious,
it was a critical situation...
losing thrust of both engines at a low altitude...
Over one of the most dense populated
areas of the planet.
But, choosing to land on the Hudson,
that was still a big If.
I was sure I could do it.
You were?
How do you feel when people call you a hero?
I don't feel like a hero.
I'm just a man who is doing his job.
The right man for the job
at the right time.
You've been flying for what?
Nearly 40 years?
42, That's been my life.
My whole life.
by aircraft.
I'll be busy crop dustin' in the
super covering the rest of the summer...
so, if you could take the plain
up against when you please.
It's still 6 bucks an hour.
I'll consider it less in time.
Pilot never stops acquiring knowledge.
You'll make mistakes, everyone does.
- Just learn from them.
- Yes sir!
Never forget, no matter what's happening,
to fly the airplane.
Absolutely, sir!
- Oh! One other thing, and this is important!
- Sir?
You go ahead and smile!
I apologize for the perspiration.
Oh no, After all you did I didn't think that
Katie couldn't be too intimidating.
Oh that wasn't Katie, It was the lights
and the camera that she brought with.
Ok, all done.
That one, that was from my mom.
Her name's Brenda,
She says to say thank you and she's single!
Well, tell Brenda thank you,
but I got a girl at home.
Lucky woman.
Sully?! Sully?!
Sully, where are you?
I'm standing here calling your name.
What's up with you?
You need to get focused, because the media
request Avalanche continues.
Yeah, yeah.
Larry Rooney volunteered to jump in and run Shotgun
with you the rest of the way.
Thought you might need a friend.
He will take you to today's NTSB meeting.
AirBus completed their computer simulations aswell.
Good, Good, that will help!
There's something else...
Arnie Gentile called. He has the ACARS data.
The left engine was still operating at Idle.
Not possible, I felt it go.
It was like we were stopped in mid-air.
Arnie said there was a chance it was sub-idle.
That it still could had thrust.
I'm just letting you know, since
the NTSB already does.
You've got to be kidding me.
We've been through all this before.
Look, I'm sorry if you're frustrated but our job is to
investigate how a plane ended up in the Hudson River.
It isin't a little early in you to go fishing?
Seeking the facts is hardly fishing, Mr Skiles...
Ok, then here's the most important fact:
There's only two people who know what happened...
in the cockpit that day,
and I'm one of them.
And we appreciate your perspective.
Why do you even think we're here today?
It's because Captain Sullenberger
did not head back to LaGuardia?
Look, I just finished training on the AR320...
and I can tell you the only reason
the plane operated as well as it did...
that the aircraft could land anywhere...
is because Captain Sullenberger turned on
the exhilarate power unit.
He was simply following the QRH.
No, no he wasn't.
He wasn't following proper procedure at all.
And I know because I had the QRH in my hands.
He switched on the APU immediately after
engine blowback.
According to the Airbus that's the 15th thing
on the list to do. 15th!
If he had followed the damn rules,
we'd all be dead.
Maybe that's the part you don't like.
You're not used to having answers to your guesses.
Look, look, look. What Jeff is saying is that I know the AR320...
what it does, and what it does it do.
I have read countless CVR transcripts
of deceased pilots...
and I have significant accident
investigation experience.
There's no question that you're a talented,
dedicated, experienced professional.
And all fledge of pilots before January 15th...
and every crash you investigated are not the purview
of this investigation. Only US Airways 1549 matters today.
Your Union has been advised, ACARS data relate that the
left engine continued to turn throughout the flight.
Then the ACARS data is wrong...
The evidence shows that the left engine was at Idle
or Sub-Idle immediately following the bird strike.
You show me the left engine,
I'll show you dead birds and no power...
the left engine was lost in the crash,
due to excessive damage on touchdown.
We can circle back to that later.
Let's just assume, that it was as you say,
a dual engine loss, do to bird strike.
Your weight was 151.510 pounds,
wind and temperature, N-NW, 21 degrees...
speed and altitude 200 nods and 2818 feet.
We were able to run the all algorithms
and the resulting...
the computer simulations of US Airways Flight 1549
showed that the Aviation Engineers were correct.
There was enough altitude and speed after the
bird strike for a successful return to LaGuardia.
The plane landed at LaGuardia intact, undamaged.
You got that from one computer simulation?
No, 20.
Including attempts made for Teterboro runways 19
and LaGuardia runways 22 and 13.
Every Computer simulation with the exact
flight parameters demonstrated...
that return to LaGuardia was possible.
And not just possible, probable.
Does anyone here needed further
computer evidence?
Captain Sullenberger?
First Officer Skiles?
Not at this time. I would like to go over
the parameters that were used.
- We'll make them available at the Union.
- Thank you.
And once the Investigation is complete...
we'll be able to share the actual
computer simulations, for now...
they remain confidential.
We cannot afford a leak to the press.
There's been far too much talk
on the press already.
When the complete cockpit voice recording
is compiled...
along with ATC and all onboard
transcripts combined...
we'll call you back.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Good day.
Thank you.
We're playing Pac-Man, and we were flying a plane
full of human beings.
Somehow this, that's not how I'll remember it.
It just doesn't seem right.
It's based on this is not right. Sully, you did
everything you could, that's more than enough.
Ask the passengers. Ask your wife and kids.
Ask mine.
So what was the first thing
you heard from the cockpit?
- Brace for impact, yes.
- Brace for impact.
Now, ever hear that before...
- Coming out of the cockpit?
- No, I haven't.
Ever hear that in any other aspect in your life?
Take this show away from me!
Jeff was relaxed and fine.
He should be getting over any of your request.
Are they paying you?
For all this media stuff at least?
It's no use, Lori.
No payment is necessary.
Oh, Wish the bank felt the same way.
Why? What do you mean?
Oh! It's just....
We got another notice.
About the space in View County.
Well, we'll find a tenant.
It just takes time.
Yeah, well. You've been saying that for 9 months,
Sully, it's still vacant.
The economy has to take a turn.
It just, it feels like, if we lose that space,
the next domino to fall is the house.
Lori, we're not gonna lose the house.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm just, I'm anxious and I'm alone
and not enough sleep.
Yeah, I know.
Not having enough sleep around here either.
I'm sorry for adding to your stress,
but just tell me you'll be back near soon.
Well not until the NTSB is finished
with their investigation.
We need you flying.
Lori, If this goes badly, my career as a safety
expert, will end as a website and a business card.
I'm more worried about your career as a pilot.
What if I did blow this?
What are you saying?
What if I did get this wrong,
so close to the end of my career?
If I endangered the lives of those passengers.
Watch the news!
You're a hero!
And everyone is gonna have to get used to it,
including the NTSB, babe.
First case scenario:
The NTSB lists me as the probable cause.
That's immediate retirement, no pension.
My life work gone.
Ok you're scaring me now, Sully.
What is going on?
The left engine might have still been Idle-ing...
and the AirBus simulations say I could have made it
back to LaGuardia safely.
But that doesn't make sense.
Doesn't jive with every,
everything I felt in the cockpit.
Then why did you do it, Sully?
What, land in the water! Was not the most
dangerous thing you could have done!
Good afternoon, Mrs. Gurisman.
The tuna basel or the ham and chutney?
Tuna basel, Mr. Sully.
Very fresh!
- Thank you.
- Be careful out there.
Too cold today, too much cold!
When are you gonna come fly with me, hein?
When U.S. Airways starts flights to Hydrabak.
I will talk to the chairman,
see what we can work.
This is Thursday!
Your suitcase is already overstuffed
with gifts for Will.
It's always fun to get things from the Airport.
Feels like you travel too.
Mom, he's turning 1.
Don't think that we're discerning what gift came from where.
But I will.
Maybe a snow globe.
Something he'll remember.
Something New York.
Were you this generous when we were kids?
Okay sweetheart, I'll get you a snow globe too.
Fine. Come on.
Good afternoon, Sheila!
Hey guys, Jeff!
We're not gonna make it!
I've been within a year about this trip, Dad.
I'm not gonna miss this flight.
Just make us to the Gate, Ok?
Altimeters verified, 3023.
Start checklist complete.
You really think they'll release us?
Check the latest reports.
We could all the way to Charlotte.
Then steaks to Frisco's, on me.
I've never been.
And I hear good things.
Oh, rhubarb will break your heart.
Yeah, I'm more a porterhouse man.
porterhouse will stop your heart.
Wait, Wait Wait!
Hi, I'm sorry, Spirit sent us.
We got cancelled and they said
that we were outted.
Do you guys have some seats?
Flight is closing.
Wait, see that old guy, living up right there?
That's my Dad, it's an emergency.
What kind of emergency?
Ok, everybody say the same.
Golf. Golf emergency.
Your flight cancelled?
IDs please.
- How many of you travelling?
- 3. Thank you.
- Nothing together.
- That's right. We'll find a way.
Here we go: 22A, 6A and 6C.
Thank you.
Thank you so much!
Glad you made it!
- You're on 6 Jeff.
- Oh no, no, that's more all Jimmy.
I was up until 3. I gotta get some sleep.
Are you sure you'll sleep here?
Not with you firmly running the course
all the time.
I think I'll play the 7 on the red.
No, No, Goodnight!
Sorry! Excuse Me.
Yeah, of course.
- I'm so sorry, he likes to throw everything.
- That's perfect, I like to catch everything.
Hello, man!
I googled you last night.
Found all about your company and website.
- That's impressive.
- Thanks.
I thought I was a good bullshitter, but you!
You could go Pro!
Well, I'm only teasing.
Might be the site does make it sound like your...
air safety consulting is as together about
100 employees and headquarters in 3 states.
But then I dug a little deeper,
I realized, it was, was only you.
Well, go easy. I'm just getting it going.
I'm not usually accused of being a bullshitter.
Well, don't get me wrong!
Actually, it's a compliment.
Off that website, I'd hire you!
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen...
welcome on board U.S. Airways Flight 1549
with service to Charlotte.
Please review the safety instruction card
on seatback pocket in front of you...
it explains the safety features of this aircraft,
as well as the location and operation...
Of an exit and detection devices.
Your seat cushion serves as a flotation device.
LaGuardia, this is 1549,
ready for push back at gate 21.
Ok 1549, get 21 cleared to push about 28 grams
for texting.
Make sure you turn that off.
Sure to take off.
Just once I'd like to get out of LaGuardia
on time.
Well you know the only way
to get out of LaGuardia.
No, what's that?
- Flight from JFK.
- Oh. funny.
Take off the onfuel quality of air fry.
- 19000 pounds required, we got 12 plain on board.
- 19000 pounds required, we got 12 plain on board.
Captain's 1549, runway 4, clear to take-off.
Captain's 1549, clear for take-off.
- Positive ring.
- Clear, please.
Be alright.
Nice view of the Hudson.
I never get over on how beautiful is up here.
Life's easier in the air.
I guess, it is.
Oh shit!
I'm worried, what you think it's going on?
It's okay.
Everyone, it might be a good idea just to keep
your seatbelts on.
We've got one rolling back.
We have both of the them rolling back.
Ignition start.
Restarting APU.
Just double check your seatbelts, please!
- What do you think that was?
- I think it was a bird strike.
- Then we're going back to LaGuardia.
- Yeah.
Get out the QRH.
We've lost the thrust on both engines.
Mayday, mayday, mayday,
this is Captain 1549, we hit birds.
We've lost thrust on both engines,
we are turning back towards LaGuardia.
Ok, you need to return to LaGuardia?
- Turn left at 220.
- 220.
Which engine did you lose?
Both, both engines.
- Sup?! I have an emergency.
- Yeah.
What's the report?
- Both engines, both engines gone. No thrust.
- What?
LaGuardia says go to runway 13.
Tower, stop your departures,
we got an emergency returning. 1549, bird strike.
He lost both engines, returning immediately.
He lost thrust in both engines. He said.
Captain 1549, if you can get a view,
do you want to try land on runway 13?
We're unable. We'll be end up in the Hudson.
I've got an A320 diving for the river.
Al, stackle the inbounds to LaGuardia.
Let's put a hold on the Tower, please.
Come on, guys, stand point.
What about the over to our right?
Are you thinking New Jersey, maybe Teterboro?
Teterboro tower, I need a runway,
Captain 1549 needs to go to the airport right now.
- Newark tower, what have you got?
- Runway 29 clear and ready.
- You guys need an emergency landing?
- Yes.
Ok, yeah. Off your right side is
Teterboro Airport.
This is the Captain,
brace for impact.
- What?
- Brace, brace, brace...
heads down, stay down!
Brace, brace, brace...
heads down, stay down!
Captain 1549, turn right to 8-0.
You can land on runway 1 Teterboro.
We got , We'll end up on the Hudson.
I'm sorry, say again, Captain?
Captain 1549, radar contact lost.
AC, come on over here.
Yes, We've also got Newark copy
at 2 o'clock in about 7 miles.
Don't go in the river.
- Sir?!
- Plug in.
Captain 1549, if you can, you got runway 29
available at Newark...
it'll be 2 o'clock and 7 miles.
Come on!
Please God!
I'm sorry, Patrick.
No, he's inbound to Newark, I know!
He's just went off the box before us.
- Patty!
- Hook'em back up.
He's heading to Teterboro.
We need authorized news.
Attention all aircraft in vicinity of the JW...
An emergency's been detected.
The Captain 1549 is low level above the Hudson.
This is 57MT, I got eyes on him.
Ok! Hang on the chopper at visuals.
I'm staying on this.
He's out there.
He's heading to Newark, 7 miles.
It's only 7 miles!
Captain 1549, this is Departure Control, on guard.
Do you read?
He's going down!
Captain 1549, do you read me?
Shit, he's going down!
He's gonna hit the water!
- Please, can you take sit?
- Sure!
Testers are gonna come down.
Breathalizer, urine samples.
it's standard.
His voice was so calm!
When he said the Hudson,
I didn't believe it!
This isn't happening.
People don't survive in water landings, Henry.
I better go.
I am so sorry.
I love you.
I, I gotta go.
Choosing to land in the Hudson was a big If!
I have an emergency flight caused by malfunction.
Roger that.
Looks like hydraulics.
Sir, we need to watch out.
Running a control test.
We need altitude.
Dallas tower, this is TACY 11 with flight control.
Roger that, turn left for 2-2-0...
Okay, proceed straight ahead for runway 21.
21, pacing out!
21, increasing speed.
1, you look free to fly, no trace of smoke.
Roger that 2.
I copied, I approach runway 21.
Following you in.
We're heading 0-2-0.
5 miles out, Sir.
Alright, give it a 3.
TACY 11, check air speed.
Thanks tower, but i can't control.
Avoiding to stall.
1, check your heading.
Or not gonna make the runway!
I got it.
That was a hell of a landing sir!
I didn't think we're gonna make it!
I'm gonna start charging you for this stuff,
Hear me?
Hey, let me know if you need anything.
TV: But what still seems so hard to believe
is that everyone aboard the plane survived...
including 2 shivering babies who were found
in a life wreck.
Ah! Is, is that you?
- Are you the pilot? Sully? That is you, right?
- Yeah!
Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you.
That was,
that was unreal what you did the other day.
That was really something.
It's a real pleasure to meet you, you know? We...
we invented a drink after you, as soon as it happened.
Ain't that right Manny?
Yeah yeah, you did! In fact I'd take one.
The Sully! It's a...
It's a shot of Grey Goose, with a splash of water.
- Right, guys?
- A splash of water!
To January 15th!
Best day at the year!
- To Sully!
- To Sully!
Hey Pete?!
Sully's here, and he's there!
Yeah Pete.
He's everywhere!
Like a real hero!
- Keep it coming, Paulie. I'll see you all at 1!
- Agreed.
101 people on board, Captain.
That's the report sent for us by the DW.
Alright, thanks. Roger that.
We're heading out for Teterboro
on midtown Sub-7.
I cannot believe you have de sack to say that...
that's literally like it mean
the entirely city to think.
I'd say it again, Dennis Eckersley
is without question...
the greatest really pitcher
in the history of baseball.
Are you blind about the lay kick,
is that what it is?
Or is it the mustache?
You're just jealous he was never a Yankee!
- Jealous!?!
- Oh, please. Yeah!
Heads down, stay down!
It's ok.
Stay down!
I don't wanna die!
Grab your life vest please!
Opening front end door.
As exits are usable,
move forward to the over wing exits!
Move forward.
Move forward to the right that's your exit door.
Sir, evacuate the plane right now!
Calm down, you'll be fine!
Here, it's gonna be bitter out there.
Oh my god!
- We have to jump.
- No, no Wait!
- Can you see this?
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ, that's a plane.
- Employ that men over on a ladder, right away.
- Alright. I'm on it.
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
Coast Guard sect to York.
Channel 16, Thomas Jefferson...
We have a passenger airliner
in the north river...
We're in route, we will advise!
Let's go, Let's go!
Jimmy?! Jeff's still on that plane.
We can't leave him there!
We've got him. We've got him!
He will be okay!
Keep moving forward!
Follow the instructions!
Sir, Sir!
Can you come help us?
Everyone keep moving forward!
Over the wings!
All scenes of duty in trackin.
Plane down! We got passengers on the wings.
Approach with caution.
Put a blanket on her legs.
She needs a tourniquet.
You're gonna be fine honey, go slowly.
Go slowly!
Wrap this around her leg, make it tight.
It's so cold out here.
Starting approaching, we're nearly there.
Pick it up.
3. 2.
1. It's good. It's good!
Hold it right there baby, Come on.
Come on, one at a time.
We're gonna get everybody!
A little closer!
With a water temperature of 36 degrees
and a windshield of -5...
the surviving passengers of flight 1549
literally have managed to live.
You were great down there.
We have great good people coming your way,
50 yards. Go!
- I got you. You're ok. Alright!
- Ok.
- They said that one is still here. Come forward.
- Get off here!
Come forward!
You need to get off this plane, now!
Captain, we have to go!
It's time to get off the plane, right now!
Alright. You guys go!
Be right behind.
Sully, we gotta go!
Everybody's okay!
Help is on the way.
Whoever has miraculously survived this falling
from the sky into the icy Hudson...
has about 300 of New York's finest
ready to help them...
The only question remaining is:
Will it be too late?
In Manhattan, Bobby Cuza, New York 1.
Come on, give me your hand.
Grab on, grab on.
Ok. We got you!
Give me a blanket, fast!
I was sure I was gonna die.
Hey, no one dies today, ok?
Give me your hand.
Here you go Captain, this way!
Let me see your hands up.
Gimme your hands, Sir!
Wrap around your arms.
We need a little more blankets over here!
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, we got them all!
I wanted to call to say I'm okay.
Oh good, are you still on the 9:50 home?
There's been an incident.
I'm okay, I just crashed somehow.
Turn on the television
What do you mean, turn on the television?
Lori, I can't talk right now.
I'll call you from the pier
when things quiet down.
I had to land on the Hudson.
Sully, I, I, I don't understand.
I love you and I'm ok.
Tell the girls I'm ok!
But, I, I have to go!
Girls turn on the TV!
An extensive rescue effort in underway after a
US Airways flight crashes into the Hudson River.
Oh my God!
Whoever has clothing on, take it off and wrap up
on a blanket from the Red Cross.
You'll be okay.
Dan, I need all it was heard,
how badly and I need it now!
155. That's my number.
That's passengers included.
How are you?
I'll answer that question
when we're counted 155.
Sort of. I won't be home tonight.
Surely, I cannot belive I am talking to you.
Captain, Captain...
I'm here to escort you to meet with Mayor
Bloomberg and Police Comissioner Raymond Kelly.
If the Mayor wants to say hello,
he'll have to come down here. We're still working.
Sully, I think we can assemble a counting!
Jeff! Jeff, I need a count!
We've got to have a count!
There's no way to give you a count
out here, Sully.
Sully! Jeff's right.
Let's get you into dry clothes before you freeze.
Captain, what if the Mayor and Chief Kelly,
come down here to meet with you.
I can't, because it was a domestic flight!
Yeah, but we got no manifest.
We gonna have to track
the passenger informations down. One by one!
Ok, can they help?
Yeah, I'm gonna call Sean Kerr
for him to get the count!
But Sully, listen! You've done enough.
Let me take it from here!
Pa! I'm okay.
I was on the other wing.
They brought us to Jersey!
I coun't, couldn't see you.
I couldn't find you!
I could hear you shouting my name the all time.
I shouted back. I guess the river...
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay, son!
I love you too.
We made it!
I mean... The plane.... the plane crashed!
On the river!
Are you kidding me?
Oh! It's unbelievable!
I've never been so happy to be in New York
in my life!
Hey, Patty!
Sups here been looking for you.
Everybody's goin nuts up top.
Aren't you coming?
I guess you didn't hear.
I lost Captain 1549 in the Hudson.
Yeah, I guess you haven't heard.
He had it, the son of a bitch!
- What?
- Everyone's been pulled off!
It's a miracle!
- I left when I lost them all.
- They getting it at the TV in here.
What is my pulse read?
- It's 110.
- I'm on a my rest here on 55.
110. That's not good!
You are right, waking is not good.
Listen, what you just went through,
110 is extraordinary!
How is Doreen?
A fearly severe laceration, but we'll keep her
here to the extent of the infection.
I'm sure it'll be ok.
She'll have a scar,
and a hell of a story to tell.
Although no one will believe her.
Hell, I'm standing here with you right now,
and I don't believe it.
- You landed a plane on the Hudson
without a scratch.
The Union has pulled on out
all the big guns today...
You took the damn risk, Sully.
Got a count?
- It's official. 155.
- 155.
Oh, 155.
Thank you, Arnie.
- Hey, Carl!
- Jeff?!
- Sully?!
- Carl?!
Hell of a thing you pulled off out there today.
Well, we're here.
That's about all I know at the moment.
Oh! This is Miss May, with the Hotel.
Wanna have a quick word with you.
I won't take your time, gentlemen.
This only to say...
that my staff and I are committed
to protecting your privacy.
So if there's anything I can do, at all...
If it's possible, I'd love to have my uniform
dry cleaned overnight...
seen the clothing that I have.
- Dry cleaning?!
- If it's too much. I mean, it's too late.
Are you kidding? Captain Sullenberger,
I'd give you this whole hotel if I could!
Oh, Okay. Well thank you, Evelyn.
Thank you very much.
Yeah. Anything for Sully!
Have a blessed day.
What just happened?
You just got hugged by a total stranger.
Ah! Come on Sully!
When was the last time you heard of someone
landing a jetplane on the water...
and everybody lived?
I got shaving cream, razor blades,
two paisleys and... new clothes.
What?! Do you think we were ninjas?
Ain't much here than a robe to you.
It's Queens, 7 o'clock in the evening.
You find the brokes products!
What are you even still doing in uniform?
Well, I don't know.
Look, look guys! Hey! It's been a long day.
Why don't you get some rest?
Mike Cleary will be over the AM
and make sure you're both doing ok!
Thank you, Carl.
Well thank you, Captain.
You know, it's been awhile since New York
had news this good.
Especially with an airplane on it.
I'll see you there, Sully.
The word city officials keep
repeating it was timing....
the perfect timing of the NYPD Scuba Unit
and of the ferry boat Captain...
and of course the inexplicably
precise timing of the pilot...
Captain Sully Sullenberger,
who with almost no time...
became a man for all time.
- This is Christine Johnson, reporting live...
- The timing!
from the Hudson River.
Hey Sully, let me....
Come on, answer it...
Larry, the CBR it's in 2 days.
How fast can you arrange a favor?
I know that AirBus has simulations
scheduled for the S42 center at the factory...
But that's next week, in Toulouse...
Can you get them to reschedule?
It's 1.30 in the morning?
I need you to make it happen, before
we listen to the CBR.
Before her testimony is complete.
I have a right to see the simulations,
and I have a feeling that with human pilots...
and not a computer,
the results are going to be different.
What if they show the exact same result?
If they do, then I'll hang in my head myself.
It's all about the timing, Larry.
You can accomplish anything for it
when in a hurry.
I sure as hell agree with that.
The CBR is on Wednesday, that's 36 hours.
Can you make it happen?
I'll try.
It's worth a phone call.
Well, it's already 7:30 in the morning in France,
so you better get started.
Thank you Larry.
Thank you.
Hey, Lori!
Hi. I'm sorry bothering you
before the hearing.
Sweetheart, what... What happened?
I just, I realized just now...
For the first time that there were...
there were 155 people on that plane,
and you were one of them.
We almost lost you.
Yeah, but, but you didn't.
I'm right here.
- How are you holding up?
- Oh, I'm holding up.
Please tell me this is almost over.
It's almost over.
I love you.
I love you too
I'll call you when they're done with me.
- Good Morning, Sully!
- Jeff!
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome.
My name is Charles Porter.
I've been assigned by the National Transportation
Safety Border...
To conduct this public hearing here today.
We have a lot of material to cover.
But before we listen to the cockpit
voice recording...
We will be listening to it for the first time
along with you, gentlemen.
For the request of Captain Sullenberger
and the Union...
AirBus has agreed to link us by sattelite
to the days piloted simulations.
Upload link, please.
They're just simulations, Sully.
Won't change my mind about
what happened up there.
Might change theirs!
Number 1's roll on back!
- And number 2.
- Auto-pilot's off.
Pilot off.
- Flight director's off.
- Flight director's off.
Alright. LaGuardia, this is Captain 1549.
Dual engine failure,
we have to return to the field.
Ok, I'm gonna left turn back to LaGuardia 13.
I'll activate the approach for you.
It's activated.
Runway 13.
Light subs coming in nicely.
- Flaps too?
- Flaps too!
Too low. Flaps.
Lights low.
- Too low. Flaps.
- 40!
- Too low. Flaps.
- 40!
Succesful landing at LaGuardia.
Runway 13.
For the record.
The pilots and the computer sims
bare the same result.
Let's try for Teterboro now, please.
Upload the second run.
Give me a heading 3-1-0
Heading 3-1-0.
- Let me give a direct for Teterboro.
- Sure for Teterboro.
Flaps too.
Flaps too.
Too low!
Too low!
Too low!
50, 40, 30...
Succesful landing at Teterboro, runway 19.
Multiple airports, runways,
two succesful landings...
we are simply mimicking what the computer
already told us.
A lot of toes were stepped on
in order to set this up for today.
And, and frankly, I...
I really don't know what you gentlemen
plan to the gain by.
Can we get serious now?
We've all heard about the computer simulations
and now we are watching actual sims but I...
can't quite believe.
You still have not...
taken into account the human factor.
Human pilot at simulations show that
you could made it back to the airport.
No, they don't.
These pilots were not behaving like human beings.
Like people who were experiencing
this for the first time.
But they may not be reacting like you did.
Immediately after the bird strike
they are turning back for the airport.
Just as in the computer sims, correct?
That is correct.
They obviously knew the turn
and exactly where heading to fly.
They did not run a check,
they did not switch on the APU.
They had all the same paremeters
that you faced.
No one warned us.
No one said: You are going to lose both engines
at a lower altitude than any jet in history.
But be cool. Just make a left turn for LaGuardia
like you're going back to pick up the milk.
This was a dual engine loss at 2800 feet
followed by immediate water landing...
155 souls on board.
No one has ever trained for an incident like that.
No one!
In the Teterboro landing,
with its unrealistic back angle...
we were not the thunder birds up there.
I'd like to know how many times
the pilot practiced that maneuvre...
before he actually pulled it off.
I'm not questioning the pilots,
they're good pilots.
But they've clearly been instructed...
they head for the airport
immediately after the bird strike.
You've allowed no time for analysis
or decision making.
In these simulations, you're taking
all of the humanity out of the cockpit.
How much time did the pilots spent planning...
for this event. For these simulations?
You are looking for human error.
Then make it human.
This wasn't a videogame.
It was life and death.
Sully's right, that's worth a few seconds.
Please ask how many practice ones they had.
The pilot who landed at Teterboro...
had 17 practice attempt,
before the simulation we just witnessed.
Your reaction-decision time
will be set at 35 seconds.
35 seconds is not enough time.
We only had 208 second total so....
I'll take it.
Upload the link, return to LaGuardia...
Now then added 35 seconds delay
in response time.
- Gas On. For 35 seconds!
- 35 seconds.
Time's up.
Here we go!
- Going for 13.
- Ok.
- Activate confirm!
- Ok. You are confirmed!
We're heading right for the airport.
We're about 7 miles from north way.
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Too low! Terrain!
- Too low! Terrain!
- Can you blow extra speed.
- Too low! Terrain!
- Or some flaps.
- Too low! Terrain!
- No. Leave the flaps on.
- Too low! Terrain!
- Too low! Terrain!
- Too low! Terrain!
- Too low! Terrain!
50... 40... 30...
Let's try Teterboro.
Upload the link, please.
- Birds!
- Auto-pilot off.
Flight Director off.
Half the time.
- 35 seconds!
- 35 seconds!
Engine 1 and 2 fail.
- Turn.
- Ok.
Let's see if we can make it.
- Headin' up to 19.
- Seing the Teterboro, out there?
I do!
Way too low.
Obstacle! Obstacle!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Does anyone need to see more simulations?
Now that we've seen what could have happened,
can we listen to what actually did?
We will look at all the results at a later date.
For the record, this is the CVR of U.S. Airways
Flight 1549, January 15th, 2009.
Head sets.
Oh, yeah!
We got one rolling back.
We have both of them rolling back.
Ignition start.
I'm starting the APU.
- My aircraft!
- Your aircraft!
- Get on with the QRH.
- Priority left.
Lost the thrust on both engines.
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
This is Captain 1549...
Hit birds. We've lost thrust on both engines,
we are turning back towards LaGuardia.
Okay you need to return to LaGuardia?
Turn left heading 2-2-0.
- 2-2-0.
- Which engine did you loose?
Both, both engines.
FOR making on both engine mode selected ignition.
- Thrust levers. Confirmed! Idle!
- Idle.
Air speed.
Often on relied 300 nods.
- We don't have that!
- No! Wanna dock.
Captain 1549, if we can get a view,
do you wanna try land on runway 13?
We are unable,
we'd be end up in the Hudson.
Emergency electrical power.
Emergency generators not online.
ATC notified squad 7 at 700.
Stress mess as transmit. We did that.
Captain's 1549, it's gonna be left traffic
runway 31.
Okay, when do you need to land?
- Wind sheer.
- Back one off, then on.
It's been 10 seconds, Captain.
Come on. Talk to me.
Captain 1549, runway 4 is available,
if you wanna make left traffic to runway 4.
I don't think we can make any runway.
What about over to our right?
Anything in New Jersey?
Maybe Teterboro?
Ok. Yeah!
Off your right right side is TeterBoro Airport.
LaGuardia Departure?!
Got an emergency inbound.
This is Teterboro tower, go ahead.
Captain 1549 over the GW Bridge,
he's needs to go to the airport right now.
Check. Does he need assistance?
Yes, bird strike.
Can I get him in for runway 1?
Captain 1549, wanna try go to Teterboro?
Obstacle! Obstacle!
Obstacle! Obstacle!
Pull up!
Clear of conflict.
We left at 30 seconds and the your master
wanted to confirm off.
Late 30 seconds.
Too low, terrain!
Too low, terrain!
Too low, terrain!
Too low, terrain!
This is the Captain:
Brace for impact!
Captain 1549 turn right to 8-0.
You can land runway 1 Teterboro.
- We can't make it.
- Ok. Which runway would you like at Teterboro?
- Go ahead. Try number 1!
- Number 1. No relay!
- We're gonna end up in the Hudson!
- Too low, terrain!
- I'm sorry. Say again, Captain!
- Too low, terrain!
All right, let's put the flaps down.
Put the flaps down!
- Flaps down.
- Captain 1549, we had our contact lost.
You also got Newark off your 2 o'clock
in about 7 miles.
- Pull up! Pull up!
- All flaps are down! 200 feet in the air.
Clearance 70 nods.
Got no power, here let me try the other one.
- Try the other one!
- Captain 1549, still up?
- 150 nods.
- Caution! Terrain!
- Got flaps to you, do you want more?
- No. Let's stay at this.
You got runway 29 available at Newark.
It'll be 2 o'clock in 7 miles.
- You got any ideas?
- Caution! Terrain!
- Actually not.
- Terrain! Terrain!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
Pull up!
- Pull up!
- Embrace!
- Pull up!
- 30...
Pull up!
- Pull up!
- 20...
Pull up!
I need to take a quick break.
What did you think?
See the audience now.
I'll tell you what I think.
I'm just so damn proud.
And you, you were right there,
With all that distraction.
With so much at stake.
We did this together.
You are a team.
Thanks, Sully.
- We did our job.
- We did our job.
Hey! You did good up there!
Alright folks,
I'd like to call this hearing back to order.
We could tell them, please?
Take your seats.
That is honestly, the first time
that I've listened to a crash recording.
While actually sitting with the Captain
and the First Officer.
It's been extraordinary!
That was no simulation!
No, it wasn't.
Gentlemen, I want to inform you that
the left engine has been recovered.
We just received the comprehensive report.
There was extensive damage to both the guide vanes
and fan blades blades at the engine...
5 compressor blades were fractured...
and 8 variable guide vanes, missing.
So no thrust.
As you testified, it was completely destroyed.
The ACARS data was wrong.
I'd like to add something on a personal note:
I can say with absolute confidence that,
after speaking with the rest of the flight crew...
with bird experts, aviation engineers,
after running through every scenario...
after interviewing each player,
There is still an X in this result..
and it's you, Captain Sullenberger,
remove you from the equation and the math...
just fails.
I disagree.
It wasn't just me, it was all of us.
It was Jeff and Donna and Sheila and Doreen and...
all the passengers, or, rescue workers...
and Air Traffic Control,
Floatable Crew and Scuba Cops.
We all did it!
We survived!
First Officer Skiles,
is there anything you'd like to add?
Anything, you would have done differently,
if you, had to do it again?
I would have done it in July!

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