MERRITT L. WIESINGER Family Law Attorney

Wiesinger and Bennett History 

Around 2008 I was about to retain Wiesinger to take over my case.  That would be remove Attorney Dax Craven and replace him with Merritt Wiesinger.  The day of the first meeting was on Monday morning.  Before I left the house his office called - their client was murdered over the weekend so they had to cancel the meeting but asked to reschedule the meeting.

When winning turns deadly

  • One murder in Las Vegas 
  • Nov 2011 Roma Bhatia San Ramon  
  • August 2014 in Alamo on Stone Valley Road. 
Retaining Wiesinger for my divorce.

  • Via Third Party (The Arranger) 
    • $10,000 for the mediator, and 
    • $7,500 for the Attorney 
    • Kids back in Six Months

When I saw a mediators report on a certain case it was clear what they've doing to the other party.  I just wonder how many troubled families were sent over the edge.

Attorney Dax Craven 

Tarrant v. Bennett 

The Woman in the middle served me papers at my former Cabinet Shop purchased from Mark Scott Construction.  

Craven's brother in-law was murdered on WB-24 in 2012, my Karaoke Friend was found dead practically on the same spot after being hit after falling off his motorcycle. 

Superior Court (Family Law) 

Judge Joel Golub - The Ticket Master 



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