The Scherer Murders and Russian Mob of Trump Towers

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Pete Bennett | Twitter | F: petercbennett LI: petercbennett

A little snippet.  The timing of the Scherer Murders leads to the Mormon Community.  The involved Mormon units are Mitt Romney, Danville Stake, The Oakland Temple and millions stolen.


When you buy Pru-Life in Contra Costa County

Dying for Prudential Insurance - The Ostrich Retirement Company

Danville CA:

This area operates a murder for hire where investigators from the Contra Costa District Attorney Offices cover up murders of the sister and niece one of their own linked to a deadly pipeline explosion in Walnut Creek.

In this video Prudential boldly asks for your opinion.  I have one about my Pru-life policy and their responses when I discovered how my near fatal event targeted their policy.

They've asked for my opinion

They've asked for my opinion


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