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Did you know there are dead litigants, witnesses and attorneys near this story? Neither did I but when they murdered the Brother in-law of my attorney it was clear to me as they beat up my attorney in 2004, burned offices of another in 2001.



Gas Line Explosions

Murder Suicides

Corrupt Police Officers -

Public Corruption

The CNET story is far bigger than whats been revealed. They've been trying to keep the Genie in the Bottle after the March 2011 arrest of the Commander of the Contra Costa County Narcotics Taskforce and PI Buddy Chris Butler. When they appeared on the news I immediately knew I'd gone through ten years of setups, accidents and attempts to take my life.

Targeted By Agencies

There is some litigation under way but most of the lawsuits either fail to start or have ended because of the murders near CNET. These are cases someone is going to great lengths to prevent from reaching the courts. Part of my argument

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