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California dad shares meningitis B warning after infection kills teen daughter 'within 36 hours'

Connecting Success Factors to Bennett
The Dubious Phone Call and Time Wasting Project

The folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating from companies connected to Richard Blum, William McGlashan, CBRE, Regency Centers, Trammel Crow, Lennar, Catellus.

Sara Stelzer’s life was just beginning when it was tragically cut short.

At 18, Sara — a smart, loving and thoughtful girl — was a freshman at San Diego State University when, one Saturday in October of 2014, she called her parents to complain of a bad headache. Her headache soon was paired with exhaustion and nausea, leading the teen to sleep through some of her classes after the weekend was over.

“We thought it was the flu — we told her to rest and go to the student health center. She was more concerned with missing classes than how bad she felt,” Sara’s father, Greg Stelzer, 63, told Fox News.

But Sara then developed a blotchy, purple rash — what her parents would later learn was a sign of meningitis B.


“For us, this has been like therapy — it’s Sara’s legacy. It keeps her memory alive," said Greg. (Greg Stelzer)

Sara was in the emergency room by Tuesday morning, a friend of Sara’s informed Greg and his wife Laurie via text message. By the time they drove to the hospital from the Los Angeles area later that afternoon, Sara was in an induced coma.

Though Sara’s doctors, after determining she contracted bacterial meningitis, started the teen on antibiotics, it was too late: the virus had spread to her brain and spinal cord. By the time her parents reached her, she was brain dead.

“In our minds, that was when she passed away,” said Greg.

In less than two days, their daughter was gone.


“We had no idea that these flu-like symptoms could develop and kill her within 36 hours,” Laurie, 51, told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Meningococcal disease is primarily caused by five types of meningococcal bacteria — A, C, W, Y and B. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendschildren between ages 11 and 12 receive a meningococcal conjugate vaccine and receive a booster at 16 to prevent against serogroups A, C, W and Y. In addition, those age 16 to 23 can also receive a serogroup B meningococcal vaccine, the agency added.

Sara received the meningococcal conjugate vaccine her father said, but not the serogroup B meningococcal vaccine.

One of the main meningococcal serogroup B vaccines — Trumenba — was first licensed in the U.S. in 2014, before another — Bexsero — became available in 2015, per the Immunization Action Coalition.

The Surreal Deaths of Public Officials

The Surreal Deaths of Public Officials

The casualties changed from coincidence to reality just after the September 2010 San Bruno Explosion

Three Connected Persons Dead From Spinal Meningitis


Blood Money - Bennett v. Southern Pacific Mission Bay Rising / Catellus' chief keeps the faith in the building biotech park

Civil Rights Violations

The CNET indictments are the tip of the iceberg.  There are many incidents some long forgotten incidents that suggest an ongoing racial targeting campaign was in full force until the CNET arrests.  Even though this Golden Hand of Contra Costa County was quelled it doesn't mean there aren't cases waiting to be resurrected not by the District Attorney but by the US Attorney.
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Lynch Em' and Lie Business Model

There are far too many hangings in Contra Costa County that simply stand out when analyzing these events from a Peer Group Study.  The closest statistical match is East of the Mississippi where there is a special DOJ prosecution group for long forgotten hate crimes.
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Attacking Officers of the Court 

When the Danville Town Council looked the other way when Danville Building Inspector Gary Collins attacked this former resident in 2004 they allowed the CNET operation to move forward.  When this resident filed
Targeting Classes Forming

Ryan Fuchs Boy, 15, arrested in slaying of Danville teen

Alamo CA, when my sons were young we'd walk over at Oak Hill park where we'd constantly bump into Karen and her children.  The ids were close in age and just ran amok as mutual visitors.

Karen shared the loss of her child.  This article helped clarify the incident.  We also took our kids to Dr. Andrew Nash.  Her daughter died of a bacterial infection, I almost died from several bacterial infections and the Fuchs marriage was coming undone was mine but I was also in the ER many times with heart attack symptoms but more important we know the same Alamo Mormons who wanted them but they already had mine and they've snatched my sons from me but my coworker Phil Davidson nearly died of Spinal Meningitis and we worked for Chris Ivory of Ivory Consulting in Walnut Creek.


PG&E Programmer, PGE Engineer and Lt. David Oberhoffer

Updated and reformatted content pending

Date Reviewed: 05/22/2018
Date Posted: 01/12/15
Revision Date: 06/01/2018


The Dead Banker-Company-Programmer List

The Dead Bankers (prelim)

2002 Andrea Huseby Enroute To Olympic Games - rear ended by Truck
2003 Kevin Flanagan - Bank of America, Non-Witnessed suicide Concord 
2005 Pete Bennett - survived poison, arson and beating 
2008 Phil - developer of custom finance software - Spinal Meningitis 
2012 Peter Branagh - Fatal Crash Sevier County UT - NTSB report pending 
2013 Gary Bell Spinal Meningitis - CEO Credit Union
2013 Brandon Marshall US Programmers Class Action Litigant 
2014 Pete Bennett - four time champion mugging victims - blood sweat and tears no police report 
2012 Chris Lacey US Programmer Seeking Job in San Jose 
2012 Officer Youngstrom - killed by Lacey - knew Bennett's story. 


The Mormon Home Teacher Took My Original Trust Documents

The Trailer Accident 

In 2004 my trailer flipped on Stone Valley Road Alamo CA but on that trailer was my entire business, legal files, claims against Danville, Contra Costa County and Gary Vinson Collins. 

The Milne Trust leads in part to Springville, UT and Salt Lake City to the great Mormon Pumpernickel Quire but also leads to the Danville Mormon Stake located on Old Torcherer Road were Ernie Scherer Jr., his wife Ardoth, Patricia Noel and Brian Schwalen once attended General Conference where the equivalent of the Pope doles out the Kool-Aid. 

What is close to this person is another group of separate Spinal Meningitis cases.  The dot's are closing in and it leads to Accenture, GE and PIMCO where when I post what I know you'll begin to wonder what the F___ is going on.  

Related Stores 

The Untimely Deaths of Public Officials


OBIT: Bill Pollacek - Contra Costa Tax Collector - Elected Official Spinal Meningitis

William "Bill" Pollacek

Bill Pollacek passed away peacefully on Friday, May 3, 2013, after a short illness. Bill was born in New York City on July 21, 1943. His father being a naval aviator, Bill was raised in Florida, San Diego and Japan. Finally settling in Campbell, Calif., Bill graduated from Campbell High in 1960.

Bill served two years in the U.S. Army. He attended San Jose State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1966 and earned his MBA from California State University, Fullerton in 1978.

Bill spent 30 years in the banking industry rising to executive credit administrator at Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America. He served on the Martinez City Council from 1984 to 1988.

In 1996, Bill was elected city treasurer of Martinez, where he served until his election as Contra Costa County treasurer-tax collector in 1998. He served three terms until his retirement in 2011. Upon his retirement, he moved to Napa to be, as Bill would say, “closer to the grape.”

A tournament bridge player, Bill was a member of the American Contract Bridge League and is ranked a Silver Life Master. Bill had served on numerous boards of directors, including Kennedy-King Memorial College Scholarship Fund, Center for Human Development, Lincoln Child Center, and Music in the Vineyards and had just recently been appointed to the board of the Napa Valley Opera House.

Bill is survived by his wife, Nancy; his brother, Jim Pollacek; and sister, Jeanne Pollacek.

Services in Bill’s honor will take place in the Tulocay Chapel in Napa on Thursday, May 16, at 1 p.m. Interment will be private.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Napa Valley Opera House and Music in the Vineyards, Napa. Memories and words of sympathy may be shared with the family online at



OBIT: Richmond Councilman Gary Bell Spinal Meningitis

Coming Soon

Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Donec sed odio dui.
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Doc's Pharmacy - Fatal Meningitis Outbreak - Accident or Deliberate


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If you get the feeling that I'm angry, I am," Horwitz said in a recent interview. "Do I feel like a scapegoat? Absolutely. The state (pharmacy) board did not make an attempt to dig deep enough to find where the problem really was."

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SOS - A Chronological Listing of Events (Partial)


On March 20th my former roommate David Bremer was arrested in Walnut Creek at 12 P.M. but by 6 AM he was dead. While on a highly supervised in a suicide cell he was managed to get the shit beaten out of him and our trusted supervisors have done nothing to protect us from these officers and jailers.

David Bremer 2014
  • Ruptured Spleen.Subdural Hematoma, Severely beaten and Bruised Torso 
  • Occurred between WCPD arrest and custody with CCSO jailers.  
Joseph Behiel 2012 
  • Father local attorney
    Died in the holding area, 
  • 2012 WCPD shot and killed Anthony Banta Jr., 
  • 2012 Brother in-law of my attorney Dax Craven
    killed on WB-24 (Murder by Accident),
    Likely son of ex-wife son adopted away 70s.  The cover story fell apart.
It's Real 
1988 Safeway Manager Murdered
1988 IRS Agent car bombed
1988 Police Officer Murdered
2000 Former Customer Connected Civil Case Murdered
2001 Attorney Don Moats offices torched by arsonist
2002 Friend murdered near Delta
2004 Divorce begins served by Butler Decoy
2004 ABS Sabotage - near fatal rollover
2004 My truck explodes from arson on 680
2004 Beaten by Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins (Now Deceased)
2004 Filed TRO on Collins
2004 Filed internal affairs on DPD officers over missing police report
2006 Bennett v. Collins, defendant vanishes, DPD protected Collins

2004-Nov: Gas Line Explosion Walnut Creek
2004-Dec: Meet Alicia Driscoll at Danville residence
2004-Dec: Danville Neighbor Char Cordon severely injured in Lilac Drive School Bus accident
11/2004 ~  Kinder Morgan Walnut Creek Gas Pipeline Explosion Killing Five
10/30/2011 Bennett attacked by Steelworker at Farmers Market, WCPD refuse to make arrest
11/01/2011 Critical meeting with Chief Bryden and City Manager Nordoff over then unfolding CNET
11/11/2011 Former Danville Mom and pending Divorce Case, Green Valley Elementary and Cub Scouts, known to Judge Golub, Danville Officer Tanabe commits dubious suicide
11/12/2011: San Ramon Divorcee Roma Bhatia found dead on 680 (suspicious murder)

Dec-2011 Suspect Collins falls down elevator shaft succombs to injuries.
2005 My sons and I were nearly killed in high speed swoop and squat
2005 Alicia Driscoll and Jineva Driscoll killed in Murder Suicide
2005 Ellen Sabudaquaria - KINDER MORGAN FIRE WITNESS dies without testifying
2005 Bennett medical issues escalating -
2005 Bennett near fatal event CCCMRC
2005 Bennett Attorney Sage Sepahi beaten in Basketball game attended by local police officers connected to CNET
2007 Supervisor Glover near fatal event
2007 Former DOE/BART Officer (ret) / Real Estate Agent John Kelly commits suicide
2008 CCC BOS Candidate Eric Nunn perishes in Fatal Crash LVNV
2008 BART Officer Craig Wilson killed with Nunn was friends with Kelly Family
2009 Divorce Attorney Client murdered by spouse LVNV
2008 Catalina Torres killed in MTZ Shooting where MTZ Officer Starzyck killed
2008 Former Bennett co-worker contracts meningitis narrowly survives
► CCC Residents dying in San Diego - Same Month
2009 Eustacio Torres murdered by spouse with gun.
2009 Councilman Shimanasky - Spinal Meningitis
2010 PG&E Gas Pipeline Explosion San Bruno 8 dead / 2 billion in damages
2010 Elizabeth Torres dies in San Bruno Explosion

► Three Torres killed over three years

2012 Former Sheriff and Mayor Sue Rainey Solo Suicide Shotgun
2012 Peter and Mona Branagh
2012 Brett Olsen drowns in Glenn County Chico Creek with near .35 BA - improbable
2012 Charles Silverman friends with Ashley Brennan (Torres family) killed Accident
2012 Nate Greenan - WB-24 (Brother in Law of Bennett Attorney)
2013 Councilman Elect Gary Bell dies from Meningitis

2013 CCC Tax Collector Bill Pollacek dies from Meningitis
2013 Don Perata's daughter in-law drowns
2013 Dino Ghilloti killed same day as Perata
2013 Adam Elliot Grandson of Councilman Dan Helix dies from unexplained causes
2013 Fish and Game PIO Michael Taugher drowns Maui HI
2013 Former Napa County Under-sheriff drowns Maui HI
2014 Kellie Reed Local Bartender killed in improbable 4.00 BA accident
2014 David Bremer dies in Suicide Cell on suicide watch (sure)

Notable Links

City of Walnut Creek Events
2014 City Hall Police Ejection 
Silverman, Butler Decoys, and Rainey Deaths
Tombstone Index - It keeps going and going on and on
PG&E San Bruno Fire

Secretary of State
Election Division
1500 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Secretary Bowen,

On August 7th 2014 I completed forms with the Walnut Creek City Clerk Suzie Martinez for City Council.  Everything was done properly.

On Monday I returned to get for nomination signatures and was told I could only submit 30 signatures.  The answer was in-congruent with prior information as I'd planned to collect 100 to be safe.

I believe part of this was a honest mistake that could have been overcome but when attempting to clear up other matters with Planning and Police Department eventually was escorted from the building and told not able to return for the rest of the day.

Members of the City Council, Staff and WCPD have attempted arrest, threats of arrests, false allegations of assault and have been this resident from accessing city records, called police when attempting to speak at public hearings, falsely informed officers that meeting was closed, attempted to arrest Bennett for disturbing meeting that had not started.

The CHP Threat Assessment has been investigating incidents since July 2011 accident that was attempted murder, are well aware of incidents in Walnut Creek, mugging of clients, roommates and long list of deaths since first meeting in 2011.  State Senator Mark DeSaulnier sent TAU to Bennett after Bennett faced off with officers with guns with clear threat of Bennett's safety.

On Monday a WCPD officer admitted to knowing about my 2004 arson case and that it was arson all along.  They've been co-conspirators all along or failed in their duties and WC city council failed to protect this resident

Phone is off email only until resolved
Read the very intense chronology
I believe the 1989 Tamara Moats was my attorney's wife -

I am withdrawing from race for my personal safety from WCPD and Council


Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination - Winning the Easy Way

Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination

By Pete Bennett  

Walnut Creek CA -- A clear reality of my situation is how cases are handled around Contra Costa County. My 2004 arson was witnessed by Danville Police Officer and the Mechanic at Gregg's Muffler in Lafayette CA. 
It's been ten years since the 680 arson yet in 2014 while walking between Walnut Creek Police Department and my campsite I'm dodging SL 550 Mercedes while several Walnut Creek Police Officers are positioned to watch me get creamed where Mt. Diablo Blvd meets Broadway.  The timing is relevant as on June 26th 2014 numerous claims were filed against with the City Of Walnut Creek but within a week a car tried to run me over again. 
Nearly all Contra Costa County Cities use the same risk management services provided by the Municipal Pooling Authority (MPA) under CSAC using the Joint Powers Authority (JPA).  

I've filed many claims on my own because the Contra Costa Bar Association controls the intake referrals and I was summarily told I can't get a referral through them.
Many thanks while the Walnut Creek City Attorney lofts around town persons unknown have been trying to kill me and they tried to killing my sons in 2005. 
Please take your time.

Witness Intimidation
It's happened to me in Pittsburg, Walnut Creek and Danville where I've attempted to litigate.  I sued Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins in 2006 but my Attorney Sage Sehapi has the shit kicked out of him a during a Walnut Creek Basketball game on Oak Road.  
To Protect and Serve - Please read Color of Law Abuses as per FBI.GOV
The WCPD true to form refused to arrest the suspect sending Mr. Sehapi in circles who being an attorney wanted to sue.   The officers probably obstructed justice by hiding this case from the District Attorney just like Danville Police did with the Bennett/Collins assault but now ten years later we've got murders, arson coupled with the fact that the PG&E Indictment now contains obstruction of justice charges.   
Witness Termination

After the Lafayette Police refused to investigate this blogger's July 20th 2011 Hit & Run/Attempted Murder I turned to State Senator Mark Desaulnier who called the Legislative Security Services Threat Assessment Unit (TAU) who interviewed me in Aug 2011 but sadly since then many have died with no end in site.  
I told this unit that I suspect Councilman MIke Shimansky, Spinal Meningitis death was not natural.  This information was passed on in Sept 2011 but since then Councilman Bell and Tax Collector Pollacek each succumbed to meningitis but consider the argument of violations of the Geneva Convention.  
On Nov 9th 2004 a Kinder Morgan Gas Pipeline Explodes but few noticed that several persons near this pipeline disaster died.  
The Who Gives A Shit County 
For several decades I've been a lock step battle with the rich and powerful.  I didn't realize how much was being put into trying to take me out until the car zoomed by me on September 28th 2013 but the response from the Walnut Creek Police was pathetic.
I've made numerous attempts to get an investigation started over at least five Hit and Run Incidents since 2004 and the Unionized Agencies have a clear and powerful agenda.
The persons who witnessed my near miss were also recorded by Safeway Cameras where they used their personalized Safeway Stalking Card managed in the Philippines where your personal data is splayed out around the globe.


Danville Mormon Stake - A Tall Tale about Two Mormon Sons - One Murdered - One is a Murderer?

A Tall Tale Two Mormon Sons One in Heeevan , One Living in Hell, One has the Missing Sword
I Know Both Families 

Vertical Pills

Use the .nav-stacked class to vertically stack pills:
Alamo CA:  Nestled in the East Bay about 30 miles from San Francisco CA is Alamo CA basking in the Shadow of Mt. Diablo, just beyond the East Bay Hills.  A pristine enclave of beautiful sunrises, striking sunsets interwoven with the boiling fog banks arriving in summer.  These can produce those once in a lifetime pictures rivaling the Sierra's, Smokey's, Rockies or Cascade Range.  The right day with the right sunlight.  

Having lived at the base of Mt. Diablo for many years I know the hills very well from hiking in Briones, Sugarloaf, Briones or Las Trampas.  

Mormon Country ~ The Western Edge of the Mormon universe, a Western Bible Belt and sun tanned golfers and staunch members Contra Costa Republican Party who dominate Danville, San Ramon and Walnut Creek CA attend church while ignoring lynchings, arson and murders.  These same groups have control of the Contra Costa Bar Association with airtight connections to the .  

One notable case was The Pamela Vitale in Lafayette CA murder which occurred just in time to disrupt the Susan Polk Murder Trial that my personal opinion was winnable and that opinion sealed when no one returned my inquiries about the The Eiko Sugihara Murder in 2009 where the Arson/Murder Tip Line was set up to deliberately derail the investigation.  It's interested in tips, leads or information that might shed light on the Sugihara case.  

This story leads to Las Vegas, NV, Pleasanton CA, and Ornida CA to a story that I believe is distorted by several clever Mormons from Danville.  They in turn will linked to the death of Nate Greenan who was the brother in-law of Attorney Dax Craven.  

A well hidden story from me for over 20 years. 

I can only guess who is the fathered a son given up for adoption.

  • I believe that Nate might be that son.  
  • The Alamo 1st Ward is blocking my efforts
  • There is one missing person, 
  • Who set my truck on fire   
  • Who is behind the expert bacterial cases

Threading The Cases


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