Ticketing The Homeless Ensures Homelessness

How Much Is Enough?

The fines can last for 15 years if you're situation is like mine.  Once they send you to collections it sits on your credit report for seven years but my story much different as my story leads to numerous grand jury indictments involving police officers.  

For years I've been targeted by police officer connected to the CNET Players (see links) who operated in a highly coordinated operation known as a clandestine disruption campaign.  These operations completely destroyed my software consultancy, rigged my truck to explode and poisoned yet after nearly a decade I discover a Murder Suicide near that leads to Gas Line Explosions Walnut Creek CA which then discover leads to the same officers, judges and agencies over and over.  

My sons are on welfare, they live in an old formaldehyde trailer which is the perfect arson target, they've while Former Judge Joel Golub lives in Danville, drives a nice car and probably never gets a ticket so I've penned the reality - I'm broke, eating out of trash bins to ensure I don't starve, I've been banned from Trinity Center located in Walnut Creek CA which was over trite issues.  I was essentially told that they don't like me and they don't want me around. 

Their friends over at Hillside Covenant Church are connected to my total wreck and a domestic terrorism breach connected the PG&E San Bruno Fire where eight were killed.  

ANKA Services 

In 2008 I started with the homeless court process over 1120 Detroit Ave, the county is so generous with our money they provide an old cinder block building while they have grand affairs at Scotts Bar and Grill with Prime Rib.



Contra Costa Homeless Court 

There are probably over 25,000 residents caught between living, dying and paying fines which thanks to the clever civil assessment fee my fines is over $16,000.  My choices are pay it but few will hire me with numerous US Grand Jury Indictments near my story and most pass software gigs go down in flames over credit, background checks and your project pedigree.  My history was destroyed by persons calling my clients with threats and it got so bad in 2009 I was forced to take shield all my clients on my resume.

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Judge Golub's Court 

This was a dual system court operated in manner with arbitrary policies but my argument about Golub is was fully informed about incidents on my blog.  Reading his biography and background it appears he teach Judicial Procedure.

In addition to my full calendar, I also teach law to Judges at the California Judicial Education Studies Program, teach law to attorneys through the Contra Costa County Bar Association and have taught law students as a professor for more than 20 years.

Officers of the Court 

In the United States, the generic term officer of the court (not to be confused with court officers) is applied to all those who, in some degree in function of their professional or similar qualifications, have a legal part—and hence legal and deontological obligations—in the complex functioning of the judicial system as a whole, in order to forge justice out of the application of the law and the simultaneous pursuit of the legitimate interests of all parties and the general good of society.


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