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Deadly Liaisons

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Around the time a high speed driver nearly killed us in 2005, weeks my friend Alicia Driscoll murdered?  Read on as this started decades ago. 

Examples of incidents

  • #strackdeaths  Murdered Sept 2014
  • #driscolldeaths Murdered 2004
  • #BremerDeath Died in custody - former roomate
  • 2014 was a bad year
  • #pgeWitness -  Unpaid by PG&E Vendors, I have been beaten, set on fire, run off the road, nearly died of bacteria or poison,

Jan 2015
This Radio Show Host was arrested, jailed, tazered, maimed, harmed,hurt and scarred.
Radio Show Guest - had me on show - she was attacked next day. 
@jennhanin Feb 5th Show
She was targeted by same attorneys another Federal Case known as #cnetscandal .
1979-Back to Back Murders near house
1979-Adjacent Farm SOLD Farmer Vanished
1982 Black Part Time Emp.  Killed by PPD
1986-Cabinet Customer Diablo View Vet- brutally murdered
1986-Reign of Terror Starts

1988-Pittsburg Cop Murders Safeway Emp.  Forced to close Cabinet Shop over threats losses @2 million
2001-Arsonist Strikes Attorney $100,000 lost
2002-Mechanic Friend Dead In Delta
2002-Former Bank Co-worked killed #deadbankers
2003-US Programmer Suicide at B of A #deadbankers
2004 ABS Failed nearly flipped Explorer
2004-Differential Failure
2004-ABS Fails Explored total loss
2004-1988 F-250 explodes on 680 Nearly Burned Alive No Police Report From San Ramon Valley Fiere
2004-I was beaten by Danville CA inspector He's dead
2004-Targeted by police now in Federal Prison
2004-Met Alicia Driscoll - She's dead in 2005
2004-Gas Line Explosion Five Dead
2005 Gas Line Explosion Witness Dead
2006-Hit and Run
2007-Former BART officer John Kelly Suicide Vasco Road 
2008-Candidate for Office Eric Nunn Perishes with BART Officer
2009-Councilman Shimansky Menigitis
2010-PG&E Engineer Orders Fake Project
2010-PG&E San Bruno Explosion
2010-Transformer Database Conversion RFP - fake company
2011-Person connected to Former Chief Holder sends project loaded with entire NYPD Undercover Database filled Energy Companies like Yankee, FP&C, TVA part of Telco Project - spun in circles.
2011-Hired to work for PG&E via Georgia Company, Bennett has bench warrants, fines, suspended license no car and is homeless
Start Today, Here is the entire SharePoint Server
PG&E Vendor supplies car, money and access to biggest litigation Case in Country

Bennett arrested car taken to local church over #pgeDatabreach
Jul-2011 Car Totaled $5,000 Loss
PG&E Contract Cancelled PG&E Certified Vendors refuses to Pay
PG&E Attorneys refuse to pay -
Bennett pens


Officers in Walnut Creek attempt to kill Bennett
Bennett files papers for City Council

2011-Friends of Walnut Creek Police and Bomb Squad drive Bennett from apartment.

2014 Bennett mugged walnut Creek, broken nose, more than 50 blows to head leading to concussions, fractured rib,
2012 Bennett's Truck Towed by - Tow Yard Burns down with Bennett's property and truck - no one has record of tow

Benny Chetcuti Jr.  indicted by US Grand Jury partnered with

Chris Butler arrested in 2011 is Benny Chetcuti Jr's inlaw.

Bennett v. Southern, CEO Steve Burd, Roseville Train Bomb and Sterling Hall Bombing (murder)

Pete Bennett was contacted by Safeway Store Development via his full page ad in the 1982 Contra Costa Central Yellow Page.

By 1987 the amount of contract flow via all his customers reached into the millions.  He was considering expansion within months of his July 1987 expansion.  During litigation in the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific millions in contracts were lost.  Along the way several similar sounding companies popped up.

Learn how FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr and FBI.connects to the same centennial bombings under the command of Major General Dan Helix. 

One company leads to an address in San Ramon CA owned by a Mormon Attorney known to Bennett, his wife and sons but also worked with Steve Burd at Southern Pacific between 1973 to sometime around 1986.  That also means that former Mayor Dan Helix of Concord Ca would be knowledgeable of the contractual arrangement between Helix and SP.

In 1986 Helix was given a sweetheart land deal on the old iron horse trail between Treat Blvd and Solano Way up to Hwy 4.  In 2013, Adam Elliot the grandson of Mr. Helix of unknown causes. His son attended Clayton Valley High School where decedent Charles Silverman  died in a tragic accident, is the same school where Samantha Lewis attended before attending Chico State.  Ms. Lewis was tragically hit by a train but on October 31st, 2019 five persons perished in the Halloween Mansion Party where once again one victim and his family perished connect to Clayton Valley High School.

That case under investigation looks on the surface to be another Contra Costa Hate Crime incident. Time will tell what really happened but the lack of discussion on suspect bears ominous tones.

Steven Burd

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Steven Burd
Barack Obama meets with business leaders 5-12-09.jpg
Burd (middle) meets with President Barack Obama along with other business leaders on May 12, 2009.
Steven A. Burd

1949 (age 69–70)[citation needed]
ResidenceCalifornia, U.S.
Alma materCarroll University (B. S.)
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (M. A.)
OccupationPresident, Chairman & CEO at Safeway Inc (1992–2013), President & CEO at Burd Health LLC (2013-present)
Political partyRepublican[citation needed]
Board member ofKohl's
Steven A. Burd (born 1949) is an American businessman.[1] He served as Chairman, President and CEO of Safeway Inc. from October 26, 1992 to May 14, 2013.[1][2] He is a member of the Republican Party.[citation needed]

Early life[edit]

Burd has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Carroll University in 1971[3] and a master's degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in 1973.[4][5]


Burd was President of Safeway from October 26, 1992 until May 14, 2013, and CEO from April 30, 1993 until May 14, 2013.[2] He joined the Board of Directors on September 7, 1993 and served as Chairman of the Board between May 12, 1998 and May 14, 2013.[2] While CEO of Safeway in 2009, he earned a total compensation of $10,901,892, which included a base salary of $1,449,000, a cash bonus of $358,627, stock awards of $491,611 and options granted of $6,922,200. Steven Burd will receive another $7.5 million in stock as a result of the transaction that combines Safeway and Albertsons supermarket chain. [1]
Burd spearheaded the innovative "Healthy Measures" insurance plan offered to Safeway employees.[6] In this plan, employees get discounts on their health insurance if they show qualified performance in four "tests": tobacco usage, healthy weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.[6] Employees can get as much as an $800 annual premium reduction. He founded the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform in order to promote similar health policies nationally.[6]
In January 2010, the Washington Post reported that Burd's assertion in June 2009[6] that Safeway's per capita health-care costs between 2005 and 2009 were flat was in fact true, but had nothing to do with incentives for employees. Those incentives weren't implemented until 2009, and the company forecast that per capita expenses for its employees would rise by 8.5 percent for the 2009 year.[7]
As of 2013, Burd sits on the Board of Directors of Kohl's.[1][2] In September 2013, Burd also founded Burd Health LLC with the intent to help companies lower the costs of their own healthcare plans.

Theranos Scandal[edit]

Burd led the initiative to partner with Theranos and build wellness centers in Safeway stores. The deal made SafeWay the exclusive grocery store provider of Theranos technology and spawned a secret, internal project called “T-Rex” to create wellness centers in their stores. Safeway spent $350 million dollars renovating over 800 stores to support these centers. According to former employees, he managed the partnership directly with Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. 
In 2012, Burd told investors and that the grocery chain was “contemplating a significant…wellness play.” During the implementation of the project, Safeway had Theranos conduct blood testing at their headquarters clinic that compared Theranos test results with those of traditional blood testing methods. However, these results showed inconsistencies between the two methods. According to two former executives, Burd was told about the inconsistent results. Burd told them that he had been reassured by Elizabeth Holmes and continued to support the project. 
In April 2013, when asked by analysts about the wellness play he had alluded to in earlier calls, he said “It hasn’t happened yet.” Burd retired from Safeway the next month. No Theranos devices were ever successfully deployed in Safeway stores and in November 2015, Safeway and Theranos formally ended their relationship.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Burd is married to Chris and has two children. He is a born-again Christian[9] and lives in Alamo, California.[10]


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CHP Ford Explorer

The Explorer CHP Vehicles are the same ones where officer Youngstrom was driving when he was killed.  

This is a similar CHP unit serviced at Walnut Creek Ford.  Pete Bennett today has a long running set of vehicles incidents ranging from Arson, Failed Electrical, Blown Head Gaskets, Cracked Manifold, Sabotaged ABS Systems, and Arson engined crankcase filled with accelerant.

Far too many mechanical money draining non insurable incidents.

The Unarmed Constituent - Former CNN Guest being attacked again Pete Bennett - Library Patron (Age Unknown )

Another Day In the Walnut Creek Library

Another day where my life is in danger - another day in Walnut Creek
He's quite serious with no boundaries but with Pete Bennett has no ability to maintain decorum or space between another patron at the library.

Pete Bennett has endured broken ribs, broken nose, fingers, contusions and kidnapping of his sons all in one city.

Then they his relatives were murdered years after his friend and daughter were murdered.


When Lowes Comes to Town, Piedmont Lumber Burns Down

When Lowes Comes to Town, Piedmont Lumber Burns Down

Piedmont Lumber, San Bruno Fire, La Virage, FedEx, Limo's, Pipelines, Schools, New Construction, Tunnels and more.

Piedmont Lumber
Home Depot

When your main branch burns to the ground you've finally lost all your ground, you're out of cash, your revenues smashed, the press comes in to your blame you for not having cash.

Lowes Concord

Grand Opening Summer 2009

The opening the Concord Lowes timing rather coincidence to the urban changes in Contra Costa County where businesses are targeted and destroyed

Piedmont Lumber

Since 1934

When Lowes Comes To Town Piedmont Lumber Burns Down

Home Depot Concord

Grand Opening 1999

The opening the Concord Home Depot arrived in the 90s setting the ground work for acquiring new business but as the new economy tanked in the late 2000s there were too many lumber yards in Contra Costa County

About the Author

Resident of Contra Costa Since 1978

Pete Bennett arrived in Contra Costa in June 1978 where he began working for local contractors where he created work by hustling leaves, pushing paint, endless runs to the dump, moving dirt and grime while turning sweat into money.
Along the way he went for his dream of owning a woodworking shop but the shop grew rapidly after leasing a small 1000 SF shop in Concord in less than a year he purhchased an existing shop on Shary Circle.

He used to wear suits now he wears C-Collars
By 1987 his "woodworking shop" expanding to 9000sf with millions in future revenue on the horizon when tragedy struck in a personal injury case in the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific
He lost his suits when his dry cleaner committed suicide around the time he was appearing on CNN
His business eventually collapse in connection to rouge police officers connected to the City of Pittsburg where Bennett was forced out of business by external forces.
One key factor was the pattern of incidents and breakins which included Arson

Sheriff details investigation of Marshall murder-suicide

Sheriff details investigation of Marshall murder-suicide

By Sean Janssen, The Union Democrat March 29, 2013 02:44 pm

Philip Marshall acted alone in killing his two teenage children, a pet Shih Tzu and himself after a history of mental illness and a messy split with the children’s mother, according to a six-page report released Friday afternoon by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

The report details the investigation that took place after the bodies of all three family members were discovered Feb. 2 at the Marshall’s Forest Meadows home.

The Sheriff’s Office investigation concluded Marshall shot his son Alex, 17, and daughter Macaila, 14, as they slept on the living room couch before turning tahe 9mm Glock semiautomatic handgun he purchased in 2011 in Turlock on himself.

Toxicology test results showed both children had moderate levels of alcohol in their system at the time of their deaths, with Macaila registering a .05 blood-alcohol content and Alex a .03. In addition, Macaila had apparently taken diphenhydrameine, an over-the-counter antihistamine and sleep aid, commonly sold as Benadryl.

Philip Marshall’s toxicology screen showed painkillers hydrocodone and morphine in his blood as well as hydroxybupropion, an antidepressant.

Investigators looked at Marshall’s medical records and determined he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

A lengthy history of run-ins with wife Sean Plummer, the children’s mother, is documented dating back to 2008, when she began divorce proceedings, only to later withdraw the petition and reinstate it in October 2012.

On Nov. 11, 2008, Plummer’s sister, Erin Chamberlain, then a Murphys resident, told police Marshall threatened Plummer she “will not see December.” Eleven days later, Chamberlain said she felt threatened “for the safety of her children” as Marshall repeatedly drove past her home. Phone messages Marshall left at Chamberlain’s home in December included statements that "if you don’t call me, mom is going to have problems, we don’t want this,” “Sean, you are going to get what's coming to you" and "Macaila, this is daddy. We are going to have lunch. We need to talk right now. If not, something is going to happen.” On Dec. 7, the report states Marshall violated an emergency protection order.

On Jan. 27, 2013, the report stated Marshall purchased a distinctive type of Fiocchi 9mm ammo from Big 5 Sporting Goods in Sonora, confirmed by a review of surveillance video at the store. The ammunition company later donated some of the same ammunition for a ballistics test at Marshall’s home investigators used to conclude it was possible for the shots to be fired without neighbors hearing them.

"During the multiple tests the detectives found that it took an average of a total of two seconds to shoot each victim, demonstrating that it was possible to shoot both children prior to one of them waking up,” the report stated. The home had been unlocked with no signs of forced entry when investigators arrived and valuables remained in plain sight, according to the report. A safe was left open with a handwritten note on a medical marijuana recommendation card that read “Hi Sean!”

“There was no evidence to support a theory that anyone else could have committed this crime, or that any other persons were present at the time of the shootings. Macaila and Alex Marshall both appeared to be sleeping at the time they were shot, indicating no signs of a struggle with a possible intruder. There was no evidence of a struggle with Phillip Marshall, and no signs of forced entry into the home,” the report concluded. “Various items of value were still present inside the home, and no evidence of any additional weapons was found.

Lastly, there was no evidence that Phillip Marshall or his children were moved or repositioned after the shooting, which would indicate an altered crime scene. Based on the final findings of the investigators, evidence shows that Philip Marshall, and not an outside fourth person, shot and killed Macaila, Alex, the family dog, and then himself. To conclude, it is determined that this case was a double murder-suicide."

A detailed report on the investigation’s conclusions will appear in Monday’s edition of The Union Democrat.



The Buchanan Murders and the Central Supply Meeting

3 Companies Found at this Address

500 Cambridge Dr Benicia, CA 94510


OBIT:Ian Lota Scott Resident of Benicia Sept. 14, 1966 Sept. 13, 2011 Ian Scott, 44 of Benicia, CA

Quick Facts

Employed: Contra Costa Times 
Employed: Karaoke DJ 
Location: Dalimotti's Bar 

This bar was next to my last office at Oak Park Center 

Ian Lota Scott

Ian Lota Scott Resident of Benicia Sept. 14, 1966 Sept. 13, 2011 Ian Scott, 44 of Benicia, CA died on September 13, 2011 of natural causes in Las Vegas, NV. He was born on September 14, 1966 in San Francisco, CA to Michael and Izetta Scott of Benicia, CA. Ian is survived by his parents, his brother Dwayne and Dwayne's wife Lanie, his sister Michela Scott, his niece April Scott and nephew Jayson Scott. He was a wonderful, thoughtful and supportive son, brother and uncle to us all. His presence will be greatly missed. Ian has touched so many lives with his spirit and many talents. Ian in his middle school years was an altar boy at St. Dominic's Church in Benicia. While attending Benicia High School, Ian was a member of the marching and jazz band as a drum player. He was also a cadet in his teenage years. Ian graduated from Benicia High School and went on to extend his education at CSU Sacramento. Ian graduated from CSU East Bay with a B.A. degree in Sociology. He worked at the Contra Costa Times and ran a side business as a DJ doing karaoke. He spent most of his Friday nights working at Dallimonti's in Pleasant Hill providing entertainment through his singing. Ian enjoyed the company of his friends and family, he believed in living life to the fullest. He loved to sing and play pool but was most happy when he was able to make people smile. He is described by his friends and family as warm, kind and gentle soul with a soothing voice. He was always encouraging, generous, fun-loving with compassion for everyone no matter how brief their encounter in his life might have been. He will continue to be the angel in heaven as he was to so many here on earth. We are all blessed Ian was a part of our lives and will be missed dearly by all. Family and friends are invited to the Visitation on Thursday, Sept. 22 from 12 - 7 p.m., with a Vigil Service at 7 p.m., at Passalacqua Funeral Chapel, 901 West 2nd St., Benicia. Mass of Christian Burial willl be held at 12 Noon on Friday, Sept. 23 at Saint Dominic's Church, 475 East I Street, Benicia, CA 94510. Burial will follow in St. Dominic's Cemetery, Benicia. Following the services, a reception will be held at the Scott's Residence. Passalacqua Funeral Chapel 707-745-3130
Published in Contra Costa Times from Sept. 22 to Sept. 23, 2011 - See more at:


Peter Branagh


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