The Dead Homeless Near The Village Walnut Creek - Property Rights vs. Human Rights?

The Dead Homeless Near The Village Walnut Creek 

By Pete Bennett 

Walnut Creek CA -- THe plight of the homeless wasn't my starting point in life but over the years I've helped when possible.  Now I'm one of the ones I once helped and being there, living within the City of Walnut Creek Shadows where one unfortunate event lead to another sad story.  All to often the conclusion was the homeless were being targeted, bundled and processed out of town.  Slowly picked off with accidents, arrests, assaults, and false or trumped up charges.  They'd then appear in front of Judge Joel Golub where he'd slather them with astronomical fines but please read my article "Failures of Contra Costa County Superior Court" 



that would prevent them from reentering society but please read "Numerous Compelling Reasons For Judge Golub's Indictment" where in 2004 he was fully informed about my truck fire which precedes two Gas Pipeline Explosions governed under the Pipeline Safety Act of 


Dead or harmed humans ignored delegated to humanities trash bin of $$$ 

It's a game of kick the homeless in their cans to another city to become their problem not Walnut Creeks but try being a homeless can in Lafayette and you'll get the tickets, fines and stops.  There is a distinct pattern where those that cannot defend themselves legally are trumped, tagged and targeted until they leave or land in jail.  

Every city should bear the homeless burden with showers, support and safety.  I've cataloged numerous instances of Walnut Creek Homeless being run over.  Some are alive and some are not but some are now Long Term Care Patients in one case the lifetime costs will be over 10 million.  

One of those victims was hit within visual range of these brand new Condominiums where with just a little design effort several living portals could have been created.  The living portals need not be huge but they would provide some form of street level survival. 

The developers live in an alter universe seeking money over people but there are many accidents near these development sites and far too many to consider them accidents.  


PG&E Charged With Obstruction Over San Bruno Blast

PG&E Charged With Obstruction Over San Bruno Blast

A federal grand jury charged Pacific Gas & Electric on Tuesday with lying to federal investigators in connection with a fatal pipeline explosion that killed eight people and leveled a suburban Northern California neighborhood in 2010.
The U.S. attorney in San Francisco announced the obstruction of justice charge and 27 related counts, which are in a new indictment charging the utility with felonies. It replaces a previous indictment that contained 12 counts related to PG&E's safety practices, but not obstruction.
Prosecutors say PG&E hampered the investigation by lying to National Transportation Safety Board investigators after the blast. In particular, PG&E officials are accused of trying to mislead the NTSB about the pipeline testing and maintenance procedures the utility was following at the time of the explosion and for six months after under a company policy that did not meet federal safety standards.
"The consequence of this practice was that PG&E did not prioritize as high-risk, and properly assess, many of its oldest natural gas pipelines, which ran through urban and residential areas," the U.S. attorney's office said in a statement.
The other charges accuse the utility of failing to act on threats in its pipeline system even after the problems were identified by its own inspectors. The indictment charges PG&E with keeping shoddy records, failing to identify safety threats and failing to act when threats were found.
NTSB investigators later found that PG&E had inaccurate records on its more than 6,000 miles of gas transmission lines, and that as a result hadn't tested for the defective seam weld that ruptured a pipeline and ignited the fireball that leveled several blocks and left eight people dead in San Bruno.
No employees or executives have been charged in the San Bruno disaster. Prosecutors could still file another indictment charging individuals.
The utility announced in June that it was expecting the new indictment. PG&E spokesman Greg Snapper said company officials had not yet seen it.
"However, based on all of the evidence we have seen to date, we do not believe that the charges are warranted and that, even where mistakes were made, employees were acting in good faith to provide customers with safe and reliable energy," he said in a prepared statement.
The new charges expose PG&E to more than $1 billion in fines. It had preciously faced up to a $6 million fine under the old indictment.
In addition, the utility is facing lawsuits and $2.5 billion in civil fines from regulators, including the state Public Utilities Commission. San Bruno city officials on Monday demanded the head of the PUC resign, alleging the agency had improper contacts with PG&E.
Along with causing the deaths, the explosion injured dozens and destroyed 38 homes. Nearly four years later, the neighborhood about 12 miles south of San Francisco is still recovering.
"What the U.S. prosecutor is saying is that PG&E did not use the proper procedure under the law for evaluating the integrity of their pipelines," San Bruno City Manager Connie Jackson said. "On top of that, they represented to NTSB that the procedure they were using was correct and approved" when it wasn't.
On Tuesday, San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane said "the new criminal charges demonstrate a pattern of deceit by PG&E."
PG&E said in May that it has committed $2.7 billion over the next several years for safety-related work following the incident.
Its profits were weighed down in its most recent quarter by $40 million in legal and safety improvement costs tied to its natural gas business.
Associated Press Writers Ellen Knickmeyer and Lisa Leff contributed to this story.


Bootstrap Tricks The Jumbotron

Bootstrap Jumbotron
By Pete Bennett  
Walnut Creek CA -- Use of the Jumbotron can be found all over Bootstrap Twitter Sites.  As time permits I'll be modifying Blogger Code, JavaScript and CSS over the Bootstrap 3.0 plus extensive use of Jason, 

Hello, Scandalrama!

Learn more


Attorney Iben Lyingalot 1666 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 943-5800

Attorney Iben Lyingalot
By Pete Bennett CNET 

Contra Costa Super Lawyer

When you need to win in you simply turn to your Bacterial Toolbox which is how you take your adversaries down which my fate as by morning one will be gone.  If you're homeless the care you'll get at the ER you might live but my 24 hours was pure hell that I barely survived.

When one encounters the Contra Costa County Superbly Curious Court one soon discovers who's in charge and how the court personnel are depraved, indifference, insular and arrogant as they hear the drama everyday but cannot stop these State Bar Licensed Attorneys from stealing us blind.  Some can't stand the process others hide paperwork when told to.


Kinder Morgan Deaths Undistorted

Kinder Morgan Deaths Un-distorted
By Pete Bennett CNET 

Alicia Driscoll - The Loving Mother Murder Suicide? 

In early 2014 a story ran about a failed Amber Alert in June 2005 which might have prevented the murder suicide of Alicia Driscoll AB 235 surfaced in regards to changes to Amber Alert system where seeing images of the victims I realized this was the same Alicia and Jineva Driscoll I'd met right after my divorce.  Today my divorce is tightly interwoven with the CNET Scandal (Fact Page)
Alicia Driscoll rights were represented by Attorney Mr. Invisible where I'm sure they've been played by the esteemed membership of the Contra Costa Bar Association the undisputed leadership of the local legal community..


Bennett Arrest and Detention March 2012 - MDF Needs Federal Oversight

Bennett Arrest and Detention March 2012
By Pete Bennett 

On March 23rd 2012 I was arrested for PC-270  
Benny Chetcuti Jr. Walnut Creek Real Estate Investor Indicted For Fraud
By Pete Bennett CNET Scandal Date: March 3rd, 2014

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The Early Witness Termination Fee Pay Now or Pay More Later?

The Early Witness Termination Fee! Pay Now or Pay More Later?
By Pete Bennett 

Contra Costa County -- During the month of August 2004 my F-250 exploded 

The Driscoll Murders 

I was at the Walnut Creek Superior enduring his visceral fines by Judge Joel Golub the day of the November 9th, 2004 Gas Pipeline Explosion on L-16
View details »

The Williams Murders

Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Donec sed odio dui.
View details »

Reopen Las Lomas Drownings

Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Donec sed odio dui.
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The Spinal Meningitis Victims Syndrome ~ Natural Attended Deaths Via Bacteria

The Spinal Meningitis Victims Syndrome
By Pete Bennett 
Silently Shaping the Political Landscape in Contra Costa County 

I'll be posting an analysis of my personal laymen observations of Spinal Meningitis Deaths and near fatal cases of bacterial, spinal and staph might have been used to terminate adversaiin Contra Costa where 
f the kill methods of ending political adversaries which is clearly a tactical kill method. In 2005 this nearly killed me but Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center (CCCMRC) Doctors and ER Physicians refused to consider I was poisoned but Meningitis is only one Modus Operandi.  


Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination - Winning the Easy Way

Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination

By Pete Bennett  

Walnut Creek CA -- A clear reality of my situation is how cases are handled around Contra Costa County. My 2004 arson was witnessed by Danville Police Officer and the Mechanic at Gregg's Muffler in Lafayette CA. 
It's been ten years since the 680 arson yet in 2014 while walking between Walnut Creek Police Department and my campsite I'm dodging SL 550 Mercedes while several Walnut Creek Police Officers are positioned to watch me get creamed where Mt. Diablo Blvd meets Broadway.  The timing is relevant as on June 26th 2014 numerous claims were filed against with the City Of Walnut Creek but within a week a car tried to run me over again. 
Nearly all Contra Costa County Cities use the same risk management services provided by the Municipal Pooling Authority (MPA) under CSAC using the Joint Powers Authority (JPA).  

I've filed many claims on my own because the Contra Costa Bar Association controls the intake referrals and I was summarily told I can't get a referral through them.
Many thanks while the Walnut Creek City Attorney lofts around town persons unknown have been trying to kill me and they tried to killing my sons in 2005. 
Please take your time.

Witness Intimidation
It's happened to me in Pittsburg, Walnut Creek and Danville where I've attempted to litigate.  I sued Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins in 2006 but my Attorney Sage Sehapi has the shit kicked out of him a during a Walnut Creek Basketball game on Oak Road.  
To Protect and Serve - Please read Color of Law Abuses as per FBI.GOV
The WCPD true to form refused to arrest the suspect sending Mr. Sehapi in circles who being an attorney wanted to sue.   The officers probably obstructed justice by hiding this case from the District Attorney just like Danville Police did with the Bennett/Collins assault but now ten years later we've got murders, arson coupled with the fact that the PG&E Indictment now contains obstruction of justice charges.   
Witness Termination

After the Lafayette Police refused to investigate this blogger's July 20th 2011 Hit & Run/Attempted Murder I turned to State Senator Mark Desaulnier who called the Legislative Security Services Threat Assessment Unit (TAU) who interviewed me in Aug 2011 but sadly since then many have died with no end in site.  
I told this unit that I suspect Councilman MIke Shimansky, Spinal Meningitis death was not natural.  This information was passed on in Sept 2011 but since then Councilman Bell and Tax Collector Pollacek each succumbed to meningitis but consider the argument of violations of the Geneva Convention.  
On Nov 9th 2004 a Kinder Morgan Gas Pipeline Explodes but few noticed that several persons near this pipeline disaster died.  
The Who Gives A Shit County 
For several decades I've been a lock step battle with the rich and powerful.  I didn't realize how much was being put into trying to take me out until the car zoomed by me on September 28th 2013 but the response from the Walnut Creek Police was pathetic.
I've made numerous attempts to get an investigation started over at least five Hit and Run Incidents since 2004 and the Unionized Agencies have a clear and powerful agenda.
The persons who witnessed my near miss were also recorded by Safeway Cameras where they used their personalized Safeway Stalking Card managed in the Philippines where your personal data is splayed out around the globe.



The License Plate

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Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination - Winning the Easy Way - CNET Scandal 
Action Action

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Action Action

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Action Action

Accident Analysis: City Of Walnut Creek

A concise review of City Of Walnut Creek Accidents involving Homeless Persons
By Pete Bennett -
Walnut Creek CA-- An unlikely set of events unfolded in February 2001


Historical Accident Calendars


CalPERS Ethics Helpline

Ethics Pointe 

By Pete Bennett CNET Scandal

Date: March 3rd, 2014


CalPERS Ethics Helpline

At CalPERS, we strive to foster a work environment based on quality, respect, integrity, openness, accountability and balance. As part of our continued efforts to ensure our workplace meets these professional standards, we encourage you to use the CalPERS Ethics Helpline to confidentially report allegations of unethical conduct, improper business activity or retirement benefits abuse.

Make a Report

EthicsPoint, Inc. is our independent third-party host for the CalPERS Ethics Helpline. You can:
  • Call them toll-free at (866) 513-4216 or TTY at (866) 294-9572
  • Report Online from their safe and secure website.

Additional Resources

Gift Policy (PDF, 11 KB)
CalPERS Form 700 Travel Transparency Policy (PDF, 14 KB)
FAQs – CalPERS Ethics Helpline
Other Contacts


CalPERS Ethics Helpline

Benny Chetcuti Jr. Walnut Creek Real Estate Investor Indicted For Fraud

By Pete Bennett CNET Scandal

Date: March 3rd, 2014



CalPERS Ethics Helpline

At CalPERS, we strive to foster a work environment based on quality, respect, integrity, openness, accountability and balance. As part of our continued efforts to ensure our workplace meets these professional standards, we encourage you to use the CalPERS Ethics Helpline to confidentially report allegations of unethical conduct, improper business activity or retirement benefits abuse.

Make a Report

EthicsPoint, Inc. is our independent third-party host for the CalPERS Ethics Helpline. You can:
  • Call them toll-free at (866) 513-4216 or TTY at (866) 294-9572
  • Report Online from their safe and secure website.

Additional Resources

Gift Policy (PDF, 11 KB)
CalPERS Form 700 Travel Transparency Policy (PDF, 14 KB)
FAQs – CalPERS Ethics Helpline
Other Contacts


CSAC-EIA About EIA Programs Committees Members Meetings Resources Services Contact Lit© 2014

Litigant Termination Services -

A new risk management tool - It's an APP! Jack  

Alicia Driscoll/ Jineva Driscoll RIP (June 2005) 

How CASC Beats Litigants (Literally)   

By Pete Bennett - Editor: Scandalrama 

Walnut Creek CA -- In 2001 I was preparing for an upcoming trial in a collection dispute matter in a limited jurisdiction case of $25,000 or less.  The dispute wasn't complicated requiring experts - it was about a Russian Programmer supplied by a Russian Firm connected to the Russian Mob which is why the FBI was interested in how I'd lost my case.  The case was settled with the help of Judge Bruce Van Vorris who pointed out a procedural error.  Apparently my counsel Don Moats went AWOL during the last legs of the case when his offices went up in smoke via an arsonist. 

In 2004 my truck exploded on 680 via arson but when the CNET Arrests occurred in 2011 it became clear that federal prisoners Norman Wielsch and Chris Butler using resources from the California Department of Justice, Walnut Creek Police, and the District Attorneys offices managed to stalk me into homelessness.

Since 2001 I've found it nearly impossible to get representation or decent representation.  When nearly killed in the Danville Building Inspector Incident I'd found myself in unwanted litigation but 

I'd suffered plenty of losses, I'm homeless, the HOMELESS COURT WON"T HELP ME GET MY LICENSE BACK,my sons education plans destroyed and leaving them destitute living in a trash trailer on 5471 S Libby Rd #26, Paradise, CA 95969 where they rot on welfare by now have consumed over $500,000 of services of Butte County's cash strapped budget. 

I keep hearing that they are safe, the FBI tells me they're fine, the SAG won't respond and I'm to worry even though I've almost been burned alive they're doing fine in their little trash trailer. 

Law Enforcement tells me they're protected and that they WON'T be burned alive so I'm not supposed to WORRY about their SAFETY even though the DRISCOLL MURDERS occurred a few months our SB 680 to EB 580 trip to the Pleasanton Dumpe.  This was spring 2005 where unknown (sus/vic) attempted and nearly succeeded using a high speed swoop/squat at around 100 mph, but they missed my slow merge to the right where they careened into the 

Municipal Pooling Authority 

The CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (EIA) is a member directed insurance risk sharing pool. The EIA has developed effective risk management solutions to help California public entities proactively control losses and prepare for different exposures.
Members, staff, and our long term partner Alliant Insurance Services Inc., have worked together to provide you with access to risk coverage programs that are stable, secure, and flexible.


3.A. General Liability II Committee – 5/2/14 ............................................................................ 53 

3.B. Legislative Committee – 5/8/14 .......................................................................................... 55 

3.C. Claims Review Committee – 5/9/14 .................................................................................. 56 

3.D. EIAHealth Committee – 5/14/14......................................................................................... 58 

3.E. Employee Benefits Committee – 5/15/14 ........................................................................ 60 

3.F. Finance Committee – 5/15/14 ............................................................................................. 62 

3.G. Loss Prevention Committee – 5/22/14 ............................................................................. 64 

3.H. Medical Malpractice Committee – 6/4/14 ........................................................................ 65 

3.I. Underwriting Committee – 6/4/14 ...................................................................................... 66

Miscellaneous Programs 

4.E.1. 2014/15 Crime Program Renewal (Alliant) ....................................................................... 83 
An action to approve the 2014/15 Crime Program renewal. 

4.E.2. 2014/15 Optional Excess Liability (OEL) Program Renewal (Alliant) ................... 84 
An action to approve the 2014/15 OEL Program renewal. 


The Danville Building Inspector Incident - Winning Public Entity Cases With Brute Force and Attempted Murder

How Public Law Wins

This is a template for a simple marketing or informational website. It includes a large callout called the hero unit and three supporting pieces of content. Use it as a starting point to create something more unique.

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The Players

Case Facts

The Danville Building Inspector Incident One day I got a call from my counsel Sage Sepapi with news that he too had been beaten under nearly identical circumstances of ligation about to be brought against the Town of Danville.
Within months my counsel went out of his way to get out of representation. When Chris Butler's testimony against Stephen Tanabe oozed about insurance fraud, arson and other events it was clear as day that Police Officers and DA investigators
had been lying to me for years and my collection of over 100 police reports were part of larger criminal operation coming within Contra Costa County.

November 2011 Bennett/Nordoff/Bryden Meeting During the Chief Bryden held in the office of Walnut Creek City Manager Ken Nordoff who heard my allegations that I'd been attacked again. This critical meeting set a benchmark linking
The Danville Building Inspector Incident to CNET Arrests, but other incidents were raised that link to least one murder in San Ramon CA.


From Programmer to Deadbeat Dad ► Your Tax Dollars At Work

From Programmer to Dead Beat Dad
By Pete Bennett  

How They Destroyed and Nearly Killed One Father 
Once upon a time while living in Pittsburg CA during the late 80's, I once operated a large cabinet and millwork shop on Bliss Ave where business was very good.   A series of shootings inside my cabinet shop with guns pointed at me.  The murder of Cynthia Kempf was fresh in everyone's minds as unsolved, a  horrific execution of a nice local East County resident.   Many knew her but my connection a little stronger because Safeway Stores was our customer.  

The Big Insurance Fraud 
Police Reports
Witness Intimidation 
On or about February 1989 FBI agents arrived to inform me my life was in danger then later several trustworthy Pittsburg Officers (there were very few) also arrived with the same news.  By 1989 I'd racked up theft losses of over $50,000 but there were random assaults, shootouts (real guns, real drug addicts) enough burglaries where the Pittsburg Police failed over and over.  When my car was stolen I found the car, when my truck was stolen it was down the street and again I found it.  It was the most pathetic corrupt agency in the country.   
When the news broke that Cynthia Kempf was found murdered in a field in Oakley CA few ever suspected that five years later they'd arrest Pittsburg Officer Eric Bergen for the murder of Kempf.  Bergen was already on my radar for the thefts as nearly every police response was Bergen and his pals.  After the Danville Building Inspector 

, some of which moved the Sheriff's Office in charge of operating the jail where they murdered my roommate  David Bremer in March 2014 was beat to death somewhere from being arrested in Walnut Creek at 10:00 PM (according to father) to 6:00  Pittsburg Safeway once located on Railroad Ave.  One night four masked men stormed into the store in the early evening hours in a well planned takeover robbery.    

Danville CA 

One of many legs in my 35 journey occurred when in Septemer 2004 Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins nearly beat me to death at my former Danville residence.  The Danville Town Council’s reaction was pathetic but the story didn’t end there.  Below is a chronology of “some” events since then and before.  If you were sitting in my shoes you’d wonder what’s going on. 
1982 –Employee’s brother shot and killed by Pittsburg CA Police Officer Ray Giocomelli
1985 to 1989 Pittsburg Officers attempting to extort money from victim and local businesses
1985 to 1989 Pittsburg officers run disruption campaign on Bennett effectively forcing shop to close down 
1988–Safeway Manager abducted and killed, later found executed
1980 to 1990 Series of unsolved murders – East County
1995–Pittsburg Officers found guilty for 1988 Safeway murders
2000–Former Customer Murdered in Bizarre takeover robbery
2002–Former mechanic found dead in the Delta – blunt force trauma
2004–Bennett’s 1987 F250 Truck erupts in flames on 680NB – CHP arrives said flames reached 100’ back. Oil plug rigged with wax sealed – they call it sabotaged
2004–Mechanic that repaired truck states was behind subject’s vehicle and witnessed entire fire – did not stop – I know it’s just a coincidence that a mechanic that works for someone I know just happened to be behind me. 
2004–High Speed Maneuver commonly known as “Swoop” designed to cause driver to over correct in fatal rollover.  That day my sons were with me and we watched the driver hit the median at 80mph
2004–Subject’s trailer flips – trailer ball rigged –additional details
2005–Subject suffers near fatal infection.  Suspected bacterial infection
2006–Attorney retained to sue Town of Danville, Gary Collins and members of CNET team now indicted by US Attorney – was beaten in Walnut Creek at random –suspect never charged and probably never reached DA office.  That event occurred in BBall game where police officers participate in drop in games on Oak Road Walnut Creek
2008–Subject attacked by different building inspector
2009–Subjects attorney fails to appear in court – case lost
2010–Subject sets up offices four separate times and each time someone files mysterious complaints that trigger subjects to relocate
2010–Subject leases 1500 SF space at 1924a Oak Park Blvd.  Pleasant Hill
2010/07 A retired SF Police Lieutenant appears – attempts to join operations – runs campaign, friends of subject receive deaths threats, subject receives death threats an flees area.
2010- Walnut Creek Detectives threaten subject for no apparent reason would not reveal relationship to SFPD Lieutenant ‘s connection to subjects business being closed
2010 Approached SFPD – informed of activities near their officers
2010-Just prior to election approached and spoke directly to then SF Mayor Gavin Newsome - offered faked promises of assistance 
2010–Former SFPD Chief Alex dies suddenly in London (IRS Agent Girlfriend 1988 bombing victim)
2011–Returned to east bay
2011–Chris Butler and former Commander Weilsch arrested
2011–Subject discovers Private Investigator is same person who had inside information about
2011- met with Danville Attorney Robert Ewing to inform him that same persons involved in CNET/Dirty DUI scandal were same officers surrounding subjects numerous incidents –witnessed by patrol officers and staff. 
2011-July 4th Parade -
à spoke to Danville Councilman Arnerich – witnessed by DPD Lt.à Spoke to Mormon from local stake –
detailed to both persons about above history – one person didn’t take the time to visit with my sons even though they had doubled in size.
2011-07-07 Subject arrested for unknown Child Support Warrant – Subjects 1997 Infinity and laptop containing sensitive PGE Pipeline data – while in custody subjects Laptop was accessed, and suspect PGE Data was taken but data breach discovery.
2011-07-20 9:00 PM
An SUV Expedition directly behind subject who attempting to make left turn from Deer Hill Road to First Street.  Subject in lead car was blinded with high powered spot light then forced by SUV into oncoming traffic exiting WB24 to First Street – (this is a sharp reverse loop where cars travel at 40mph.
Subject takes traffic island between and roadway – car undercarriage is totaled.
2011-07-24 Detective from CCC DA office follows subject from McDonalds Walnut Creek – subject has plate numbers – sent to agency to verify ownership. 
2011-08-03 Subjects car barely drivable but stuck at Wheel Works Parkside Drive – estimated damage beyond value – car totaled
2011-08-08 – While sleeping in vehicle at Wheelworks SF Police officers appeared at 4 AM at 7/11– keys to vehicle stole
2011-09-08 –While napping in Civic Park Walnut Creek – A city worker encircles me tossing rocks in my face, I finally wake up.  Relocate and then head to library, then a detective, sergeant and captain approach me with allegations that this homeless man (me) had attacked a city worker on a riding mower.   Then with hand on gun he begins to query me.
2011 former neighbor and clients killed in Back to Back incidents
The cops behind some of those incidents are former Danville, San Ramon, and CCSO, and more are coming out soon.
While in Martinez Detention Facility former Danville Deputies remembered me and said are you the guy that wrote those letters.  I said yes you’re fucked and all going to prison.   They promptly placed homicide suspect in my cell. 
The judge in Butte County, DA and my attorney are truly worried about my safety as I am.  I have tails following me daily until mall security guards spotted them and called WCPD.   They are gone but more will arrive soon it’s been going on for 2-3 years. 
Based on what I’m saying which I’ve been saying in emails across the county I’m suspecting that possibly some of these fine, fine officers are perhaps tying take me down or worse.   I know they’ve got a problem now and I’ve got homeless men being run over in Walnut Creek – try four men and over 10 accidents between within 1000’s of Kaiser and Traders Joes.  
I am homeless, preparing for four surgeries resulting from a brutal near fatal fight that occurred in 2004 in my Danville residence located at 161 Valle Vista Danville CA.  The assailant was Gary Vinson Collins who was once a Danville Building Inspector. 
I don’t think anyone but a few people get what’s going on.  After the jail incident my brakes were sabotaged when I got out of MDF, then I hid in San Jose that didn’t work out too well as these many trolls and stalkers found me.  I know how they did it. 
I lost a valuable contract with PGE when the car was totaled and my laptop was compromised while I was jail for 40 hours.  I had to notify everyone and of course like all big companies they said adios. 
Hey it gets better – the lady that bailed me out of jail friend of ten years was murdered that night.  I knew Loretta Hale and Roma Bhatia who are divorcee but way back in 1988 Cynthia Kempf was murdered Pittsburg Officer Eric Bergen, he was my beat officer, she was friend and he’s sitting in San Quentin, Lombardi and Butler are sitting in Federal Prison.
My story stated with Danville Cops and local Mormons.   If you’re smart you’d keep them off your property.  I have no problem sharing what I’ve dug up as even the bouncer at Round Up was killed 20 minutes after I finished singing at Roundup, the same bar where I was attacked by friends of the powerful. 
If you have any spare linebackers available I’d be happy to pay them with the $40,000 that once part of my stolen coin collection.  I sent that snippet to the US Attorney on December 30th 2011 which is the exact amount that Lombardi pleaded to stealing from residents like me. 


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