The Walnut Creek Public Library Police Unnecessary Police Incidents over a USB Keyboard

There are abundant library computers that function well, they work consistently, the software operates with minimal glitches.  It can be a daunting task keeping any large campus network operational.  

This doesn't mean they are perfect it means they are doing a good job but this patron has endured endless stalking at the Walnut Creek Public Library but has a video of another stalker at Lafayette.  I believe this person is was undercover from a Federal Agency.  Most the stalking incidents occurred after the San Bruno Fire Project.  

On numerous occasions I've gone through completely staged incidents with Walnut Creek Officers, in my July 2011 my car is totaled in a hit and run but I can't get police support but they will come to me and try to arrest me.  

There will be a link posted here about a local murder connected to these events.  It involved a police officer being murder where the original suspect is a cop.  

Perhaps the library might consider the risks.  I once had laptops, servers, and system but all is lost to the CNET Scandal which today is the finger in the dike game. 

Whoever has targeted me is running out of fingers.  

The USB Beef Port

I want to use a USD Keyboard but instead they call the police.  I was singled out for plugging in a simple device where they police were called.  Please read what happened to my roommate and my brief friend.

The Baloney Suicide Watch Suicide 
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A Solid Link to the 2004 Explosion
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The Disability

In 1972 my right wrist broken suffered a pretty good break.  Over the years in the Trades the wrist became a nagging CTS issue.  I've been able to work around it with 
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