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Connecting Events to Companies

The Living, Dead and Destroyed Outsourcing Stories

Pete Bennett's grassroots efforts regarding the impact of the H-1b eventuall destroyed his family, career and his health.


Bennett appeared on PBS with Oracle Spokesman Robert Hoffman. The core topic was outsourcing of US Jobs and the impact of the H-1b visa.
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Nothing in San Francisco not even the reward for the murder of Officer Lester Garnier

Harris indicts Childs

Indict, fire or kill US Programmers so as too outsource your personal reocords.
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Mr. Childs was seen at Pacific IT Professionals a 4,000 member IT Professional association

Outsourcing Clearing Procedure

Bennett met Mr. Childs at local tech meetings. Many in tech consider his arrest and charge overkill but length of sentence more disturbing.
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Nothing in San Francisco not even the reward for the murder of Officer Lester Garnier

The Untold Dead Candidates Stories

What Pete Bennett and Kamala Harris know but only Pete is will to share.

2016 ~ Pete Bennett beaten downtown Walnut Creek

the 1984 Timothy Lee Murder on Concord CA

Pete Bennett a resident of Contra Costa County since 1978 sat back for years watching endless incidents of murders, hate crimes and setups of suspects. His first case was a car arson fire at the end of Santa Monica Drive.

1982 to 1996 The Railroad Billionaire

Philip Anschutz Chairman of Southern Pacific
The KKK comes around

Attorney Rick Kopf appeared in Contra Costa County Superior Court on behalf of Southern Pacific. Back in 1989 this collection of parties from Southern Pacific likely colluded in destroying Bennett vs. Southern Pacific by killing a key witness.

Today Bennett believes the murders and hate crimes lead to the investigators.

1he 1978 KKK Invitation

The KKK comes around
Bennett relocated to Walnut Creek California during June 1978 renting a cottage house next to Coop Grocery on Geary Road. The property was owned by Jack Bennett (Cousin) and Irene Gorgas of Ideal Homes located on N. Main at Geary.

1979-1992 ~ Sheriff Rainey

The KKK comes around
Sheriff Richard Rainey has part of Contra Costa Sheriff since the mid sixties. Bennett arrived in June 1978 where he ran into a series of people clearly connected to the KKK. Given the large number of cold cases something is amiss in the statistics.

1979-1992 ~ Mark Peterson

The KKK comes around
Mark Peterson held the highest level of trust in Contra Costa County as District Attorney. During June 2017 Peterson was charged with perjury connected his fibbing on Fair Political Practices forms (FPPC). During 2010 Bennett met with Peterson with at least a dozen withenss.

Southern Pacific General Counsel

The KKK comes around
This attorney and his connections to the inner power structure of Contra Costa County was defense council in the Matter of Bennett vs. Southern Pacific filed in 1987 lost in 1990.

2003 to 2015 Mark Coon

The KKK comes around
Mark Coon was the most gracious person. He met with Pete Bennett in regards to the City of Concord Entertainment Permit. The dispute arose when Bennett attempted to busk downtown in Todos Santos Park. Bennett went the Concord Police Department where he met with Chief Livingston. Years later Bennett realized Livingston was present at the Pine Wood Derby the same weekend his sons were taken.

Sample of Murder Victims - it's bad, it's real bad

Murder Victims

Card image cap

The Victim Collage - Alicia Driscoll, daughter, Ashley Turton, Ernie Scherer Jr. and Wife, Catherine Perata, Roma Bahita, Peter Branagh and Mona Branagh, Kellie Reed, Eiko Sugihara, Dino Ghilotti, Anthony Banta Jr. , Michael McNulty, Chuck Silverman (hidden)


The Murders near Pete Bennett and why several lead to some very wealthy parties

The Murders of Friends

Ever so painful that your tears may not stop for years to come

Blogroll by

Jineva Driscoll


When Pete Bennett discovered the real reason behind the missed picnic date during June 2005. Alicia Driscoll and Pete Bennett connected when she responded regarding a play structure for sale. That was early December when Bennett was enduring serial incidents that by 2011 became the CNETScandal .

more >>

David Bremer

RIP February 2014

Pete Bennett friends with Dave via homeless in Walnut Creek. We shared a room for a few months. Bennett went to the Coroner's Inquest where the charade of century went down. Bennett penned several notes to the hearing official basically saying the officers were lying and were not jailers. In nothing flat the judge ended the hearing.

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Nate Greenan - Drummer

RIP April 2012

Nate was a pretty seriously good drummer who performed at Vinnies Bar during March 2012. Bennett was arrested that week, Nate and John Newman dead April

more >>

Connecting Alamo 1st, Pete Bennett,, Northgate Capital the Strack Family Murders to dozen other Murder Suicides

Research Portal

Topics from Elections to Qaudruple Homicides to Missing Children


Isaac Strack

Head Of Professional Services, EMEA & APAC at Pluralsight

Greater Salt Lake City Area


9 people have recommended Isaac

Author, technologist and STEM education advocate, currently leading the Skills Strategy organization at Pluralsight. 18+ years experience in the industry, working at eBay and Adobe, prior to joining Pluralsight. Have a passion for the newest advances in technology, particularly in the field of social and professional digital literacy. As a father of four daughters, education and early exposure to STEM-based learning is of particular importance, and guides my professional and volunteer activities.

Former Solutions Consultant and Design Technologist at Adobe. Worked with high profile clients and the Adobe community to produce game-changing proof of concepts and vision demos. Extensive experience in the presentation, training, and general promotion of Adobe (and other) technologies.

Former Staff Software Engineer / Senior Business Analyst with strong experience in the eBay Trust and Safety and Customer Support departments. Significant contributions to eBay's technology portfolio, designing and implementing efficient, cost-saving innovations, saving eBay millions of dollars annually.

First-ever recipient of the Jeff Skoll Community award.
Special recognition of innovation, enthusiasm, and dedication to the eBay community.


Technical Evangelist (Emerging Web Technologies, Digital Publishing, Technology In Education)

Business Systems Analysis (Usability, Process Improvement, User Interfaces, Heuristics, SDLC, Requirements Gathering, ROI and Feasibility Analysis, Gap Analysis)

Software Development and Leadership (Meteor, JavaScript, .NET, C#, VB, Java, HTML, SQL, noSQL, PDLCs, Team Lead).

Adobe Areas of expertise: InSight, Digital Publishing Service, PhoneGap, HTML/Web Authoring, Flash, Flex, ActionScript, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Digital Marketing Suite.

Online Fraud Detection and Commerce Engines ( Fraud detection and analytics, process improvement, n-tier application development, channel blending, reporting).

Isaac Strack’s Activity


  • Image for Pluralsight


    3 years 2 months
    • Head Of Professional Services, EMEA & APAC

       – Present 5 months
      Dublin, Ireland
    • Team Lead (skills strategy), Professional Services

       – Present 3 years 2 months
      Farmington UT
      As part of the original Professional Services team, responsible for developing strategy and operations of the Skills Strategy (and overall) ProServ organization. Developed/strengthened relationships with product, presales, and content strategy teams, supporting them/acting as proxy for various key responsibilities as the teams grow and mature. 

      Consultant and key contributor to strategic enterprise initiatives involving services, product strategy, product development, pricing, directed discovery/voice of customer, strategic partnerships, content strategy, product marketing, social impact, sales, presales, and success.

      Materially support leadership in designing, implementing, and leading the Skills Strategy team, which is responsible for providing strategic skills analysis and best practices to enterprise customers (Technology Strategy Plans).
      In close coordination with public, commercial, and enterprise sales + success teams, we deliver world-class skills development / culture of learning experiences to all key/strategic accounts, strengthening long-term relationships and streamlining sales opportunities.

      Responsibilities and opportunities include: 
      - Strategy, support and consulting for the Pluralsight One foundation.
      - Handling feedback, information and escalations from sales org, in behalf of content leadership
      - Consulting with and presenting to executives and SMEs
      - Supporting sales and success teams in streamlining and increasing sales opportunities
      - Discovery, design, implementation and overall project management of customer skills strategy engagements
      - Team lead responsibilities (hiring, training, mentoring, project and operations coordination)
      - Regular strategic consulting and feedback with internal PS product, content, sales and success teams.
  • Image for Adobe


    5 years 10 months
    • Solutions Consultant

       –  2 years 6 months
      Lehi, Utah
      Evaluating and recommending enterprise solutions for commercial and educational institutions, using the full suite of Adobe products. Emphasis on Digital Publishing Suite and AEM.

      Extensive presentation experience, with frequent opportunities to present and speak on technologies and technology-related topics, especially around education and advocacy. Over the last year or so, I have performed 35 technical presentations, hands-on labs, and inspirational talks to large and small audiences at a cadence of at least 2 events / mo. Highlights include:

      - UtahJS JavaScript conference speaker, 2013 and 2014
      - Wasatch Institute of Technology Informational meetings, 2013 - present
      - Booth presentations at Adobe Summit, ComicCon, RootsTech, local education STEM fairs, 2013 - present
      - Virtual & On-site trainings, technology showcases for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), including advanced storefronts, orientations, boot camps, 2013 - present
      - (12 week intensive training) cohort graduation host / speaker, Summer 2014
      - Host / co-organizer of Hack Night SLC @ Adobe Lehi, Summer 2014
      - Chairperson, WIT Hour of Code @ Adobe Lehi, Dec 2013 & May 2014
      - Co-captain of SLC Meteor Meetup group, 2014

      In addition, as part of my current responsibilities, I have created / co-created multiple technology proof of concepts (POCs), with regular presentations to large and medium-sized corporations and educational institutions, as well as internal projects, at a frequency of 5+ demonstrations / month. Target audiences include designers, developers, IT, marketing, and C-level executives, across multiple disciplines.
    • Design Technologist

       –  3 years 5 months
      Lehi, UT
      Building and designing detailed UX applications and demos in the UX group, with an emphasis on good design principles and cutting edge technology.

      Active Presenter / Instructor on multiple subjects and technologies, including:
      PhoneGap and Mobile Applications 
      Advanced DPS technologies
      Innovation in Education

      Companies I've worked with or created technologies for:
      PGA Tour, DC Comics, J. Walter Thompson, Audi, GM, Walsworth, Jostens, MorningStar, Thermo Fisher, JP Morgan, Prudential, Intermountain Health Care, Sapient, RIM, Heineken, Theronyx, Airborne
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    10 years 9 months
    • Business Systems Analyst

       –  3 years 6 months
      Responsible for the high level design and development of Business Systems inside eBay. Servicing internal customers with UML diagrams, usability studies, and architecture reviews.

      Skills include:
      Usability / Interface, UML, Systems Analysis, Presentation, SDLC, Requirements Gathering, C# / .NET Development, Heuristics, Technical Training and Mentoring, Development Mentoring and leadership.
    • Staff Software Engineer

       –  1 year 2 months
      Needs assessment. n-tier application development. SDLC and RAD development models. Application Support. 3rd party evaluation. Channel blending (chat, phone, email, skype). User Interface and heuristics analysis, design, and development.

      UML, C#, .NET, ADO, ColdFusion, Ajax, ASP, DAL, Design Patterns, SQL, Oracle, SDLC, Requirements Gathering, UI, Heuristics, Interface Design, VOIP, Usability.
    • Senior Software Engineer

       –  2 years 1 month
      Needs assessment. n-tier application development. SDLC and RAD development models. Application Support. 3rd party evaluation. Channel blending (chat, phone, email, skype). User Interface and heuristics analysis, design, and development.
      Specific focus on Trust and Safety Applications
    • Software Engineer

       –  4 years 3 months
      Responsible for development of tools / applications in Trust and Safety and Customer Support.
      Improvements and new tools developed in C#, Visual Basic, php, Cold Fusion, etc.
      QA/Bug filtering for Site/Production Bugs.


Volunteering Experience

Skills & Endorsements

Join LinkedIn to see Isaac’s skills, endorsements, and full profile

Honors & Awards

  • Be Involved Award

    Adobe Corporate Responsibility


  • Cebuano

    Limited working proficiency
  • Illongo

    Professional working proficiency
  • Tagalog

    Elementary proficiency
  • Karaya

    Professional working proficiency
  • Aklanon

    Professional working proficiency



  • WIT Hour of Code

    Chairperson and chief coordinator for the December 2013 and May 2014 WIT Hour of Code events, hosted by Adobe in Lehi, UT.

    Coordinated the effort for all volunteers, companies, sponsors, and hosts. I was the point person for logistics, fund raising, marketing / media relations, games, attractions, and speakers.

    Over the two events, nearly 4,000 kids + their families visited the Adobe Lehi building, and were inspired by hundreds of volunteers from 40+ companies representing nearly every industry. Principles of computer science, inspirational talks by high-profile speakers, and educational games helped raise awareness for how prevalent and necessary technology is in our lives.

    This was a very rewarding set of events for me personally, as I have four daughters, and have seen the positive effect that interest and excitement can have on the educational behaviors of young students. Nearly 4,000 kids came curious and left inspired, and I was very blessed to be a part of such an amazing, collaborative effort, and to work with so many volunteers that gave freely of their time, to make a marked, real difference in the lives of so many students.
    Other creators
    • David Moss
  • DPS Portfolio Application - Cannes Advertising Festival

    Created the framework, HTML-native drag & drop video player functionality used by J. Walter Thompson at the 2012 Cannes Advertising Festival.

    JWT was struggling with how to play videos dynamically, and I was asked to come up with a solution that would work on the iPad. Turnaround time on the framework was about 48 hours.
    Other creators
    • Joel den Engelsen


  • Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework, 2nd ed.

    Packt Publishing
    Meteor is one of the most popular development platforms available today, allowing you to create and deploy mobile and web applications in a fraction of the time needed by other JavaScript frameworks. Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework Second Edition is an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to learning how to build modern web applications with Meteor.
  • Meteor Cookbook

    Packt Publishing

    May 2015
    Isaac Strack

    My Learning Plan Download eBook Download Project Files 
    Build elegant full-stack web applications with Meteor, the JavaScript framework that’s redefining web development

    Course features
    What you'll learn
    Find out more
    About the Author
    Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform used to build modern, responsive web and mobile applications

    Starting with simple recipes designed for quick reference, and culminating in advanced recipes that walk you through building and deploying a complete application, Meteor Cookbook covers all the major areas of Meteor development, including lesser-known and undocumented features. You will have instant access to step-by-step recipes, accompanied by clear, concise explanations on optimizing your workflow. Whether used as a learning resource or as a quick-reference guide, this book will surely earn a permanent spot on your development work desk!
  • Learning Meteor Application Development [video]

    Packt Publishing
    Learning Meteor Application Development will get you up and running on the Meteor platform, and have you well on your way to creating powerful, effective web and mobile applications in hours instead of weeks. By taking advantage of all of Meteor’s efficient development capabilities, you can take your development skills to the next level, and build those “killer apps” you’ve been dreaming about.


  • Wasatch Institute of Technology (WIT)

    Board Member
    Founding Board Member of the Wasatch Institute of Technology, Utah's first Computer Science High School.

    Employing an Agile-based teaching methodology, combined with project-based learning, WIT is leading the way towards a more effective pedagogy.

    More information at:


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Isaac:
  • Isaac is a driving force at Adobe. Besides his normal duties he volunteers his time for a number of community initiatives. He is very committed to education and works relentlessly to make sure those inside and outside the company receive the information and education they need to be effective. In addition to training our customers, Isaac goes the extra mile and takes time to train those inside the company on our own products. In addition to work related training, Isaac volunteers with a number of outside groups such as STEM / STEAM, FIRST robotics, and WIT to share technology education to the community. Isaac is always willing to donate his time, talents, and energies to share his knowledge with others. I've worked with Isaac on a number of initiatives. He is well organized and detail oriented. He knows how to effectively share leadership while still making sure everything gets done and everyone has fun. Working with Isaac is a blast.
  • Strack is a technologist, a scholar and a gentleman. I had the privilege of working with Isaac for +2 years as a colleague, a manager and, most importantly, a true friend. Strack is hard working, ingenious, principled and personable. We are going to miss his valued contributions and his irreverent humor. Any team is lucky to have him.

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