The Pete Bennett Research Files

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I need everyting, food, laptop, car, place to live, access to capital, and attorneys packing hardware so we can make it to the courtroom.

There are many moving parts, highly fluid and intewoven incidents spanning decades. Surreal connections to multiple police corruption cases involving extortion, wire fraud, honest services fraud, Hobbs Act, Abuse of Authority of Color of Law and official

When public corruption runs for decades it becomes a serial racketeering enterprise wich under certain sections of the Racketeering code extends statue of limitations up to 15 years.

I share no fuzzy feelings for the disingeious Contra Costa Bar Association, numers Judges, double dealing Attorneys coupled to Public Officials spiking incomes, returning for retirement wages as consultants. The schemes unfolding in
probate, banking and real estate comes from retirees unable to use their savings as planned.

When the FBI arrested police officers in 2011 there were arrested by SA Ken Karch who arrived at my house in connection to what should be considered an Cyber Terrorism Event corrupt member of

The Local Files (1978 to 2018)

In 1979, chemical shed exploded very near Santa Monica Drive in Pleasant Hill CA, then a car was burning on the farm, the next morning detectives arrived . In 1979, chemical shed exploded very near Santa Monica Drive in Pleasant
Hill CA

The FBI Investigations

The first round was in mid-80s crime wave of drugs, murders and arson that hit Pittsburg CA hard, my cabinet shop was in the middle, in 1982 police officers killed my employee, then someone killed my customer in Dublin CA,
then my friend that worked at the now former Safeway on Railroad Ave.

The Global Investigation

Learn when parts of the investigation started

The 9/11 Files

Learn when parts of the investigation started

Contra Costa Flaws

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