The Anatomy of Public Corruption

ANKA Services - Not Every Homeless Person is on Drugs

Drug Counseling 

When the first of many tickets arrived I was astounded at the endless traffic stops, the unlawful searches, stops and baseless allegations of theft, drug sales and possession of stolen property.  That pattern followed me over the Contra Costa County Superior Court where Judge Joel Gulob heard my scenarios of being beaten by a Danville Building Inspector but Joel had children at same schools my sons attended which was Green Valley Elementary School in Danville.

Instead of getting a fair judgment Joel slammed me with fines that are now $15,000 or more.  That was a show stopper as by 2008 my license was suspended and the bank came for my van.  Thanks another unionized County Employee at Child Support a staffer there deliberately lost my paperwork.  Please add $9,000 for repossessed van.

Then over at ANKA Services I spent 18 months following the party line, sitting in drug rehab classes that I didn't need presented by another recovery.  Over and over I stated I was not on drugs.  The ANKA system is about one size fits, fee generation and self-serving interests again administered by unionized county workers.  Much of has happened to me could easily be a Anti-Trust where the officers, judges and county staff all know the value of each ticket so the automatic Civil Assessment Fee which can be manipulated stacks up against the constituent.

Please read about the Deadly Hit and Run incidents - Friends of the courts being the unionized workers

The system works we're on Welfare

  • I am homeless, 
  • I am on welfare
  • My sons are - their future is ruined 
  • My ex are all on welfare 
The Unionized Homeless Court

Since we're homeless that means we are living below the Poverty Line where we've all been convicted via Trial By Declaration in Absentia based on Penal Code section 1214.1(b) which allows a ten day notice which turns to whammy bammy fines.  

One aspect of homeless is getting your mail. The unionized workers who most likely rarely get fines or tickets have homes, income and cars.  There is no way they get the same deal as the rest of us. The forgiveness model is worthless when you're struggles are food, transportation and shelter. 

It's the first ever Poverty Maker Fine - fine em' until you've bled them dry. 

The Collections Business Model is the place to go to pay off the man.  You had a run of bad luck, you didn't have money when you should have, you failed to appear or more likely is you apparently gave up.  

You should invite your Assembly Member or State Senator to attend your next hearing so the can watch you get economically slaughtered but if you're on food stamps make sure you tell the judge and your elected officials.  Most don't listen as they're planning to be at the next banquet.  

A preliminary check reveals over 600,000 residents in collection and so a one minute error has cascades to a harsh inequitable sentence now lasting over ten years with at least another seven on my credit report. But the omnipetent CalPERS kids go to the best colleges, schools and we're their personal piggy bank. My issues are different my adversaries are cops in prison.

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ANKA Is Fee Generation

This one size fits all policy is a joke.  The staff lack credentials but clearly after attending the homeless hoedown summer 2012 absolutely every person I connected with never followed up.

With the recent inmate death of my homeless friend David Bremer and homeless acquaintance John Newman beat to death around the corner from
If this system functioned both Bremer and Newman would be alive but check my homeless victims page for the other cases I've researched on.  
Gulag Numbers Crunchin'

Lost Files 

It's bad enough getting completely screwed by Judge Golub but looking at the historical issues of murder, arson, extortion and the Hobbs Act Violations that The CNET  Players have additional unidentified suspects aiming to take me down.

I am taking my complaints above the County but since I'm homeless technically any elected official can be called.  I'm either going there or have lived their as I'm the homeless man kicked from one town to the next.

The lost files - after John Newman was murdered in March 2012 I returned to ANKA services vehemently express my concerns about John's murder.  My files vanished shortly thereafter.

I need a license so my sons don't end up on the street.
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