Defense Attorney Daniel Horowitz: 500 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526

About Chris Spence:

Pete Bennett met Chris at the Tri-Valley Broker tours sometime in 2003 when Bennett was producing loans at Diablo Funding formerly located on Diablo Road in the Town of Danville

Contra Costa Weird 

History: The background on this project leads to CNN Commentator Attorney Daniel Horowitz.
Legal Dispute:

500 LA GONDA ASSOCIATES LLC when this building was controlled by former Attorney William McCann (later disbarred).

In 2014 while visiting Panera Bread in Walnut Creek I was beaten by retired employees from the City of Walnut Creek, like always no police report.

500 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526


Plaza Escuela - Arrest claimant, kill cellmate, after killing his family, clients and witnesses


The trespassing arrest is about targeting the 

public speaker using the Brown Act Now 

it's about a murder of yet another inmate near Bennett 

Held in the jail holding area / minutes apart/

hours later he's dead!

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Meet Emery Strack

She was niece murdered along with her parents, sister and brother in Springville UT where my former employer is from who donates to Mitt Romney.

Emery is connected my forged and stolen files that resulted in a personal loss in the millions.

This is story leading to former District Attorney Mark Peterson and the Walnut Creek
Police plus the former CNET Scandal characters.

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Overton Security

I filed my claim and incident report long ago and your staff arrested me via citizen's arrest.


Murders near Plaza Escuela Walnut Creek CA


Contra Costa Flaws

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