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1. CLICK HERE to fill out an immigration casework request form. Please note that only one signature by the subject of the form (either the petitioner or the beneficiary) is permitted, and the form must be signed by hand. Federal agencies will not accept forms with electronic signatures.

2. Please also draft a letter to the Senator describing your request.

3. For USCIS requests, please provide a copy of your most recent I-797C Notice of Action. If you are asking for an expedite request, please go over USCIS’s criteria for expedite requests and provide supplemental documents to support your claims.

4. Submit your signed form, letter to the Senator, and other relevant documents to, by fax (415) 393-0710, or by mail to:


Dominique Anne Yancey #132459

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Dominique Anne Yancey #132459

License Status:  Inactive 

Address: 1302 Lexington Ln, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406-2700

Phone: Not Available  |  Fax: Not Available

Email: Not Available  |  Website: Not Available

License Status, Disciplinary and Administrative History

All changes of license status due to nondisciplinary administrative matters and disciplinary actions.

DateLicense Status Discipline Administrative Action 
12/11/1987Admitted to the State Bar of California

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The Hostile Takeover Consultant for Oracle vs. PeopleSoft shares his serial tragedies

The Hostile Takeover Consultant Speaks 

This story is about Oracle, PeopleSoft, Workday and now Cerner 


As darkness falls, the city seems different. By Richard Esposito

As darkness falls, the city seems different.

The current CEO and Chairman plus their billionaire owners should be charged with racketeering, obstruction of Justice

Someone Gets It

 September 12, 2001 Posted: 3:08 AM EDT (0708 GMT)

By Richard Esposito
Special to CNN

As darkness falls, the city seems different.

It is quiet. Streets are empty. Official cars covered with rubble dust are driving in silence.

The reports are of at least 78 police officers unaccounted for and perhaps 300 firefighters presumed dead. We may learn of other emergency workers who died racing into danger before the second plane struck the World Trade Center, desperately trying to save others, others who were already killed or about to die.

There are no official counts of how many are dead. But this can already be felt: the number will change a city and change a nation.

The mayor has said the numbers will be horrific. A former New York City police commissioner agrees the city will never be the same.

Now, the counting is being done by calculation. No exact numbers. Just facts that add up to a sum that is truly unthinkable.

The two main Trade Center towers that fell housed at least 50,000 workers. Beneath them is a subway concourse, where tens of thousands more arrived to work in lower Manhattan, exiting trains even as the planes arrived.

At this time, no one knows how many were killed by the impact of the planes, or the explosions or how many lay dying beneath the stories of rubble that cover the streets when the walls melted and collapsed.

Firefighter emergency beepers, the ones they wear to keep track of each other inside burning buildings, are slowly fading as batteries run out. Frantic cell phone calls have rescuers trying to dig out possible survivors.

But even if we had the numbers, we don't have the context to comprehend them. A bad year in Vietnam during the height of the war is one way to look at what happened yesterday in New York City.

The last time the Trade Center was hit, it was a car bomb. When that occurred, in 1993, most of the workers were evacuated. Then, the streets were cold, and there were snow flurries that people walked through when they crept out of the building. This time, there were people jumping from the building to try to get out.

By nightfall, correspondents on television were doing reports from in front of what would have been the Twin Towers as backdrop. Instead, there was an empty, dark night.

This will have an impact on people that will be known only in retrospect. Nothing recent compares. Not Waco nor Oklahoma City nor the beating of Rodney King.

I live in New York and the first thing I thought of was my daughter and whether she was safe. She was. Then, I thought about how this will affect her life. She is a little shy of seven. She may have an inkling that her world has changed. I did, when a little shy of seven I learned that John F. Kennedy was slain.

Last night, though, there was only shock, the kind of devastation that precedes mourning. After the attacks, midtown Manhattan seemed changed. The streets were crowded. But people moved slowly. You could hear voices, even from a taxi, of people talking to each other. It was very strange. No cell phones. Virtually no traffic.

Just an eerie twilight end to a terrible summer tragedy.


Owner Of East Bay Tax Preparation Company Charged With

Owner Of East Bay Tax Preparation Company Charged With Tax Fraud

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Northern District of California

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Owner Of East Bay Tax Preparation Company Charged With Tax Fraud

Defendant Allegedly Aided in the Submission of More Than 40 Fraudulent Tax Returns and Hosted “Tax School” at which She Taught Prospective Tax Preparers How to Compose Fraudulent Tax Returns

OAKLAND – A federal criminal complaint unsealed today charges Traci Austin with aiding and assisting in the preparation of fraudulent tax returns, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds and Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation, and IRS-Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Mark H. Pearson.    

The complaint describes Austin, 44, of Brentwood, Calif., as the owner of a tax return preparation business called Emeryville Tax Services (“ETS”).  According to the complaint, Austin prepared materially false and fraudulent tax returns for her clients by including false and/or inflated Schedule A expenses, false and/or inflated Schedule C income and expenses, and false dependents.  By doing this, Austin fraudulently reduced her clients’ taxable income and tax liability, thereby resulting in larger refunds for the client and higher return preparation fee income for Austin.  The investigation has revealed that Austin allegedly assisted in the preparation of at least 42 fraudulent tax returns and an estimated tax loss of well over $697,000 to the federal government.

In addition to the false and fraudulent tax return preparation scheme, the complaint also alleges that since 2016, Austin has hosted a “Tax School” through ETS and charged a fee of at least $200 for students to attend the tax school.  According to the complaint, the goal of the tax school was to hire the attendees as preparers for ETS and prepare tax returns for ETS clients as well as the attendees’ own clients.  During the tax school, Austin allegedly instructed prospective tax preparers how to fraudulently manipulate tax returns to generate the maximum tax refund, and thus the maximum tax preparation fee by listing fictitious side businesses under Schedule C and fake business expenses on Schedule A, for example, the complaint describes how Austin taught her students how she created a fictitious dog grooming business for a client, created a fictitious profit and loss statement for the fake business, and how she instructed the client to print out some photos of dogs to support the idea of her fictitious business.

Austin is charged with aiding and assisting in the preparation of false and fraudulent federal income tax returns, in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7206(2).  

The charges in the complaint are merely allegations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.   

If convicted, Austin faces a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $100,000 fine; however, any sentence following conviction would be imposed by the court after consideration of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and the federal statute governing the imposition of a sentence, 18 U.S.C. § 3553.

Austin made her initial federal court appearance this morning before United States Magistrate Judge Kandis A. Westmore.  Austin remains out of custody and her next scheduled appearance is at 10 a.m., on February 24, 2022, for a status conference before Magistrate Judge Westmore.        

Assistant U.S. Attorney Abraham Fine is prosecuting the case with the assistance of Kay Konopaske and Helen Yee.  The prosecution is the result of an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.

Updated December 2, 2021

Chase Manhattan Bank and David Rockefeller

Chase Manhattan Bank and David Rockefeller

David Leslie Milne was Pete Bennett's grandfather accountant to the stars, billionaires and powerful. His clients were the goldplated ones from the 1920s to his death in 1962. Upon his according to family was David Rockefeller managed the family funds.

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