The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Blum Capital Partners Announces Hires

Blum Capital Partners Announces Hires

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Blum Capital Partners, a leading investment firm active in investing in both privately structured investments as well as strategic blocks of publicly traded securities, today announced that Peter Westley and Carol Fu have joined Blum Capital’s investment team as partner and associate, respectively.
“We are fortunate to have professionals as accomplished as Peter and Carol join our team”
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Mr. Westley, 48, brings significant investment experience to Blum Capital. He was previously a Managing Director at Salomon Smith Barney and a Partner at ThinkEquity Partners. Most recently, he was a Partner at North Point Advisors, an investment banking firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Westley has been both an investor and financial advisor during his career, raising more than $10 billion in equity and debt capital, and advising on more than $2 billion of transactions for his clients in a variety of industries.
Mr. Westley received his MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and BA from Dartmouth College.
“It is a privilege to be joining the firm,” said Mr. Westley. “Richard Blum’s long-term track record as a strategic financial investor is outstanding. His work as a philanthropist is equally impressive. I am also pleased to be joining Jane Su, who I have known and respected as an investor for more than 20 years. I look forward to working with Richard, Jane, and the rest of the team at Blum Capital, to take advantage of future investment opportunities on behalf of the firm’s investors.”
Ms. Fu, 28, joins Blum Capital with an extensive background in global equities. Previously, she was a senior analyst at Maverick Capital in New York City and San Francisco where she identified investment opportunities and conducted research within the industrial and energy sectors. Her experience also includes positions at Blackstone Group, Merrill Lynch and HSBC Securities, all based in Hong Kong, and at UBS in London. Ms. Fu holds a B.S. degree from the Imperial College in London, a Masters degree in Statistical Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
“We are fortunate to have professionals as accomplished as Peter and Carol join our team,” said Jane Su, Co-Managing Partner at Blum Capital.
Ms. Su further noted that Blum Capital plans to continue to enhance its team of senior investment professionals in the coming months to serve both the firm’s existing investors and to expand the Blum franchise.
About Blum Capital Partners
Blum Capital Partners is a San Francisco-based public strategic block and private investment firm with approximately $1.6 billion of equity capital under management. Blum Capital Partners was founded in 1975 and has invested in a wide variety of businesses, including through multiple going-private transactions. Throughout its history, Blum has demonstrated its expertise in proactively identifying attractive businesses to own, determining the most favorable ways to invest in those businesses across the public/private spectrum and helping to drive value creation as an active, engaged partner to management teams.


Water & Wall Group
Scott Sunshine, 212-699-3672

KKR Appoints Arun Sarin as Senior Advisor

KKR Appoints Arun Sarin as Senior Advisor

New York, October 7, 2009 - Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. ("KKR") today announced the appointment of Arun Sarin as a Senior Advisor to KKR. Mr. Sarin is the former Chief Executive Officer of mobile telecommunications leader Vodafone Group Plc, and had previously been a Senior Advisor to KKR.
Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts, Co-Founders of KKR, said: "We are delighted to welcome Arun Sarin back to the Firm as a Senior Advisor. From our past close partnerships with Arun - starting when he became CEO of Accel-KKR Telecom almost a decade ago and then as a Senior Advisor to KKR - we know first-hand of Arun's deep knowledge, global relationships, and diversified career as a world-class executive. We look forward to leveraging his broad business acumen, 25 years of experience and leadership across a variety of management and investment initiatives."
"I am very pleased to have this opportunity to work with the KKR team once again," said Mr. Sarin. "KKR is a preeminent investment firm that has evolved over three decades and expanded its investment capabilities. I am excited to contribute my own experience to cultivating KKR's existing investments and enhancing the Firm's growth initiatives."
Mr. Sarin's career began in 1984 at Pacific Telesis Group (PTG), where he pioneered the expansion of the mobile communications industry by acquiring numerous domestic and international cellular licenses. He held several senior roles at PTG over the next decade. In 1994, he led the review and recommendation for the spinoff of the wireless businesses from PTG, which became AirTouch Communications. Subsequently, he was appointed President and COO of AirTouch in 1997.
With the 1999 merger of Vodafone and AirTouch, Mr. Sarin became CEO of Vodafone's US/Asia Pacific region. He left Vodafone in 2000 and rejoined as Chief Executive in 2003. The Group's M&A focus was originally based on opportunities in developed markets, but this shifted to incorporate emerging markets in 2006. Mr. Sarin subsequently led the company's re-entry into the Indian market in 2007, and also acquired several other mobile operators in high growth markets such as Turkey, Ghana, Romania, Czech Republic and Qatar. In his five years as CEO, Vodafone returned capital of approximately £34 billion to shareholders including dividends and buy backs. He retired from Vodafone last year.
Mr. Sarin has an MS in Engineering and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. He received his BS in Engineering from IIT, the Indian Institute of Technology. He is a member of the boards of directors of Cisco Systems, Inc. and Safeway Inc. He has served on numerous boards in the past, including Gap Inc. and Charles Schwab Corp., and as a non-executive director of the Court of the Bank of England.
KKR's Senior Advisors are part of the Firm's integrated model of value creation. They include current and former senior executives who bring unique leadership skills to complement the work of KKR investment professionals, the operational executives at KKR Capstone, and serve as liaisons to manage relationships with current and future investment partners.
About KKR
Established in 1976, KKR is a leading global alternative asset manager. KKR's franchise is sponsoring and managing funds that make investments in private equity, fixed income and other assets in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Throughout its history, KKR has brought a long-term investment approach, focusing on working in partnership with management teams of its portfolio companies and investing for future competitiveness and growth. KKR has $37.5 billion in private equity assets under management and $13.3 billion in credit assets under management as of June 30, 2009 through various private and publicly traded funds and separately managed accounts. KKR also carries out capital markets activities through its broker dealer subsidiaries. KKR has offices in New York, Menlo Park, San Francisco, Houston, Washington, D.C., London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Dubai and Sydney. More information about KKR is available at:
Media Contacts:
Peter McKillop or Kristi Huller
Phone: 212-750-8300

US Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Murdered Mormons
Instructor at the FBI West Coast Bomb School.
Noteable cases were Judi bari Bommbing
US Attorney General, 2001-05

John Ashcroft
AKA John David Ashcroft
Born: 9-May-1942
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Gender: Male
Religion: Born-Again Christian [1]
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician
Party Affiliation: Republican
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: US Attorney General, 2001-05
More than merely a cliché, John Ashcroft really is holier than thou. His grandfather and father were both evangelical preachers, and Rev Ashcroft's household had strict rules. Movies, for example, were not allowed, because even in the 1940s and '50s the Ashcrofts did not approve of Hollywood's liberal lifestyles. In high school, Ashcroft worked at the local Dairy Queen, but he says he never attended a dance or had premarital sex, and he does not swear, smoke, or drink alcoholic beverages. He has refused to participate in raffles, even to support conservative causes, because he does not gamble.
Ashcroft studied law at Yale, and promptly secured a position teaching law at Southwest Missouri State University -- a job which carried the perk of immunity from the Vietnam era draft. He was appointed state auditor in 1973, and promoted to assistant attorney general in 1975. He was elected state attorney general in 1976, and held that office until 1985, when he was elected Governor of Missouri. As Governor, he vetoed a bill that would have allowed liquor sales on Sundays, and another act that would have permitted a smidgen of alcohol in candy. In vetoing funding for an AIDS care center, he was quoted saying, "Well, they're there because of their own misconduct, and it wasn't very reputable misconduct, either."
Ashcroft was elected to the US Senate in 1994, where he opposed condom distribution and needle-exchange programs, and once waved a sonogram of his unborn grandchild as an argument against federal funding for abortions. He became one of the first politicians to advocate federal funding for "faith-based programs", and earned perfect marks from the Christian Coalition. When asked whether he had any problem legislating morality, Ashcroft once explained, "I think all we should legislate is morality. We shouldn't legislate immorality." On a break from Washington, Ashcroft returned to his Missouri estate in 1997, where he says he saw a flock of bald eagles flying across the sunrise, and felt God's inspiration to write his famous love ballad to America, "Let the eagle soar."
Running for a second Senate term in 2000, Ashcroft lost to Mel Carnahan, who had been killed in a plane crash three weeks before the election. Carnahan's wife was appointed to take her husband's seat, and as Ashcroft's consolation prize he was appointed US Attorney General by George W. Bush, a job that made him the nation's highest law enforcement officer.
After September 11, 2001, Ashcroft was generally credited as 'architect' of the PATRIOT Act, which established several short cuts to circumvent such traditional and constitutional safeguards as search warrants and judicial oversight of police. Ashcroft authorized secret arrests and detentions, expanded wiretapping, blocked Freedom of Information Act requests, OK'd eavesdropping on defense lawyers and infiltration of political protest groups. He tried to organize a nationwide "tips" line for mail carriers, home repairmen, delivery drivers and others whose occupations bring them in contact with the general public to report suspicious activity. For all this effort, however, Ashcroft had surprisingly few successful prosecutions against terrorists, and the Justice Dept was caught several times playing "shell games" with the numbers. For example, crimes such as writing bad checks or protesters trespassing on a Navy base were listed as "terror convictions", despite having no cited connection to any acts of terrorism.
Prior to Ashcroft's appointment, the Justice Department's pornography prosecutions were almost exclusively child pornography, but Ashcroft oversaw a self-described War on Pornography. At least half a dozen agents were assigned to monitor on-line pornography full-time, forty hours a week surfing the internet and taking notes. Dozens of prosecutors were assigned to a special anti-porn office, and Ashcroft publicly complained that pornography "invades our homes persistently though the mail, phone, VCR, cable TV and the Internet," and "has strewn its victims from coast to coast". Under Ashcroft, the Justice Dept prosecuted filmmakers for fictional videos that included rape scenes, waged battle against the makers of HBO's Real Sex, and threatened companies that supply 'erotica' films available for rent in most American hotels.
Despite his long-time support for "state's rights", he brought federal action against Oregon's law allowing assisted suicide, and against California's law allowing medicinal use of marijuana. Uncomfortable with the bare-breasted statue called "Spirit of Justice" in Justice Department headquarters, he ordered the statue covered. As Attorney General, he held daily devotions in his office, with senior staff members "invited" to attend. He also distributed photocopied lyrics to "Let the Eagles Soar", asking department heads and other high-level Justice Department officials to sing along with him.
He has said he was anointed with oil "in the manner of King David" as he took each successive political office in his career. When he became a Senator his father anointed him with Crisco brand cooking oil, and died the next day. Before becoming Attorney General, Ashcroft had Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas do the anointing.
Since leaving the Bush administration, Ashcroft has pursued his first private sector employment since his Dairy Queen days -- his services are now available as a lobbyist. His clients include Choicepoint, Israel Aircraft Industries International, and Oracle Corporation. His fees reportedly start in the low hundreds of thousands of dollars, and apparently he is worth every penny -- with his contacts deep inside the Bush administration, Ashcroft has had remarkable success securing his clients' interests in Washington.
His wife, Janet Ashcroft, is on the Board of Trustees at Patrick Henry College, a fundamentalist Christian college. Its stated goals include producing graduates "who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values". The school is not accredited, but since its founding in 1998, dozens of its students have served internships under Republican Congressmen, Senators, and in the Bush-Cheney White House.

[1] Assemblies of God (Pentecostal).
Father: J. Robert Ashcroft (preacher)
Mother: Grace Ashcroft
Brother: (older)
Brother: (younger)
Wife: Janet Elise Roede Ashcroft (m. 1967)
Daughter: Martha Grace Patterson (attorney)
Son: John Robert Ashcroft (teacher)
Son: Andrew David Ashcroft (US Navy)
    High School: Hillcrest High School, Springfield, MO (1960)
BA, Yale University (1964)
    Law School: JD, University of Chicago (1967)
    Teacher: Business Law, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield MO
    Administrator: Board of Reference, Oral Roberts University
    Blackwater Chair of Ethics Committee (2011-)
    US Attorney General (2001-04)
    US Senator, Missouri (1995-2001)
    Governor of Missouri (1985-93)
    Attorney General of Missouri (1977-84)
    Missouri State Official Assistant Attorney General (1975-77)
    Missouri State Auditor (1973-75)
    American Compass
    Council for National Policy
    Federalist Society
    John McCain 2008
    McCain-Palin Compliance Fund
    Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity honorary
    Dairy Queen Springfield, MO (age 13)
    Draft Deferment: Vietnam
    Born-Again Christian
    Traveled to the USSR Dec-1991
    Cholecystectomy (Mar-2004)
    US Big Brother Award Worst Public Official or Department 2002
    Sued by the ACLU (6-Aug-2003)
    Funeral: Ronald Reagan (2004)
    Norwegian Ancestry
Rotten Library Page:
John Ashcroft

Appears on the cover of:
US News and World Report, 26-Jan-2004, DETAILS: The Real John Ashcroft -- America's top cop is loved and hated. Here's what makes him tick

Victim: Nathaniel Greenan
Sister:Cecilia Greenan Ashcroft
Sister: Nancy Greenan Hamil
Father: James Greenan
Brother in-law: Dax Craven, disbarred represented Bennett who lost his sons to the Mormons


Wells Fargo Suicide

  • NEWS

Boyfriend Of Slain Woman Jumps Off Bay Bridge As Police Watch

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The boyfriend of a missing woman whose body was found along a remote coastal highway killed himself Tuesday, shortly after the body was identified, by jumping off the Bay Bridge, police said. He was under police surveillance at the time.

The boyfriend, Darion Sable, had told police that Jerusha Briley, 20, disappeared Saturday morning while going to buy groceries for her 23-month-old son, Gabriel.

Sable jumped off an approach to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco police spokesman Dewayne Tully said. He fell about 100 feet, landing on pavement in a fenced-in area.

Fifteen minutes earlier and five blocks away, Sable had been released on his own recognizance after being jailed overnight on a drug charge, police confirmed.

Police had followed Sable after his release to see where he was going to go and to see if he would lead them to any new information in Briley's death, Sgt. James Deignan of the San Francisco Police Department.

Police said they originally thought Sable was going to try to hitchhike, but contacted the California Highway Patrol when he continued to walk onto the bridge. They said Sable probably did not know he was being followed and that they had no time to stop him from jumping.

Homicide Inspector Tony Casillas wouldn't say whether police had told Sable he was a suspect in his girlfriend's death before letting him go.

"The investigation is still in its primary stages," he said. "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

Sgt. Doug Pittman of the Marin County Sheriff's Office said Sable was a suspect in Briley's death, but had not been singled out as the primary suspect. He said the sheriff's office is not yet focusing on one person as a suspect.

Police also haven't determined what killed Briley, whose body was found Monday along Highway 1 about five miles north of Muir Beach in Marin County. Footprints and tiremarks found in the gravel were being studied.

Family members were told Tuesday that the body had been identified as Briley's. Her childhood friend and Gabriel's godmother, Devon Rath, told The Associated Press that the family was too distraught to comment.

Sable had called police Saturday to report Briley missing, saying she wasn't the type to leave the house, let alone her toddler, for more than a few hours without letting people know where she was.

Friends said Briley had been weaning Gabriel off breast-feeding and was making calls to invite people to his birthday party two weeks from now. The sheriff's office would not comment on the relationship between Sable and Briley's son.

Sable told missing persons investigators that Briley had been seeing a counselor for "possible depression," but that he had no more information on the subject.

But Rath told a different story to the San Francisco Examiner - that Briley was getting counseling to improve her relationship with her boyfriend and thereby provide her son with a healthy family.

"If she wanted to get away from it all, she would have called someone," her 15-year-old sister, Naomi Briley, told the Examiner. "If she had problems, she would have called someone to take the baby."

Roger Stone Poisoned with POLONIUM

Alexander Litvinenko poisoning[edit]

Lugovoy met with Litvinenko on the day Litvinenko fell ill (1 November 2006). Litvinenko died later in November from radiation poisoning caused by polonium-210, and, on 22 May 2007, British officials charged Lugovoy with Litvinenko's murder, announcing they would seek his extradition from Russia. Russia declined to extradite Lugovoy, citing that extradition of citizens is not allowed under the Russian constitution. Russia said that they could take on the case themselves if Britain provided evidence against Lugovoy but that Britain has not handed over any evidence. The head of the investigating committee at the General Prosecutor's Office said Russia has not yet received any evidence from Britain on Lugovoy. "We have not received any evidence from London of Lugovoy's guilt, and those documents we have are full of blank spaces and contradictions."[5]
Lugovoy had visited London at least three times in the month before Litvinenko's death and met with him four times. Lugovoy met with Litvinenko on the day he fell ill (November 1). Traces of polonium-210 have been discovered in all three hotels where Lugovoy stayed after flying to London on 16 October, in the Pescatori restaurant, Dover StreetMayfair, where Lugovoy is understood to have dined before 1 November and aboard two aircraft on which he had traveled.[6] He was treated at a Moscow hospital for suspected radiation poisoning but declined to say whether he had been contaminated with polonium-210, the substance that led to Litvinenko's death on 23 November 2006.[7]

Timeline of Lugovoy involvement in Litvinenko poisoning[edit]

  • On 30 November 2006, Georgian tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili described Lugovoy as a "close friend" with whom he had been working for thirteen years. He said he hoped Lugovoy was innocent, but added that there is "no such thing as a former KGB agent."
  • On 4 December 2006, Lugovoy visited a hospital in Moscow for medical tests.
  • On 9 December 2006, Lugovoy was released from the hospital and declared to be in "satisfactory condition."[7]
  • On 26 January 2007, The Guardian reported that the British government was preparing an extradition request asking that Lugovoy be returned to the United Kingdom to stand trial for Litvinenko's murder.[8]
  • On 5 February 2007, Boris Berezovsky told the BBC that on his deathbed, Litvinenko said that Lugovoy was responsible for his poisoning.[9]
  • On 22 May 2007, Britain's Director of Public Prosecutions announced that Britain would seek extradition of Lugovoy and attempt to charge him with murdering Litvinenko. Russia has previously stated that it has no right to allow the extradition of any Russian citizen for trial in Britain.[10]
  • On 28 May 2007, the British Foreign Office formally submitted a request for Lugovoy's extradition to the Russian Government.[11] This was confirmed by both the British embassy in Moscowand the Russian prosecution office.
    • Lugovoy is quoted as saying he is a "victim not a perpetrator of a radiation attack", and he has called the charges "politically motivated".
    • The Constitution of Russia, like that of FranceGermanyAustriaChina, and Japan, forbids extradition of its citizens to foreign countries (Art. 61), so the request cannot be fulfilled.[12]Russian citizens can be convicted of crimes committed abroad by Russian courts if foreign law agencies provide necessary evidence.
  • On 31 May 2007, Lugovoy held a news conference at which he accused MI6 of attempting to recruit him and blamed either MI6, the Russian mafia, or fugitive Kremlin opponent Boris Berezovsky for the killing.[13]
  • On 4 July 2007, Russia formally declined a UK request to extradite Lugovoy.[14]

The Strack Story Murder Suicide Or Murder By Murder/Suicide

Tragedy Tracker

Murder Suicides

Connected Parties

The Strack Story 

My personal frustration with Police Agencies, Public Officials and Elected Officials who for years ignored my concerns. On my blogs you'll find my story, you'll learn how my attorneys have been targeted via Arson, Muggings or Murders of their in-laws.  Below are links to a Trust Document.  That connects to my family who are related to the Strack Family.  

The Strack case leads to Walnut Creek CA where the CNET Scandal, The Police Corruption Scandal and my 2004 arson case where CHP Internal affairs division refuses to investigate persons impersonating CHP officers. 

Rossmoor Retirement Community - Over 9,000 Fraud Targets 

On my blogs you'll complaints about the Contra Costa Bar Association, the City of Walnut Creek but more important Police Officers are represented by the same attorneys that crafted the trusts.  For well over ten years I've attempted to start a case.  In July 2013, I stood up at Walnut Creek City Council meeting clearly stating case started in the Rossmoor retirement community located in Walnut Creek CA.  That same meeting, Bill Hoot who is a long time business contact lamented near identical complaints about the Walnut Creek Police.  

Officers tried to arrest me for getting copies of my own police reports but have refused to produce police reports.  I need those reports to prove my case which is essentially obstruction of justice, impeding a Federal Investigation. 

The Stalking Network 

This network exists to deflect litigation directed at Public Entities. On June 26th, 2014 I filed police reports about persons attempting to run me over in Walnut Creek, I've spoken publicly at Walnut Creek City Council Meetings, I've made numerous requests 

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