The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Sheriff/Coroner Rainey is the Lynching Sheriff

"Jessica Frederick"
29 items matched your search for "Jessica Frederick"Blunt Force, Stab Wounds Killed Woman
December 9, 1998

Jessica Frederick, 27, was found dead on Industry Road in Pittsburg, the city's eighth homicide this year. Police have said Frederick was a suspected prostitute with a record of drug violations. ... Detectives ...

Murder Case Thrown Out Over Police Search Tactic
February 12, 2000

Niaz, 51, was arrested last year in the slaying of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick. Frederick's body was discovered dumped in an industrial area of Pittsburg. Niaz and Frederick had dated on and off for several years, police said.

Arraignment In Slaying of Prostitute
March 24, 1999

Niaz was arrested Monday in the slaying of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick, who was found stabbed and beaten to death in Pittsburg on December 5. Police said they found traces of Frederick's blood in Niaz's apartment.

Cabdriver's Charges Reinstated
January 26, 2001 | Bob Egelko

A Contra Costa County judge had dismissed charges against Mohammad Ismail Niaz last February in the fatal stabbing and beating of Jessica Frederick in December 1998. ... Frederick, 27, was found dead in an ...

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Boulevard of Bad Dreams / Intractable problems find dramatic expression on Pittsburg's 10th Street
February 15, 1999 | Christopher Heredia

One of the slain women, Jessica Frederick, had befriended Boyer before her death. Frederick was a regular customer who came to buy beer, food and cigarettes. The last time Boyer saw Frederick, the younger woman ...

Deaths jar Pittsburg
January 10, 1999 | Marianne Costantinou

Ten days earlier, Jessica Frederick, 27, was found stabbed to death about 4 miles away, at Industrial Road and Third Street.

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SUBSCRIBESign InPolice See Deliberate Links in 2 Slayings / Woman and teen found in same area
December 8, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

The body of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick of Antioch was found on Saturday on Industry Way in Pittsburg only blocks from where the body of Lisa Norrell was found three weeks earlier. ... Unlike in the Norrell ...

Ex-boyfriend held in Pittsburg death case
March 23, 1999 | Ray Delgado

Authorities on Monday arrested Mohammed Ismil Niaz, 51, in connection with the murder of his former girlfriend, Jessica Frederick of Antioch, whose death was one of four between November and January that had ...

Ex-Boyfriend Arrested In Pittsburg Slaying
March 23, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

Jessica Frederick was one of four women slain in Pittsburg last winter, leading to speculation that a serial killer was at large. ... Af ter a two-year relationship, Frederick had been trying to break off the ...

Victim Was Choked To Death, Cops Say / Third woman slain in a month in Pittsburg
December 18, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

On December 5, an alleged prostitute, 27-year-old Jessica Frederick, was found stabbed and beaten to death. ... In Frederick's case, detectives have questioned a Concord man and searched his apartment.

Pittsburg Cops Sift Slaying Clues / Authorities look for evidence that may link 3 of 4 killings
January 12, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

The three latest victims, Jessica Frederick, Rachael Cruise and Valerie Schultz, were all known prostitutes, police say. ... Frederick, 24, was found slain on Industry Road on December 5 dressed only in a ...

Pittsburg cops find no clues to link deaths
December 17, 1998 | Robert Selna

Jessica Frederick, 27, of Antioch, was found stabbed to death at Industrial Road and Third Street.

Three Killings Have Prostitutes Fearful / Pittsburg police urge them to stay off the streets
December 17, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

On December 5, the body of alleged prostitute Jessica Frederick was found in plain view near a fence on Industry Road. ... Police have said there was no evidence Frederick was sexually assaulted but they will ...

Woman's Body Found Near Road in Pittsburg / No connection yet made with month's 2 previous slayings, cops say
December 16, 1998 | Charlie Goodyear

Investigators said they have no evidence yet that yesterday's discovery is connected to the slaying of 15-year-old Lisa Norrell, found on November 14, or the stabbing death of Jessica Frederick, an alleged ...

4th body of woman found in East Bay
January 9, 1999 | Eric Brazil and Marianne Costantinou

On Dec. 5, about three weeks after Norrell's body was discovered, 27-year-old Jessica Frederick of Antioch was found stabbed to death about four miles away, at Industrial Road and Third Street.

4th Woman Found Slain In Pittsburg / Passer-by finds Bay Point prostitute in a ditch
January 9, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

After trying to unravel the mystery of Lisa's murder for two months, yesterday police had to put it back in the "unsolved" category, along with the slayings of Jessica Frederick and Rachael Cruise, both found killed in December.

Police say slain teen was a random victim
January 7, 1999 | Eric Brazil

Pittsburg Mayor Federal Glover, meanwhile, asked the community for patience while police continue to investigate the slayings of Jessica Frederick, 24, and Rachel Cruise, 32, whose bodies were found Dec. 5 and Dec. 16, respectively.

December 7, 1998 | Compiled from Examiner staff and wire reports

Workers reported finding the body, identified as Jessica Frederick, Saturday morning at Industrial Road and Third Street, said Lt.

New Garrido search: Prostitute serial killings
August 29, 2009 | Jaxon Van Derbeken

Among those found strangled, stabbed and dumped in ditches in a two-month period were Valerie Schultz, 27, Rachael Cruise, 32, and Jessica Frederick, 24.

Time doesn't ease pain for mother of slain teen
November 5, 1999 | Ryan Kim

The violent deaths of 27-year-old Jessica Frederick, 32-year-old Rachael Cruise and Valerie Shultz, 27, followed in December and January. ... Of the four cases, only one - the death of Frederick - has resulted ...

Serial Killers Find Prostitutes Easy Prey / Pittsburg slaying cases match profile of men who tend to dehumanize women
January 13, 1999 | Kevin Fagan

The man who left Valerie Schultz, 27; Rachael Cruise, 32; and Jessica Frederick, 24, sprawled in ditches in industrial areas of Pittsburg since December 5 is probably just getting started, Fox said. ... Jones said ...

2 Arrested In Pittsburg Teen's Slaying / Unemployed Antioch men have long records
January 7, 1999 | Charlie Goodyear

Norrell's thoughts were also with the families of Jessica Frederick and Rachael Cruise, the other Pittsburg victims.


1 Mnuchin: Virus aid package soon, $1,200 checks by August
2 Sierra county now on watch list, surge linked to restaurants
3 Courthouse set on fire during protest in Oakland
4 Jungle oasis right in SF hits market at $1.6M
5 SF's Cliff House just closed its doors. Here's its fiery history
6 'Danger': Overcrowding closes hidden gem NorCal swim spot
7 Calif. public health officials battle water park that won't close

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There is a definite strain,” said Tahnjah Poe, a young black woman who moved out of Concord last October because of the harassment she said she and her son suffered at the hands of some local whites


That assessment is shared by others, such as William Callison, a white man who told police he received an anonymous threatening telephone call after he went to the FBI and challenged the coroner’s conclusion that Lee had committed suicide


Responding to Terrorism and Mass Violence at Home and Abroad

Responding to Terrorism and Mass Violence at Home and Abroad

The threat of terrorism and mass violence has increased in recent years in the United States and abroad. The emotional impact of such crimes can be devastating, leaving victims and emergency personnel in urgent need of services to reduce the immediate trauma they experience as well as to provide long-term assistance to help restore a sense of normalcy to their lives. After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, Congress amended VOCA to authorize OVC to set aside up to $50 million annually for an Antiterrorism Emergency Reserve fund, which has helped ensure that victims get the assistance they need without diverting funds from ongoing, standard victim services. The Reserve supports the following programs:

  • The Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP) offers multiple avenues of assistance to victims and communities responding to acts of terrorism and mass violence. Since the program began in 2002, more than $65 million has been allocated for crisis counseling, temporary housing, and emergency transportation, among other assistance. In 2008, OVC provided $3 million to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) to facilitate the recovery and support of its students, faculty, and staff and their friends and families, in the wake of the tragic shootings that occurred there.

  • The International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program (ITVERP)was authorized by Congress to reimburse eligible victims of international terrorism that occurs outside the United States for out-of-pocket expenses associated with the crime. Since its implementation in October 2006, ITVERP has processed 39 claims.

  • The Crime Victim Assistance Emergency Fund works in conjunction with ITVERP. It is administered by the FBI, with OVC reimbursing the bureau for the funds it pays to victims. The fund assists U.S. nationals and federal employees who are victims of terrorism and mass violence occurring outside the United States who need emergency assistance but lack the resources to obtain the help they need on their own.

  • The Victim Reunification Travel Program (VRT) provides funds to help left-behind parents in international child abduction cases. Support under this program is provided via an intra-agency authorization with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and an OJJDP grant to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In FYs 2007–2009, 100 requests for support were received for cases that involved 137 children in 34 countries.


Thieves connected to Federal Reserve

Pete Bennett was contracted to SBCGlobal during 9/11 in September 2001. Originally his 9 a.m. meeting on 9/11 was postponed because the planes hit the building before he left the house possibly slightly out time with the rest of the story came in a week later and told management he had a virus one that was destroying computers around the world but nobody knew what it was.

Bennett also noted with management but ignored was his group policy object was completely incorrect where he was seeing upwards of two to three thousand servers after a couple of hours of being log on they begin to propagate.

The key to exploiting millions of servers was using a traversal exploit involving internet information server and a well known to the CIA later Exposed on WikiLeaks.

The most probable developer is or was someone close to the CIA.

To support it Bennett also knows CIA director Uber cost from Sanibel Island long before he was a Director of National Intelligence.

The linkage between district attorney Mark Peterson this is Mormon brother Michael Peterson, police officers arrested in the Scandal links to the Peterson Family Trust and the connections between that lead into SBCGlobal in San Ramon California who managed to get Bennett entangled in a murder investigation involving the Downing of World Trade Centers and the controlled demolition of Building 7.

Since fanwick suit Southern Pacific The Logical transition of Southern Pacific became Enron Corporation and then became Kinder Morgan.

Think of these people as the masters of disaster and mass casualties where they set things up people end up getting killed some cases by the boatload.

 everyone around these companies had a vested interest where Enron Corporation would not be indicted so the third building is the truth of poop 911 and the main two buildings are linked to helping Larry Silverstein volume down two buildings and get paid for terrorism insurance.

The one in the trillion odds that it wouldn't happen but yet it did leads to attorneys in San Ramon California and there are murders next to the those attorneys and those attorneys are near my murders so therefore I throw you in the same bucket hope that you rot in jail.


Steve Burd Profile - Silverlake Partners, Southern Pacific, Blackhawk Network, Safeway, CEO Steve Burd, Philip Anschutz, Milken, and CEO Larry Ellison

 this story is decades in the making but Pete Bennett owner of Mainframe designs cabinets pictures lost his his business after litigation with planet vs. Southern Pacific Ananda Bennett with the help of the sheriff and the coroner they covered up the murder of his witness for decades.

Ellen and Bill Tauscher owners of computer in stores was actually finish client but we never produced anything for them. Through that relationship and Computer Link korporate eventually Bennett was hired as a as second career to develop the budget forecasting program for ComputerLand stores directly across the street from Vanstarr.

Bennett had to go to Ellen for specialized changes so the SQL Scripts coming off of their systems which is where Bennett discovered the fraud.

By then computerland have been spun off to another distributor called MeriselFab.

Keep Bennett was hired by the new owners to rewrite a series of reports which was about three hundred of them and consolidate them to the spreadsheet server.

Bennett being an outside contractor and relatively new in Fortune 500 produce the reports and told management they were losing money all the refunds went back to apple and a few other companies.

Now that Apple's trillion-dollar company maybe it's time that they pay off the employees at computerland that lost their entire retirement when Bennett's reports produce the truth about the rma's so many went back to Apple.

What Benetton coverage was most of the 25 million that he found never shipped in the first place because Van star controlled by Tauscher now with Silverlake partners orchestrated the fraud using the Mars system that they controlled and the Fulfillment model where computer land was basically a sales organization advanstar controled the distribution.

Show before the sale in 1993 they just pumped out the numbers puffed up the books good enough that another company came along and bought them out.

Bennett bumped into Ellen Tauscher at Broadway Plaza oh, already homeless beating on a regular basis and dealing with corruption in Walnut Creek and surrounding areas. He shared his situation in Spring of 2014 and not long after more people died it was a bloody year.


Silverlake Partners, NYFed, AT&T and Building 7

One of the key reasons I have focused on Silverlake partners is the connection to the New York fed, the connection to Glenn Hutchins of AT&T oh, the highly of it in connection to Elevation partners and also litigation involving HomeStore a case apparently pretty fraudulent next to Wilson sonsini and that leads to mulesoft, Salesforce and yours truly the oracle versus Salesforce hostile takeover.

One key part of that is the connection a former CEO Steve burd of Safeway and his relationship with attorney Richard Stanford Kopf.

In the 1980s Safeway was a customer of Mainframe designs cabinet fixtures owned by Pete Bennett who developed fixtures for Safeway Wells Fargo Bank of America and many other well-known enemies.

His lawsuit ended in Flames when they killed his witness in 1989 it was covered up with the help of Sheriff Richard Rainey because when you control the coroner's office he don't count very well when the body start stacking up.

Private equity
Founded1999; 21 years ago
FounderJim Davidson, David Roux, Roger McNameeGlenn Hutchins
HeadquartersMenlo ParkCaliforniaUnited States
Number of locationsMultiple offices in 3 countries
Key peopleMike Bingle
Egon Durban
Ken Hao
Greg Mondre
Joe Osnoss
ProductsInvestment funds
AUMUS$43 billion (2020)[1]

Dead Homeless of Contra Costa County

I have had first-hand dealings with Contra Costa Law Enforcement, the convicted felon district attorney Mark Peterson and many members of the current Board of Supervisors.

I have stood up in front of the supervisors and within a week five of my relatives were dead in Utah that was after I piece together my girlfriend have been murdered with her daughter.

During December 2019 I was attempting to file a brief against PG&E, filed claims with the bankruptcy trustee and get my story in front of Judge alsup so that he knows Witnesses are being killed.

Today I am homeless as of July 2020, I consider myself an unsheltered male at risk, I'm unable to secure disability my state representatives refused to help me and as well as most of the board has turned a deaf ear.

I'll apply for this job with the letter, I can barely walk after the last assault oh, I won't go back to the county hospital because I almost died there and I know who did it I know how it was done and I know how it was covered up.

I'm pretty sure at this point that there's a lot of Kickbacks or Paola within the county.

You can find my resume at Pete Bennett. Net or

All my equipment has been broken oh, my servers racks desks chairs systems desktops and my entire Services business destroyed.

 when I get a laptop I will return to these pages and fix the errors


CORE - Relief Outreach Specialist (On Call)

Program Positions CORER02215

    • PostedJune 22, 2020
  • Part-Time
  • Rate$16 USD per hour
  • CAN067
    Concord, CA, USA

Job Details


The Coordinated Outreach Referral, Engagement (CORE) program works collaboratively in small teams to engage and stabilize homeless individuals living outside to identify plans to end their homelessness permanently. The CORE Outreach Specialist is responsible for street outreach efforts in Contra Costa County which include building trust with individuals and families that are not being served or are underserved by existing community service delivery systems. The Outreach Specialist works collaboratively to locate, engage, stabilize and house chronically homeless individuals and families. The CORE Outreach Specialist plays a key role among a multidisciplinary team which serves to support and stabilize individuals moving from street to service.

CORE teams work fluctuating hours.

Salary: $16.00 to $17.31, Hourly


  • Conduct mobile and street outreach throughout Contra Costa County for the purpose of engaging homeless individuals into services.
  • Build trust with, and assess the needs of unsheltered homeless persons encountered during outreach efforts; make initial contact and develop rapport with homeless adults, youth and families.
  • Distribute survival supplies including but not limited to food, hygiene supplies, blankets, and socks.
  • Administer intake questionnaires, assessments and other forms of tracking documentation as needed. Assist homeless individuals with completing applications for services, transporting them to shelters, services, and other points as needed.
  • Collaborate with Coordinated Entry programs and other County services to place homeless individuals in housing and enroll them into services.
  • Provide targeted outreach to individuals who frequent emergency services but are not connected to stable housing and health services.
  • Provide necessary referrals and information for temporary housing and community resources.
  • Provide program materials to community partners around shelter services (outreach to motels, churches, merchants).
  • Maintain and interact in a culturally sensitive, respectful, and professional demeanor.
  • Attend and participate in weekly case conferences as part of the county-wide CORE outreach program.
  • Attend community meetings with other service providers to share program information and coordinate services.
  • Comply with all policies and procedures guiding the work of this position and the department overall.
  • Attend training and meetings as required.
  • Will be on call to provide relief for the CORE program.
  • Assist and support the Hotline Counselors as needed
  • All other duties as assigned.


  • AA/AS degree in Human Services, Psychology, Counseling, or a related field; OR
  • High School degree or equivalent plus a minimum 2 years direct experience working in a professional capacity with homeless, behavioral health or medically complex populations.
  • Knowledge of the client population and their complex needs including homelessness, financial instability, medical and psychiatric illnesses, and substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS.
  • Ability to work well with diverse staff, stigmatized communities and clientele including cultural, language, sexual identity, gender and other diversity considerations within all neighborhoods in Contra Costa.
  • Ability to work successfully both independently and cooperatively.
  • Professional level competency using Internet, email, and Microsoft Word computer applications.
  • Ability to use computers/internet to look up information and enter relevant notes.
  • CPR and first aid certification within 90 days of hire.
  • With instruction, the ability to assist persons with disabilities and to help transfer a 180lb person and lift wheel chair in and out of a car or van.
  • Ability to use a computer, phone or office equipment for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to successfully and efficiently complete tasks in an environment where background noise is present and interruptions may be constant.
  • Must possess a valid California driver’s license due to driving County vehicle.
  • Must be able to access remote locations that may require traveling through rough terrain in excess of two miles in possible inclement weather conditions.


  • Bilingual, bicultural in Spanish.
  • Previous experience or training in street outreach and case management.
  • Knowledge of Contra Costa County and community resources.
  • Knowledge of the Contra Costa emergency provider network.
  • Prior experience with documentation and billing procedures.


Stand                                       Frequently

Walk                                        Constantly

Sit                                            Frequently

Handling / Fingering               Frequently

Reach Outward                        Frequently

Reach Above Shoulder             Frequently

Climb, Crawl, Kneel, Bend      Frequently

Lift / Carry                              Occasionally - Up to 50 lbs

Push/Pull                                Occasionally - Up to 50 lbs

See                                           Constantly

Taste/ Smell                            Not Applicable

Not Applicable           Not required for essential functions

Occasionally                (0 - 2 hrs/day)

Frequently                  (2 - 5 hrs/day)

Constantly                   (5+ hrs/day)


Outdoors, Inclement weather, rough walking paths, homeless encampments

Heluna Health is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer that encourages minorities, women, veterans, and disabled to apply.




High School or better.


Associates or better in Human Services or related field.



2 years: direct experience working in a professional capacity with homeless, behavioral health or medically complex populations.


NTSB Five Dead Realtors Pete knew three

The tragedies kept coming like as if it was a factory of mayhem crashes and witness murders.

We moved to Danville in 1996 had our first son got married and overtime Realtors would come looking to buy the house or introduce themselves asking if you wanted to buy a house if we wanted to sell the house or refinance.

These two nice ladies walked up saying they represented as so-and-so agency and that they were a team Davis some flyers and business.

That's how I met Floria Hakimi nicest lady in the world, genuine and honest. I don't remember the other person but a common tactic before the internet was so big was panning for customers in the old belly-to-belly way face2face Hi how are you doing I'm here to having him a personal conversation with you.

By 2003 my software career was tanking oh, I shut my Corporation down close my offices and pulled back into the house, income was crashing little did I know that my grass roots activism had a lot to do with my name being passed around to corporations put on a do not hire.

I change gears and started doing mortgages in Danville because the recruiters now dominated by mostly Indian Nationals we're telling me I needed to reinvent myself.

I started doing mortgages it first at Mount Diablo mortgage then second at Diablo funding and then lastly Charter, made some commissions but nothing stellar just enough to pay the short-term Freight.

This very nice lady that work next door at Better Homes and Gardens then single Lara Shepherd.  She had a art and history degree and we would talk about American history because of my family history which is all the way back to the Mayflower.

Then I remember seeing Scott Shepherd in Peet's Coffee Walnut Creek, the location of several other plane crashes of Pilots that I've known.

The other two way under my age radar treatment of met them other than I might have seen the DJ different events but I typically didn't go go to DJ events.

You can find legal documents binding Scott Shepherd, plumpjack, KKR, and other notable financing.

It appears mr. Shepherd setup some of plumpjacks real estate holdings and that reads to Gavin Newsom who is the founder of plumpjack


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