Pete Bennett - The Homeless Constituent - Living in Every City, Town and County

Homeless Programmer 

In 2003 I had solid clients, projects and plenty of work but in 2010 right after the PG&E Gas Pipeline Explosion a PG&E Engineer and a San Francisco Police Officer (Ret) were in my offices.  within weeks I was running then driven from Walnut Creek ending homeless in San Francisco.
Three years later PG&E is being indicted and my laptop with filled with thousands of pages of PG&E Documents was breached but a PG&E Vendor hired me in Feb 2011 to work on the most sensitive litigation in the Country - the San Bruno Explosion that killed eight, destroyed a neighborhood and left a city screaming for help. Like me they've been screwed over.
The Police Win and You Lose 

  • Assets taken, some stolen, 
  • Near fatal hospitalizations
  • Superior court judge my truck was 
  • Targeted by arsonist
  • Nearly burned alive.  

That judge slammed with now what is $15,00 in fines but more important there are murders near his attorney friends connected to the CNET Scandal.

Investor Fraud Summit 

In October 2012 in Rossmoor CA (Walnut Creek Jurisdiction), US Attorneys along the west coast, SEC Officials and several lessor known entities.  The US Attorney from the District gave a speech titled:

It Could Happen to You: Stories of Recent Federal Prosecutions in California
In my case my challenges led to Police Officers now in Federal Prison who've been given tremendous overwhelming assistance from Attorneys within the system comprised of City and County Counsel, access to Medical Care, protected by shield laws known as POBOR plus the Risk Managers within the Joint Powers Association, the Municipal Pooling Authority all in essence are co-conspirators who have failed to detect the fraud cases and should have acted long ago with even the remotest suspicion of fraud.

Under the MPA Coverage Area there are Witness Murders, Arson Fires labeled Accidental, and major insurers losses ranging from the Oakland Fire, Caldecott Tunnel, Kinder Morgan Pipeline Explosion but in addition to those losses Benny Chetcuti Jr Enterprises and related investment scams plus Walter Ng. and Bar-K managed to go decades undetected but with nearly 2000 investors loosing a billion dollars you might want to ask the investigators at Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Danville and San Ramon why didn't they bring charges earlier.

The reason is they're involved as CNET, Chetcuti, Ng and others are all interconnected.

Elected Officials 

In my calls to elected officials I've been endlessly rebuked, blown off and given the run around.  With each incident I fall deeper in debt, deeper into despair and deeper into the California Gulag.  
While my elected officials called the Police, fined me and beat me up someone in parallel has been killing witnesses, suspects, persons related to Attorneys, Public and Elected Officials and 

Meet with me

When State Senator Mark DeSaulnier called the State Police back in August 2011 little did I realize how deep his union connections were but more important how those same unions have permeated every part of my life where this constituents civil rights are continually exploited.
For those outside of Contra Costa County a local CNET Police corruption story has impacted the lives of thousands.  When the arrests occurred in March 2011 a familiar set of faces appeared in the news.
The unexpected arrests and subsequent litigation, trials and ongoing revelations revealed that my connections to these persons began in the early 1980's which formulated one core conclusion - the depth of their activities started long before November 2010 as per Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson stated.  Mr. Peterson was fully informed of the attacks on me, my business and my family long before CNET was disbanded.

What's been learned since the arrest lead to common set of actors. Below are groups or incidents meeting the evidence test of the Hobbs Acts for which former Task Force Commander Wielsch was convicted of in 2012.  
  • Union members
  • CalPERS Members (Current and Retired)
  • Corrupt Police Officers 
  • Billions of Suspicious Losses
  • Overlapping Connections to Pipeline Explosions
  • Overlapping Connections to Fraud Cases - Billions


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