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The murderous Mormons that likely killed Kobe

Pete Bennett met Kobe, Pete Bennett sued Philip Anschutz 1/3 owner of the Lakers, Pete's relatives murdered, his portion of multimillion trust forged, his truck explodes and his role in 9/11 unknown outside law enforcement substantial credible and damaging to many in power

The Mormon Monster of Alamo 1st Ward, killer of witnesses, senior cult leader tricking Bill Gates, Philip Anschutz,  Calera Capital and kidnapping conspirators 


Mitt Romney’s business career seems to dovetail neatly with his Mormon faith

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The Mormon church’s personal economic precepts sound like a mantra for fiscal conservatives: Pay an honest tithing, live on less than you earn, distinguish between needs and wants, develop and live within a budget, and be honest in all financial affairs.
But as debate rages about the ethics of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s leadership of Bain Capital — a private equity and venture capital firm that sometimes made riches by shutting down companies and laying off workers — it seems his business career might have dovetailed neatly with his Mormon faith.
“There’s nothing in Mitt Romney’s record that suggests that his financial or business decision-making have been motivated by anything other than bottom-line considerations. To be fair: As a capital manager, that’s his job,” said Joanna Brooks, a San Diego State literature professor who publishes the “Ask Mormon Girl” blog.
Modern Mormon communities “have come to view financial success as an inherent good without necessarily having the same conversations about how money is made, as may take place in other faith traditions,” Brooks said.
It’s a more profit-oriented, value-neutral approach to financial decisions, she said: Money is consecrated in the act of tithing and other donations to the church, and “how that money is made is less of a religious preoccupation,” she said. That’s been particularly true as the Mormon church grew dramatically in the past 50 years, which required considerable money.
Romney’s 2011 tax returns showed he and his wife, Ann, gave the church $2.6 million — more than 12 percent of the $21 million they earned — while also giving $1.4 million in cash and stock to their family foundation, which heavily supports the church. In 2010, they gave $1.5 million to the church — about 7 percent of their earnings — plus $900,000 to their family foundation.
Patrick Mason, chairman of Mormon studies at Claremont Graduate University in Southern California, agreed that “Romney is almost prototypical of the majority of modern American Mormons.” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — which in its early years embraced communal economics and criticized cutthroat business practices — “embraced pro-market American capitalism” in the late 19th century as part of its attempt to assimilate into society, he said.
The Mormon ethics of self-reliance, accountability and hard work lent themselves well to that economic ethos, he said. “It’s a mistake to say wealth equals God’s favor, but it’s not a surprise when God does bless you with wealth when you’re living right.”
Yet while there’s a clear expectation that faithful Mormons must contribute some of their assets to building God’s kingdom through their church, “Mormonism has never developed a real social ethic as opposed to Catholic social teaching or the social gospel that’s in Protestantism,” Mason said. Mormons aren’t unconcerned with social welfare, and acts of individual charity are important, he said, but “it largely is secondary; it doesn’t define what the gospel is or how people go about their lives.
“I do think there’s a strong element of libertarianism … within Mormon thought along these lines. It’s very much a laissez-faire approach,” he said. “It gives Mormons and potentially Romney an added layer of confidence, of assurance that this is not just good economics but it’s good religion, too.”
Rick Kopf of Alamo, who directs the Latter-day Saints’ Bay Area Public Affairs Council, said charity for the less fortunate in the community and humanitarian projects abroad are a huge part of Mormon practice.
Mormonism teaches that “materialism can be a huge burden to a person. … It’s how they use it that’s very important,” he said. “We encourage hard work, we encourage people to be successful but to do it for the right means. We’re not out there trying to be rich for the sake of being rich.”
Personally, Kopf said, “I would hope that any political candidate who’s a member of the church would live by the values of the church would be true and honest and virtuous and family-oriented.”
Evan Chase, a staffer at the California Election Forum website, which offers election recommendations for Christian voters, said he would like to hear Romney say more about how his Mormon faith informs his fiscal and economic policies.
“I haven’t heard him communicate that very much,” he said. “That affirms my interest in voting for Mitt Romney. In the evangelical community, those are strengths; those are American strengths.”
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The Medical Drama of Pete Bennett from poison, kidney faliure, brutal beatings and murdered doctors

Former Programmer for AT&T (SBCglobal) deployed the NIMDA Virus a week after attack on the World Trade Center.  

It was the dawn of Cyber Terrorism as we know it today.  

My story is about witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions linked back to the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost in 1989.  It was a winnable case as long the witnesses testified.  

Connecting TPG Growth, a College Bribery Case to Survey Monkey, to Wilson Meany operators of Bay Meadows Station,

Connecting TPG Growth, a College Bribery Case to Survey Monkey, to Wilson Meany operators of Bay Meadows Station, to Broadway Pointe Walnut Creek to the towing of Bennett's Truck, his eviction, and the murders of his relatives.  The one-sided experience of the...

Connecting Pete Bennett to Tom Ko former Fresenius Project Manager sudden death over ten years ago. He played soccer with Pete Bennett resident of Walnut Creek who was 500 feet from a shooting on Sunday March 24th, 2019.

Connecting Pete Bennett to Tom Ko former Fresenius Project Manager sudden death over ten years ago.  He played soccer with Pete Bennett resident of Walnut Creek who was 500 feet from a shooting on Sunday March 24th, 2019.  After many beatings, medical events...


Richard Stanford Kopf - Southern Pacific to Fremont Group to Steve Burd

Dept. of Connections May 5, 2003 Issue The Contractors By Jane Mayer Table of Contents Back when Americans were

Doc's Pharmacy and Safeway Pharmacist Suicide

Druggist used pain patches to end his life / Walnut Creek pharmacist ... Mar 29, 2002 - Despondent that he was facing punishment for a fatal meningitis outbreak last year that was linked to his pharmacy, a young pharmacist committed suicide by...

The Doc's Pharmacy Murder Case was dry run for Anthrax - Ask Fremont Group Attorney Rick Kopf

The Doc's Pharmacy Murder Case The Deliberately Overlooked Local Connections to the Anthrax Investigation. Steve Burd was CEO in charge of Safeway Stores How does a Pharmacist get hired while simultaneously involved in Quasi Murder Investigation to be hired at the...

The FBI Agent who sued over the Anthrax Investigation

The Titan's Feel Good Story Bennett Public Poison Allegations HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM Posted on April 17, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog Agent In Charge of Amerithrax Investigation Blows the Whistle The.

When Private Equity Comes to Town / Employees Longs Drugs from Los Lomas Students Drown?

Connecting Current CVS CEO David Dorman former CEO of AT&T who "acquired" SBCGlobal just after the NIMDA Virus crashed networks from inside.  PeteThe folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating...

Bennett/City Attorney Mark Coon Meeting

The BENNETT MEETING WITH The CITY ATTORNEY MARK COON  Friends with Margaret Lesher Son Found Dead Oct 2015 in New Orleans Friends with everyone, known to politicians throughout Contra Costa County Top Row: Contra Costa Board of Supervisors Seated:...

David Wyatt Dorman - Take Down The Longs Project Manager

How Longs Drugs was taken over The information learned coupled with the personal experience of being tackled head-on my the outsourcers of America. Related James Powell - Longs Project Manager Former Longs Project Manager - Stroked out and CVS Came rolling in Related Gavin...

Connecting Chief or Commander Wenzel to the Murders of inmate David Filkins Bremer, Deputy Carlos Francies and Robert Smith.

Connecting Chief or Commander Wenzel to the Murders of inmate David Filkins Bremer, Deputy Carlos Francies and Robert Smith.

The Dubious Phone Call and Time-Wasting Project

The folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating from companies connected to Richard Blum, William McGlashan, CBRE, Regency Centers, Trammell Crow, TPG Growth, Concord Naval Weapons Station, Base Realignment, Target Data Breach, NCR (Target POS Systems Vendor), Oracle (Target POS Software Vendor), Lawrence Investments, Kinder Morgan,

Anthony Banta Jr., Jason Amen Watts, Bernard (Tiny) Bynum. Cynthia Kempf, Ashley Turton, Adam Milford, Rylan Fuchs, Scott Dyleski, Scott Peterson, Ernie Scheer III, Vadim Trincher, Battalion Chief Riley, Deputy Chief Wiley, Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, Simon Hardware, Eileen Gorgas, Ideal Homes, Bob Martinez Landscaping, Tanjah Poe, Timothy Lee, Timothy Mitchell, Sgt. Paul Starzyk, Former BART officer John Kelly, BART Officer Craig Wilson, Erik Nunn, Natalie Nezara, Lisa Dickinson, Alison Bayliss, Daniel Van Voorhis, Behring, City Attorney Mark Coon, Kevin Flanagan, Darien Sable, Patricia Perry, Councilman Mike Shimansky, Councilman Gary Bell, Tax Collector Bill Pollacek, Dr. Kim Fang, Gary Vinson Collins, Robert Frazier, The Clone Zone, Record Factory (Ann) , Patricia Noel, District Attorney Mark Peterson, Pfc Joseph Beheil, Spc. James Coon, Marie Coon, Loretta Hale, Roma Bhatia, Clare Orton, Scott Bertics, Alicia Driscoll, Jineva Driscoll, Tim Hogan, James Hogan, Gavin Powell, Matthew Miller, Bishop Matthew Michael Lyons, Kristie Ferraro, Mike Sevenau, George Schram, Brian Erb, Adam Williams, Williams, Dean Huber, Huber, Pamela Vitale, Laci Peterson, Samantha Lewis, Tamara Moats, Charles (Chuck) Silverman, Kellie Reed, Johnny (Walnut Blvd.), Robert Frazier, Rhonda (Homeless), John Dullich, Todd Cambra, Kristi Strack, Benjamin Strack, Benson Strack, Emery Strack, Sgt. Scott Lunger, Earl Foster, The Putman Drive Incident, Mayor Moscone, Supervisor Milk, Dan White, The Bernam, Doe 1 Pleasant Hill 1979, Doe 2 Pleasant Hill 1979, Aaron Nettles, Crazy Dave (Martinez), Dori Garder (Crossing Fatality), Greg Anspaugh (Missing,1999, Martinez Missing Person 1999, Floyd Brown Jr. 1990, Eustacio Torres, Catalina Torres, Elizabeth Torres, Workers, Caldecott Tunnel, James Wesley Naylor, Albert Villalobos, Pasi Hamillien, Deputy John Foley (ACSO), Brandon Marshall, Chris Lacey, James B, Elizabeth Hitt. Donald Fontaine, Judy Scroggins, Patrick Butler, Shirley Pond, Randolph Grieg, Peter Branagh, Mona Branagh, Mrs. Tanya Nunn, Mrs. Craig Wilson, Adam Elliot, Sister of Rylan Fuchs, John Sweeney, Venza Heinze, Valle Vista Drive Resident, Melody Lister, Kaitlyn Strand, Josh Peterson, Patricia Perry, Paul Perry, Paul Sween, Chandra.Sween (wife), Don W., Brian Schwallen, Son Blackhawk, Samantha Mooney. Her Boyfriend, Michelle Celebrini, daughter, friend, Noel Ridual, Josephine Ridual, both 28, Lorenzo Silva , Harve Ringheim, Keiko Ringheim (wife), Christopher Spence, Michael Spence, Roland Haydell III (aka Keith Richards), Jamey Sheets, Cynthia Kempf, Matthew Moody, Graham, Runzel, Sakeyev Safar , Dr. Henry Eaton Collins, Randolph Grieg, Andrea Babyak, Officer Lester Garnier, Chief Alex Fagan, US Attorney Thomas C Wales, Scott Shepherd, Lara Shepherd, Floria Hakimi, #1 , #2, Mayor Ed Lee, Emmon Bodfish, Ernest Scherer Jr., Charlene Arbenoth, Walter Little, Julie Strack, Clinton Eull, Leon James Dwullet Jr.. Renato Simone, Edward Simone, Andrea Babyak, Andrea Huseby, Dale Potter, James Gilliland, Kevin Flanagan, Emily Courchesne, Farmers Market Clerk, George Stahl, Kadeem Hodge, Susan Kennedy, Glen Davis, Eiko Sugihara, Margaret Lesher, Anja Simonsen, Tony Nunes, Robert Seymour, Adrian Seymour, Tom Gonzalez Jr. , John T. Nejedly Attorney, Charles Burns, Jared Tucker, Sabrina Boyle, Martin Nelis, Miguel Toruño, Daniel L. Brenner, Michael Ruppert, Seth Rich, Madeline Seeley, Catherine Perata, Jacqueline Greig, Jennata Grieg, Noel Clyde Cobb, Meagan Mundi, Gabrielle Mundi, Mary Mahoney, Dimitra Mantas, Dennis Sandoval, Chris Stevens, Cosette Ellison, Erv Romans, Officer Michael Johnson, Officer David Haynes, Officer Leonard Garcia,



Crow, Lennar, Catellus.

My story is about witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions linked back to the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost in 1989. It was a winnable case as long the witnesses testified.





The Accenture Connection to Defense Logistics Agency - One data breach too many

Dear Accenture Media,

A few months ago I reached out to Accenture about events around me.  Accenture Asset Protection contacted, we spoke and they're looking into it.

Like everyone they've gone "dark" but my reason for making contact on my posting.  There is a long story unfolding filled with FBI, DOD, NSA, and CIA but at the top of the list is NYPD.

The events around me have become quite personal.  Someone murdered my family, girlfriend, her daughter, my roommate, my friends are turning up dead around the country, and my elected officials will not assist in anyway.  I live in Walnut Creek CA, I sleep outside, I've lost everything I own, my assets have been stolen with help of Rouge Police Officers now in Federal Prison.

One core event is about my F-250 exploding into a fireball not unlike the PG&E Explosion on Sept. 9th, 2010, or the FedEx / School Bus in Orland where ten students were killed in April 2014 but the reality of events there are many more.

The long drawn out process where your powerful agenda leads to the murders of my relatives in connection to EB-5 Visa, H-1b, L-1 and outsourcing.

The Unsolved Murder of a Police Officer

San Francisco, CA
+ 1 (415) 537 4848

Cloud Infrastructure Services
Alexander Aizenberg
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CFO &Enterprise Value, Supply Chain Management, Operations
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Technology Lead
Peter Y. Soh
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Communications, Media & Technology Lead
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Financial Services Lead
Banking, Insurance

Francois Luu
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Health & Public Service Lead
Deirdre Blackwood
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Joe Doyle
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Strategy Analyst Relations
Allen Valahu
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Technology Analyst Relations
Jim Tumminello
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Defense Attorney Daniel Horowitz: 500 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526

About Chris Spence:

Pete Bennett met Chris at the Tri-Valley Broker tours sometime in 2003 when Bennett was producing loans at Diablo Funding formerly located on Diablo Road in the Town of Danville

Contra Costa Weird 

History: The background on this project leads to CNN Commentator Attorney Daniel Horowitz.
Legal Dispute:

500 LA GONDA ASSOCIATES LLC when this building was controlled by former Attorney William McCann (later disbarred).

In 2014 while visiting Panera Bread in Walnut Creek I was beaten by retired employees from the City of Walnut Creek, like always no police report.

500 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526


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