Unfortunate Victims of the Kinder Morgan Gas Line Explosion

Witness Murders

Throughout my blogs I've documented law enforcement failures but when Lafayette Police refused to investigate my July 2011 accident I knew someone was pulling the strings.

The Explosion Facts

  • Five Dead Welders 
  • One Key Witness 
  • One Mother, One Daughter 

The Case Summary 

What reeks about this explosion is the loose ends, the explosion details, the dead witnesses, the possible deaths of students who were on the field and the undeniable connection to the Contra Costa Bar Association that exerts lock step control over Bar Members.
On my blogs about explosions you were learn my well founded up close and connected to numerous explosions and arson incidents supports my position that the A Serial Domestic Terrorism Group is run from the East Bay and greater Bay Area. 

Kinder Morgan 2004

After several years of researching incidents connected to my personal story it was getting extremely clear that there were other victims.  Around 2008 after losing software gigs valued in the tens of thousands in revenues it was getting clear I was being targeted.  Turning to Law Enforcement was futile with nothing but dead ends.
  • Cal Fire Pipeline Safety Group
  • EBMUD – when they informed of my allegations
  • Walnut Creek Police Investigators
  • The Attorneys

Suspected Payoff

The Kinder Morgan investigation and litigation moved quickly through the District Attorney’s Offices where investigators, police officers and a plaintiff attorney, now a public official the huge mistake by making contact.  I have detailed

The Cover-up Exposed itself

The ongoing harassment by many Walnut Creek officers didn’t work on me but instead forced to fight harder, the tickets, fines and thefts of my servers, laptops coupled with the loss of five offices over a ten year period kept pointing back to police. 

The Conclusion –

In desperation I called the SEC Whistleblower unit on Kinder Morgan as someone was trying to kill one of their agents. 

That person is an unknown witness to the explosion and a few days after that I got a call – someone shot the tires of the agents cars.  They were brilliant they used  DU Round. 

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