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FBI Agent Noelle Gilbert

Noelle Gilbert 
FBI Agents

The Nashville Bombing and the AT&T Central connections to Nuclear Plants

Just a teaser - yes it's true

The Murders near Pete Bennett and why several lead to some very wealthy parties

The Murders of Friends

Ever so painful that your tears may not stop for years to come

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Jineva Driscoll


When Pete Bennett discovered the real reason behind the missed picnic date during June 2005. Alicia Driscoll and Pete Bennett connected when she responded regarding a play structure for sale. That was early December when Bennett was enduring serial incidents that by 2011 became the CNETScandal .

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David Bremer

RIP February 2014

Pete Bennett friends with Dave via homeless in Walnut Creek. We shared a room for a few months. Bennett went to the Coroner's Inquest where the charade of century went down. Bennett penned several notes to the hearing official basically saying the officers were lying and were not jailers. In nothing flat the judge ended the hearing.

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Nate Greenan - Drummer

RIP April 2012

Nate was a pretty seriously good drummer who performed at Vinnies Bar during March 2012. Bennett was arrested that week, Nate and John Newman dead April

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The Lies of Oracle

Larry Ellison's CEO like other CEO's is dead like CEO'S

During June of 2007 Oracle spokesman Robert Hoffman and Pete Bennett appeared on the same PBS segment.

Ellison has a long relationship with Michael Milken Who provided the funds to take over Palco Lumber which is one of the reasons Judi Bari was blown up

Yes I know FBI agent Frank Doyle Jr he was in my cabinet shop in 1989 when my witness was murdered in the matter of Bennett versus Southern Pacific.

It is the same window that a police officer was killed in Walnut Creek and the same window that current Contra Costa County legal counsel Sharon Anderson was also in litigation with Southern Pacific.

Oracle security threw me out of Oracle world and today I'm still homeless on the street I was desperately trying to get back to work.

I'm positive the orders to kick me out of Oracle world came from the top.

When I called the SEC whistleblower in 2014 I was unaware of the connections of Southern Pacific and Kinder Morgan leading into Enron and then Enron leading into World Trade 7 building that came down during the 9/11 attacks.

The man in the middle of the Southern Pacific logo is the attorney from Southern Pacific in 1988 and 89 that I took today I know killed my witness I've been in his officers I've done my depositions in San Francisco at the former landmark building owned by Southern Pacific.

Someone killed my witness and today I have a US attorney that actually worked at the Contra Costa County District Attorney's office when somebody inside that office covered up my witness murder.

Elon Musk praises Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison's Hawaiian island laboratory, which is home to a wellness spa and Tesla solar-powered greenhouses, as 'cool' and 'like a microcosm for the world'

Business Insider | Apr 2, 2020, 18:32 IST

Stephen Lam/Reuters; Mike Blake/Reuters

  • Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison has the support of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as he builds out his sustainability and wellness laboratory on the Hawaiian island of Lanai, according to a new interview in Forbes.
  • Ellison has built a wellness spa and hydroponic greenhouses on the island, which are powered by Tesla solar panels.
  • "It's cool; it's like a microcosm for the world," Musk told Forbes.
  • The two billionaires have a well-documented friendship. Ellison who is on Tesla's board, has described Musk as a close friend, and Musk told Forbes Ellison is "one of the best engineers I've met."
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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison have a well-documented friendship, so it's unsurprising that Musk is supportive of Ellison's plans to turn the Hawaiian island of Lanai into a sustainable wellness laboratory.
In a new interview with Forbes, Ellison discussed his interest in sustainability, health, and wellness, which includes his plans for Lanai as well as his work with the US government to help find a treatment for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.
On Lanai, Ellison is working on three separate issues through his wellness company, Sensei: global food supply, nutrition, and sustainability. The island has a spa and two 20,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouses, which have sensors and cameras that track data about the farms, including water usage and airflow and are powered by 1,600 Tesla solar panels, according to Forbes.
Now, Ellison is in talks with Hawaiian Electric Co. to purchase the power plant and electric grid on Lanai, with the plan being to transition the island away from fossil fuels toward 100% renewable energy.
"It's cool; it's like a microcosm for the world," Musk told Forbes.

A long-standing friendship

Ellison has been a Tesla board member since 2018. When he was named to Tesla's board of directions, he highlighted his relationship with Musk.
"I think Tesla has a lot of upside," Ellison said at the time. "I am not sure how many people know, but I'm very close friends with Elon Musk, and I'm a big investor in Tesla."
Ellison went to the mat for Musk again that same year, defending him from critics by highlighting the work Musk has done with SpaceX.
"This guy is landing rockets. You know, he's landing rockets on robot drone rafts in the ocean. And you're saying he doesn't know what he's doing," Ellison said at a meeting with financial analysts in 2018. "Well, who else is landing rockets? You ever land a rocket on a robot drone? Who are you?"
The compliments have gone both ways.
"He's really one of the best engineers I've met," Musk said in the Forbes interview. "When we engage on a technical subject, he understands it very quickly, even when it's out of his normal arena, not software."

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