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Hillside Covenant Church - Magnolia Drive Walnut Creek

Hillside Covenant Church

Meeting Hillside members and receiving their free lunch was supposed to be a good thing but for me it wasn't as unknown to me was Kieth Lynds who was their Youth Director arranged with others to have me killed en-route from Walnut Creek to Lafayette where the plan was he was going to meet for Karaoke.  My car was totaled at First/Deer Hill Road and Lynds never showed.  

Within six months my car was totaled, I was in jail and my sons were gone.  The accident was July 20th, 2011, I was being followed through Walnut Creek by a Contra Costa District Attorney Investigator where I was able get his plates which were passed to the FBI. 

I was forced to sell my car for scrap, the tow company dropped me off at the Walnut Creek Library where I fell asleep in Civic Park awoken by a grounds keeper riding a mower.  Within minutes I was stopped by police with allegations that I'd attacked a city worker riding a mower.  
That was Captain Tim Schultz, Sgt. Mike Chan and I believe the guy following me through Walnut Creek, he's a DA inspector or Walnut Creek Detective.  Either way this group was trying to kill me but worse is the Chief and City Managers offices have clear views of events including me chasing Sgt. Chan with my laptop camera on  



The Business Losses of Pete Bennett since 1979 Homicides linked to DA Liars

Thanks for visiting - this is placeholder that will be sent to DHS Voice.

Bennett/City Attorney Mark Coon Meeting


Friends with Margaret Lesher
Son Found Dead Oct 2015 in New Orleans
Friends with everyone, known to politicians throughout Contra Costa County

Top Row: Contra Costa Board of Supervisors
Seated: Pete Bennett and Ralph H.
Top Right: The Strack Family
Bottom Right: John T. Nejedly


FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. - The FBI Bomb School Bombed Judi Bari


Frank Doyle Jr. and the FBI Bomb School 

In 1988, IRS Agent Shannon Hodges car explodes in Walnut Creek near Citrus Circle are, not far from Safeway Offices on Oak Road / Ygnacio Valley Road.

In March 1988, the FBI arrived at 546 Bliss Ave, Pittsburg CA, his name FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr., his message was to sell my my million dollar operation before I was killed.  

Little did I realize his connections to the bombing case with Judi Bari, that leads to the attempt on the life of an IRS Agent, and the murder of Police Officer Lester Garnier and Safeway Manager Cynthia Kempf. 

Perfectly Framed

On my other posts about FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr. my goal has been to introduce his name to the CNET Scandal, Bomb Squads and show is direct connection to
Southern Pacific, my cabinet shop and moving lumber from the North Coast to the Bay Area.

The biggest clue came from the old Interstate Commerce Commission where they forced SP to keep open several rail lines from Eureka to the Bay Area but with Bennett v. Southern
Pacific my story introduces a murder case in Concord CA.

Watch the movie but I will be posting a modified version with my story merged into this story but I am adding in the 1988 bombing of an IRS Agent and introduce on why Chief Alex
Fagan was murdered to cover-up his knowledge of events.  It was his girlfriend car that exploded in Walnut Creek just happened to work with parties very
close my family.



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