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City of Walnut Creek does it again - Threaten Candidate - Eject and Thwart

This potential litigant would have sued the City of Walnut Creek along with the driver in what would have been a successful personal injury case and for two years was lead astray by local attorney.  When the statues of limitations ran he was summarily told he didn't have a case.  The litigant suffered serious near fatal injuries, is permanently disabled, his body seriously crushed and mangled.  

This is his accident record that was suppressed as the accident data recently appeared on the Traffic Injury Information Mapping System (TIMS) which is maintained by U.C. Berkeley under grants from the Federal Government and the State of California.  

Other Hidden Accidents 
Eiko Sugihara - burned alive in on Dec 4th 2009 - her death is technically an accident but 

Mid August 2004 
Pete Bennett: On or about August 15th 2004, a 1987 F-250 Truck burst into flames in Interstate 680 NB just north of the Danville Police department.  When a motorcycle unit arrived I explained it was arson pointing the loosened oil plug, oil flowing like water.  In addition that the officer clearly stated 911 dispatch received over ten calls stating flames were shooting back over 100 feet.  In essence I was a fireball that was nearly burned alive yet there is no record of the incident.  Please read the exchanges between SRVFPD and my self when I attempted to get copies of the fire report.  Just like Sugihara, Cambra, Marcus Burger and my five recent attempts to get police reports nothing but today was another repeat of prior events.  

From Planning to Walnut Creek Police Department Front Counter 
Today I attempted to learn of the progress of investigations regarding the last group of incidents.  I walked to the Police Counter from planning where I clearly told the clerk I didn't need a police officer, that all events regarding police officers have been met with doublespeak, chit chat, circle talk and mumbo jumbo answers.  

I turn around to find several officers arriving and telling me nothing happened to me that my cars my stories were just stories, that my allegations were investigated, that requests for my police reports weren't needed because there was no crime and I wasn't allowed in the city. 

This is about the fifth time I've been escorted by police from the city hall.  Today they escorted a candidate for office seeking information, documents and copies of police reports needed to show the residents of Walnut Creek the stark realities of witness intimidation, murder suicides, murders and suspiciuous deaths of many homeless throughout Contra Costa County who are essentially being slaughtered to path the way for developments.  

Joe Canciamilla and Pete Bennett - the Pittsburg CA Connections 1981 to 1990


You may remember me from my efforts with the groundwork for starting the Pittsburg Seafood Festival which today has been a long term success.  

Employment of Supervisors Glover's cousins as my cabinet shop and that Bennett, Glover and Bynum's are pretty much acquainted by age, graduation year, residence proximity and overlapping history.   

Given your Pittsburgh legacy and history you like me are painfully aware of several distinct incidents.  For many these problems are over except in my situation simply put persons are trying to harm me.  

Mainframe Designs Cabinet and Millwork's 545 then 546 Bliss Ave 1981 and 1990
I once operated a large cabinet manufacturing operation employing up to 15 workers, my clients were Safeway Stores, Contra Costa College, PG&E, Wells Fargo, Fresh Choice and Wendy's.  By 1987 I'd negotiated over 4 million in contracts with Wendy's and Fresh Choice.  

Sadly in 1988 a takeover robbery took the life of Cynthia Kempf while during that same time frame my cabinet shop was targeted just like my software operation was targeted in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Danville.  Starting around 1985 I endured incidents that several years where I'd lost over $50,000 in tools, equipment and property.  Then I attempted resolution by turning to the police department where I filed reports and called 911 when I was facing a couple of drug addicts with guns.  No big deal just another Pittsburg shootout at 4 AM with me against three.  

Over time I concluded that the Pittsburg Police were deeply involved and no matter how police reports I filed nothing happened then the FBI arrived along with several trustworthy police officers with the bad news.  They couldn't protect me from the shootings, break-ins and incidents like my four stolen vehicles.  

Five years later I learned that Officer Bergen was the shooter of my friend Cynthia Kempf and we both knew her.

Cynthia Kempf 

It doesn't stop there - we all knew the Bynum Brothers -  Please read the sad tragic litigation of how the Bynums were dragged through the courtroom where they took a secondary Courtroom sponsored beating where they encountered Attorney's defending the City of Pittsburg retained by the Municipal Pooling Authority.  
Tiny Bynum ~ Pittsburg HS Graduate 

February 2012 Walnut Creek CA 
I've recently created a blog on Contra Costa Homeless where I've gathered information that homeless are being targeted and harmed.  Last year a semi formal study revealed that over 40 homeless died.  Many were slaughtered by cars but on several occasions the same nearly happened to me.  The Walnut Creek Police have continually denied I'm being targeted even when their traffic / surveillance cameras had the Kodak Moment of which vehicles traveled near my accidents they still deny events.  

This blog will mature as time permits but I lack time to remove unnecessary preseeded template items.  If the City would pay for my computer damaged by their officers life would be easy.  I hang in there everyday with Rat's running around my "hidden spot", imagine that "" fighting the Municipal Pooling Authority who by now have spend over $100K defending Banta's 13 Million Dollar claim, and now they've got defend the David Bremer claim where they say he beat himself to death on a suicide watch.   

PG&E San Bruno Explosion 
Please understand what my position is on these events.  Between February 2011 and July 2011 I was developing software for PG&E specific to the San Bruno Fire.  Last month PG&E was indicted for obstruction on the Superseding Indictment which coincidently covered obstructing or impeding an investigation.  I agree that PG&E has done that but more important is how my project fits that allegation.  

First take a close look at this video - you have to wonder how a pipeline was able to send an explosion nearly 1/3 of a mile, how a PG&E Engineer who does high performance fluid dynamics calculations.  It's a fascinating subject of determining how liquids move from A to B but in my 2004 arson case it was simple.  

The explosion that lifted 3 tons of pipe onto the street but didn't burn any houses? 

There are series of videos near this fire that suggest the blast up street wasn't produced by Compressed Liquefied Gas but was more likely C-4 - my argument is that Commander Wielsch and Chris Butler possessed these explosives via what was partially revealed by the CAL DOJ investigation but my additional argument is the original source was the 1989 San Pablo Armory Theft which occurred right behind Contra Costa College where we often used to stage our cabinet installations.  

CHP Failures 
The Contra Costa Arsonist Manual - 
R&R: Drain oil from engine, when replacing oil use temperature sensitive wax gasket, replace oil with mixture of accelerant or regular and call it a 50/50 Mix - then call the POBAR attorneys to ensure your union brothers will not create a record of the fire leaving no trails to follow.  

Where does this go?  

Once again when attempting to glean records from the City of Walnut Creek as this mornings goals were, speak to the City Clerk, collect specific details on these projects which was handled with trepidation by staff.  I attempted to get this information several times in the last year.  In one instance the police came charging out - I was met with five officers and told that I wasn't allowed in the City Hall and that I was required to email the City Clerk.  

So today I'm explaining to Walnut Creek Police officers that my truck fire is very important when the officer said he knew about our meeting nearly ten years ago where I've alleged consistently for over ten years (August 2004) that it was attempted murder. 

These are the events occurring 

Walnut Creek City Council Meetings 
I've attempted to voice my concerns over three years, I've written letters, made calls and spent thousands of hours of my time researching incidents throughout the county.  In my public speaking period I've vetted incidents that have occurred and how on more than one occasion I've had my civil rights violated.  Since appearing a series of intentional incidents have occurred, instead of calling WCPD I've called the FBI or CHP's legislative security team called Threat Assessment Unit (TAU), when someone attempted to run me over on September 28th 2013 I called Officer Mike Soslo and Brian Wong who've been collecting information on events near me since 2011 when Senator DeSaulnier called them to go after me instead I've concluded one very glaring connection which I will detail below.   

Running for Office and the Union is the same race
In every instance along this journey it's been Unionized workers but is not limited to just Police, in 2007 the Superior court clerks lost my Ex-Parte motion thereby deliberately interfering with my court motion which was a move away prevention order.  You think it's limited to me it's not, in the Matter of Marina Evans v. Mark Evans it is much worse.  I met Marina in 2004 but it took three years to learn what happened.  She was arrested in Walnut Creek held for 63 days on a serious Jay Walking charge.  The very troubling issue is they held an ex-parte motion in her absence.  This has been posted to my blog since March 2013.   

Marina was brought to the holding cell and held captive by the deputies.  The court procedure is very clear - the bailiff is to check to see if the respondent is in custody, in custody for Jay Walking, she was screwed out of every nickel she's acquired.  The good news in her husbands Attorney offices were burned down with my attorneys offices in building owned by one of Benny Chetcuti's victims who managed to fleece over 30 million from investors.  

The Maria Evans Story is not much different from the Jaycee Dugard story, held captive, denied her civil rights and due process, then I've got Joseph Welsch who was beat up my deputies, he wins a half million from the county, in my case a Danville Building Inspector beat me up right after my truck exploded on 680, Mr, Collins died an untimely death weeks after being linked to the CNET Scandal, along with Roma Bhatia and cub scout mom Loretta Hale. 

Just so you get the gravity of how Politicians are selected or deselected please read my blog pages about 
  • Office Eric Nunn - Candidate for Office District V 
  • Councilman Shimansky, 
  • Candidate Elect Gary Bell 
  • Contra Costa Tax Collector Bill Pollacek.

The Victim Collage - Nate Greenan 04/18/2012
James Greenan's son was killed on WB-24 is not another accident to be ignored, Greenan represented the County against Chevron.  Nate grew up in Danville, he was 35 at the time of his death, his family raised him Mormon but he left the church, he went to Oakland Temple inside the Danville Stake which contains, Danville, Alamo and San Ramon. 

The Fate of Attorneys and their families

One of the attorneys son committed suicide in the county jail. 
One of the victims just gave birth to baby girl. 

She was run over by car matching the description of the vehicle that tried to run me over not once but twice.  

This one should get your attention - 

In the above link Nate Greenan is holding a ceremonial sword (Left), and on the left is Ernie Scherer's III booking arrest photo.  The State's case boils down to time, motive and weapons.  One theory pitched over the rail was the missing sword from Scheerer La Brea residence was the weapon which was theorized by investigator Scott Dudek of Alameda County SO, Dudek was also the core investigator for the former DOE employee John Kelly who committed suicide in 2007.  

Via Nate's Facebook pages I found him holding a ceremonial sword which was at least a year after Ernie III was convicted along with a very tight timeline between NV to NorCal to SoCal then to bed.  

Who's connected to former Department of Elections Employee John Kelly? 

Candidate for Office Eric Nunn - Fatal 
Eric Nunn candidate for office, and BART officer Craig Wilson but it gets stranger as they also worked with Michael Maes, Timothy Smith and Robert Seymour.   In every case their deaths were untimely, a suicide, a plane crash, a murder suicide and officer involved shooting.  

The strange part is John's suicide had the perfect witness - an off duty police officer and the Nunn crash in a demographic region consisting of less than five hundred residents, there were two perfect witnesses on the ground perfectly positioned to inform FAA investigator Ian MacGregor.  

The relevance of all these snippets is I knew Nunn, Kelly, Maes, Chetcuti, Butler, Wielsch, Tanabe, and Lombardi.  I know all of them via phone, emails, or personally.  They inturn would know officers from Walnut Creek, CCSO, LPD, PHPD, and other cities where in turn each city I've had numerous incidents.  

The Municipal Pooling Authority - serving the cities, their union workers and pretty much killing opposition, litigants and dissention.  This litigant has alleged Walnut Creek Police officers on numerous occasions tried to harm Bennett but that without a police investigation nothing will happen.   

Please read "Find the 680 Boy Scout Arsonist and you'll find Alicia Driscoll's killers " 
Antioch, Brentwood, ClaytonDanville, El Cerrito, Hercules, Lafayette, Manteca, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, OrindaPacifica, Pinole, PittsburgPleasant HillSan PabloSan Ramon and Walnut Creek

Ponzi Schemes Ala Carte 
In 2013 after discovering that Commercial Building Owner Scott Bergren owned 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road which was hit by an arsonist in 2001, that arson case derailed my litigation.  One case was a payables dispute and the other was proposed litigation with Albert D. Seeno.  Over a decade later I've discovered that Benny Chetcuti Jr. sister was married to Chris Butler (Fed Prison) and that Benny grew up a mile from the San Bruno Explosion, that he knows persons in another company who's signs I discovered near the Walnut Creek Kinder Morgan Fire.  It should be noted that 

Walnut Creek 



The Spinal Meningitis Victims Syndrome ~ Natural Attended Deaths Via Bacteria

The Spinal Meningitis Victims Syndrome
By Pete Bennett 
Silently Shaping the Political Landscape in Contra Costa County 

I'll be posting an analysis of my personal laymen observations of Spinal Meningitis Deaths and near fatal cases of bacterial, spinal and staph might have been used to terminate adversaiin Contra Costa where 
f the kill methods of ending political adversaries which is clearly a tactical kill method. In 2005 this nearly killed me but Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center (CCCMRC) Doctors and ER Physicians refused to consider I was poisoned but Meningitis is only one Modus Operandi.  


Accident Analysis: City Of Walnut Creek

A concise review of City Of Walnut Creek Accidents involving Homeless Persons
By Pete Bennett -
Walnut Creek CA-- An unlikely set of events unfolded in February 2001


From Programmer to Deadbeat Dad ► Your Tax Dollars At Work

From Programmer to Dead Beat Dad
By Pete Bennett  

How They Destroyed and Nearly Killed One Father 
Once upon a time while living in Pittsburg CA during the late 80's, I once operated a large cabinet and millwork shop on Bliss Ave where business was very good.   A series of shootings inside my cabinet shop with guns pointed at me.  The murder of Cynthia Kempf was fresh in everyone's minds as unsolved, a  horrific execution of a nice local East County resident.   Many knew her but my connection a little stronger because Safeway Stores was our customer.  

The Big Insurance Fraud 
Police Reports
Witness Intimidation 
On or about February 1989 FBI agents arrived to inform me my life was in danger then later several trustworthy Pittsburg Officers (there were very few) also arrived with the same news.  By 1989 I'd racked up theft losses of over $50,000 but there were random assaults, shootouts (real guns, real drug addicts) enough burglaries where the Pittsburg Police failed over and over.  When my car was stolen I found the car, when my truck was stolen it was down the street and again I found it.  It was the most pathetic corrupt agency in the country.   
When the news broke that Cynthia Kempf was found murdered in a field in Oakley CA few ever suspected that five years later they'd arrest Pittsburg Officer Eric Bergen for the murder of Kempf.  Bergen was already on my radar for the thefts as nearly every police response was Bergen and his pals.  After the Danville Building Inspector 

, some of which moved the Sheriff's Office in charge of operating the jail where they murdered my roommate  David Bremer in March 2014 was beat to death somewhere from being arrested in Walnut Creek at 10:00 PM (according to father) to 6:00  Pittsburg Safeway once located on Railroad Ave.  One night four masked men stormed into the store in the early evening hours in a well planned takeover robbery.    

Danville CA 

One of many legs in my 35 journey occurred when in Septemer 2004 Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins nearly beat me to death at my former Danville residence.  The Danville Town Council’s reaction was pathetic but the story didn’t end there.  Below is a chronology of “some” events since then and before.  If you were sitting in my shoes you’d wonder what’s going on. 
1982 –Employee’s brother shot and killed by Pittsburg CA Police Officer Ray Giocomelli
1985 to 1989 Pittsburg Officers attempting to extort money from victim and local businesses
1985 to 1989 Pittsburg officers run disruption campaign on Bennett effectively forcing shop to close down 
1988–Safeway Manager abducted and killed, later found executed
1980 to 1990 Series of unsolved murders – East County
1995–Pittsburg Officers found guilty for 1988 Safeway murders
2000–Former Customer Murdered in Bizarre takeover robbery
2002–Former mechanic found dead in the Delta – blunt force trauma
2004–Bennett’s 1987 F250 Truck erupts in flames on 680NB – CHP arrives said flames reached 100’ back. Oil plug rigged with wax sealed – they call it sabotaged
2004–Mechanic that repaired truck states was behind subject’s vehicle and witnessed entire fire – did not stop – I know it’s just a coincidence that a mechanic that works for someone I know just happened to be behind me. 
2004–High Speed Maneuver commonly known as “Swoop” designed to cause driver to over correct in fatal rollover.  That day my sons were with me and we watched the driver hit the median at 80mph
2004–Subject’s trailer flips – trailer ball rigged –additional details
2005–Subject suffers near fatal infection.  Suspected bacterial infection
2006–Attorney retained to sue Town of Danville, Gary Collins and members of CNET team now indicted by US Attorney – was beaten in Walnut Creek at random –suspect never charged and probably never reached DA office.  That event occurred in BBall game where police officers participate in drop in games on Oak Road Walnut Creek
2008–Subject attacked by different building inspector
2009–Subjects attorney fails to appear in court – case lost
2010–Subject sets up offices four separate times and each time someone files mysterious complaints that trigger subjects to relocate
2010–Subject leases 1500 SF space at 1924a Oak Park Blvd.  Pleasant Hill
2010/07 A retired SF Police Lieutenant appears – attempts to join operations – runs campaign, friends of subject receive deaths threats, subject receives death threats an flees area.
2010- Walnut Creek Detectives threaten subject for no apparent reason would not reveal relationship to SFPD Lieutenant ‘s connection to subjects business being closed
2010 Approached SFPD – informed of activities near their officers
2010-Just prior to election approached and spoke directly to then SF Mayor Gavin Newsome - offered faked promises of assistance 
2010–Former SFPD Chief Alex dies suddenly in London (IRS Agent Girlfriend 1988 bombing victim)
2011–Returned to east bay
2011–Chris Butler and former Commander Weilsch arrested
2011–Subject discovers Private Investigator is same person who had inside information about
2011- met with Danville Attorney Robert Ewing to inform him that same persons involved in CNET/Dirty DUI scandal were same officers surrounding subjects numerous incidents –witnessed by patrol officers and staff. 
2011-July 4th Parade -
à spoke to Danville Councilman Arnerich – witnessed by DPD Lt.à Spoke to Mormon from local stake –
detailed to both persons about above history – one person didn’t take the time to visit with my sons even though they had doubled in size.
2011-07-07 Subject arrested for unknown Child Support Warrant – Subjects 1997 Infinity and laptop containing sensitive PGE Pipeline data – while in custody subjects Laptop was accessed, and suspect PGE Data was taken but data breach discovery.
2011-07-20 9:00 PM
An SUV Expedition directly behind subject who attempting to make left turn from Deer Hill Road to First Street.  Subject in lead car was blinded with high powered spot light then forced by SUV into oncoming traffic exiting WB24 to First Street – (this is a sharp reverse loop where cars travel at 40mph.
Subject takes traffic island between and roadway – car undercarriage is totaled.
2011-07-24 Detective from CCC DA office follows subject from McDonalds Walnut Creek – subject has plate numbers – sent to agency to verify ownership. 
2011-08-03 Subjects car barely drivable but stuck at Wheel Works Parkside Drive – estimated damage beyond value – car totaled
2011-08-08 – While sleeping in vehicle at Wheelworks SF Police officers appeared at 4 AM at 7/11– keys to vehicle stole
2011-09-08 –While napping in Civic Park Walnut Creek – A city worker encircles me tossing rocks in my face, I finally wake up.  Relocate and then head to library, then a detective, sergeant and captain approach me with allegations that this homeless man (me) had attacked a city worker on a riding mower.   Then with hand on gun he begins to query me.
2011 former neighbor and clients killed in Back to Back incidents
The cops behind some of those incidents are former Danville, San Ramon, and CCSO, and more are coming out soon.
While in Martinez Detention Facility former Danville Deputies remembered me and said are you the guy that wrote those letters.  I said yes you’re fucked and all going to prison.   They promptly placed homicide suspect in my cell. 
The judge in Butte County, DA and my attorney are truly worried about my safety as I am.  I have tails following me daily until mall security guards spotted them and called WCPD.   They are gone but more will arrive soon it’s been going on for 2-3 years. 
Based on what I’m saying which I’ve been saying in emails across the county I’m suspecting that possibly some of these fine, fine officers are perhaps tying take me down or worse.   I know they’ve got a problem now and I’ve got homeless men being run over in Walnut Creek – try four men and over 10 accidents between within 1000’s of Kaiser and Traders Joes.  
I am homeless, preparing for four surgeries resulting from a brutal near fatal fight that occurred in 2004 in my Danville residence located at 161 Valle Vista Danville CA.  The assailant was Gary Vinson Collins who was once a Danville Building Inspector. 
I don’t think anyone but a few people get what’s going on.  After the jail incident my brakes were sabotaged when I got out of MDF, then I hid in San Jose that didn’t work out too well as these many trolls and stalkers found me.  I know how they did it. 
I lost a valuable contract with PGE when the car was totaled and my laptop was compromised while I was jail for 40 hours.  I had to notify everyone and of course like all big companies they said adios. 
Hey it gets better – the lady that bailed me out of jail friend of ten years was murdered that night.  I knew Loretta Hale and Roma Bhatia who are divorcee but way back in 1988 Cynthia Kempf was murdered Pittsburg Officer Eric Bergen, he was my beat officer, she was friend and he’s sitting in San Quentin, Lombardi and Butler are sitting in Federal Prison.
My story stated with Danville Cops and local Mormons.   If you’re smart you’d keep them off your property.  I have no problem sharing what I’ve dug up as even the bouncer at Round Up was killed 20 minutes after I finished singing at Roundup, the same bar where I was attacked by friends of the powerful. 
If you have any spare linebackers available I’d be happy to pay them with the $40,000 that once part of my stolen coin collection.  I sent that snippet to the US Attorney on December 30th 2011 which is the exact amount that Lombardi pleaded to stealing from residents like me. 


Suspect Hit and Run Vehicle Found: SL 550


Targeted Attorneys: Arson, Murders, Deaths and Accidents

By Pete Bennett  

Former Offices 
Heather Jean Lorber Claibourne - #136040


Pressing EBMUD for answers

Pressing EBMUD for answers

The final straw was another Hit and Run in Lafayette CA where July 20th 2011 my car was totaled.  That event galvanized this blogger as Chief Christensen has refused to investigate.

The Explosion

My position in regards to my 2004 Truck Arson Fire is as follows
  • Law Enforcement Personnel Involved
  • Planned for insurance fraud Prudential Universal Life Policy $855,000
  • Mountain Cascade - Pipeline Contractor
  • Cal Fire Pipeline Safety Group - Lakewood CA
  • EBMUD - Protecting the public's money 
  • The Litigation Players - Unsavory Plaintiff
  • The State Bar - The first letters going
  • Other Parties 

The Deceased Witnesses

In early 2014, a former (but brief) friend named Alicia Driscoll and the alleged murder suicide of her daughter fell perfectly into my incident timeline.  There are several other cases near the CNET Scandal (Police), Family Law, Contra Costa Bar Association whose members litigated many major catastrophic accidents reaping those Super Lawyer Settlements but along the way even their Super Lawyer Powers missed deposing what most Plaintiff Attorneys conclude was the most important unrelated witness who'd collaborate the horrible fire deaths linked to other horrible deaths by fire.

Deceased Witnesses

ELLEN SABADUQUIA (1950-2005) Witness to the 2004 Walnut Creek Pipeline Explosion More

Explosive Profits by Disaster

Gas Pipeline Explosions 


Claims Against City of Walnut Creek

Claims Against City of Walnut Creek
By Pete Bennett  
WALNUT CREEK CA -- For nearly ten years no one believed me about events that a large scale fraud operation was centered in Contra Costa County complete with all the resources and cover needed to run a covert operation.

In 2004 my truck explodes - A motorcycle officer arrives saying you we're burned alive, then months later the Gas Pipeline Explosion killed five but along the way there are four more deaths.  When discovering connections between my truck fire, then connecting my attorneys offices were connected to the same CNET offices, then connecting one of Chris Butlers clients to the 1170 Lincoln Ave Apartments but when my calls to CAL FIRE PIPELINE SAFETY GROUP who decided hanging up was better than answering questions about my findings.

I am eternally frustrated with my cars being totaled, accidents occurring near me, my friends, and my sons who were nearly killed in a high speed near direct "Swoop and Squat" and then eight years later my car is totaled in Lafayette CA by a retired cop and after three years with the FBI, SAG and CHP State Investigators, a very close call attempted murder by vehicle in Walnut Creek CA nothing.

My friend is beat to death in the Martinez Detention Facility which might be better suited to be Martinez Death Facility kill on arrival when appropriate.  The one good change was watching Walnut Creek PD arrest a off the charts belligerent patron of HubCaps Restaurant Walnut Creek.  The guy was an easy take down who apparently thought the bathroom was someone behind the kitchen are.  Either way they took the Sumo Wrestler down fast effectively but most important safely.  They used The Wrap and at the end of the day no one got hurt.

Perhaps we won't ever have another Banta or Bremer again which is two young men I personally knew.

The claims have been filed but I can't find an attorney because many attorneys know about The Dead Attorney Syndrome and the Contra Costa Bar Association should be investigated for ignoring issues I raised before many of these deaths occurred.  Our public officials at all levels should protecting businesses from extortion, arson, murders and tactical economic games targeting elderly residents (Benny Chetcuti Jr. and Walter Ng) who managed to ramp up millions collectively leading to Billions in Fraud.

That doesn't include the PG&E, Oakland Hills, and Kinder Morgan Fire. 


The Outside Nordstrom's Attempted Murder

The Murder Weapon was found here. ....

By Pete Bennett

This car followed me one night during the late evening hours the night of June 9, 2014.  I outsmarted the driver who passed me up and then came around.  Two police officers were waiting as I was about to cross.  

They are have been fired.  A few weeks later the same car was parked in front of the now former LIFT Lounge located on Locust Street Walnut Creek. 

Walnut Creek -- On Tuesday June 9th 2014 at 23:10 Hrs, a sus/vic vehicle began following (sus/vic) Bennett from Barnes and Noble Walnut Creek just after closing hours. Bennett a local homeless advocate is fully aware that homeless in Walnut Creek CA are being killed along with many other residents in the area.

The incident resulted in once again seeing the same core group of officers who've for the last ten years have harassed this citizen endlessly. It took several years of researching when I realized the same officers in this deadly Pipeline Explosion in 2004 where WCPD Bomb Squad Truck was on the scene is connected to officers that killed Anthony Banta Jr. of Paradise High School where my sons were are definitive witnesses to the 2005 Bennett Murder Attempt via high speed accident.

Walnut Creek is the city with the glowing reputation of being Rodeo Drive North has darker secrets where bodies being found 500 feet from Las Lomas High School and the larger Las Lomas Triangle – The Vortex Under Mt. Diablo a name needed to describe what's going on in Cold Case County where investigators bury cases using a The Dead Letter Box which is how spy masters handle their covert operatives. In 2013 a live person answered 925-313-2632 The Arson Murder Case so we don't know about the deceased is a mother who's likely another victim of the Dead Attorney Syndrome.



Your Public Officials Are Failing You

When the CNET Scandal broke in 2011 it was clear all the calls I’d made the FBI were paying off.  In 2004 I went through a long list of attacks, arson, fires and accidents. 

In 2005 while my sons were students at San Ramon Valley Unified Schools covering Danville, San Ramon and south Walnut Creek my sons and I were on 680 heading WB 580 when a driver tried to flip us.

That incident claimed the life of the other driver who hit the median at 70 to perhaps 90 MPH.  Back then my sons were lucky but after ten years of many deliberate incidents it’s clear I was targeted and that the sum of my incident to several Gas Pipeline Explosions which leads a Danville Police Motorcycle Officer who was in Walnut Creek CA around Sept 2012 wearing those CHP truck inspection Overalls over his Navy Blues – with TAU, a mistake that State Senator Mark DeSaulnier made in August 2011, as relatives of two state senators have been murdered. I told the unit three years ago that persons near CNET have been regularly since the 80’s and the Dead Seeno Witness List page explain what’s truly happening.

I began once again calling Contra Costa Officials for help over ten years ago.  In 2004 a pipeline exploded in your county, straddled between two schools with thousands of students.  In 2004, Mormons from Alamo CA and Danville Police tried to kill me via the “Bennett Truck Arson Fire” on NB 680 where but that deliberately concealed fire preceded a deadly explosion in Walnut Creek where a pipeline explosion in close enough proximity to level two schools with thousands of students.

These Gas Pipeline Fires devastated lives on two sides of the San Francisco Bay but the Kinder Morgan Fire has far too many links to my events.  The Driscoll Murders are connected to Mountain Cascade Construction, CAL Fire, Kinder Morgan (KMP) where the billionaire settles out financially but reading up on Richard Morgan sketchy sounding operations but a research piece by

Serial Arsonist On The Loose

For 30 years Contra Costa Endures Arson Fires

By Pete Bennett CNET Scandal Date: May 15th, 2014
Walnut Creek -- The discomforting realization to this blogger was concluding his personal experience with fire incidents was they we're more than a coincidence.

IN 2001 attorneys representing Bennett officers burned via arson, in 2013 Bennett began asking questions about that fire then began asking questions about the 2004 Pipeline Explosion.  When Cal Fire's Pipeline Safety Group Engineering hung up on Bennett in early 2013 - it was a long list of rebukes.

Contra Costa Consolidated Fire couldn't find the numerous arson fires near San Carlos and Ygnacio Valley Road then San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District couldn't a report on Bennett's 2004 arson fire then the discovery that witnesses connected to the Kinder Morgan fire it was becoming clear that official findings were missing key elements needed to construct a successful investigation.

Around January/February 2005 someone nearly flipped my F-250 Truck with trailer in tow with (See Bennett Incidents) but a little noticed aspect was my then young sons were with me.  We stopped and called 911 spoke to dispatch.  That event could be verified by my sons but presently Paradise Unified School District Superintendent Roger Bylund operates the Berlin Wall of Lawful Court Orders. '

He knows Seeno who knows Helix who grandson was killed in LVNV and that means these fine Contra Costa Republicans know James Greenan (atty) whose son was murdered in Orinda. Sooner or later CHP will shelve Nate's accident as undertermined but that's how street murders are covered when it's a bunch of white people killing each other - probable, plausible, theoretical become factual verifiable factual conclusions based solely on the inaccurate factual case.

I live in Cold Case County in a town called Diablo Shadows where the sun sets early for some. 

Dennis Sandoval -56-year-old man killed after car plunges into canal

The Man in the Canal

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Pittsburg CA:

Man speaks out against BART in November 2013 and is dead by April 2nd, 2014. I know that it's another Cold Case County accident where residents like Bennett who speak out are nearly killed in Walnut Creek crosswalks, that his friends like Kellie Reed or his attorneys brother in-law are killed and damn even when Bennett's truck exploded on the Freeway nothing -

I have witnesses and they are Mormon's that are friends with Supervisor Anderson who knows James Greenan where they happily drink that Mormon Swill known as Kool-Aid and Jello -

More to come
Just kinda of weird
When speaking up on BART issues you should be careful as someone might pull a Sandoval on you.
Dennis Sandoval , 56, of Pittsburg has been riding BART for four decades, and he is fed up by the two strikes and ongoing labor dispute, in which the transit agency board is refusing to ratify the tentative contract because of a family medical leave section it says was accidentally included.
"The state should take over the entire operation," he said, questioning whether either BART management or its unions are taking commuters into consideration.
"The voice of the commuters, the hundreds of thousands of people who ride BART every day, is not being heard at the negotiation table," he said. "What about us?"
Trost said the transit agency's priority is its riders and that it tries to keep them informed of potential or actual shutdowns, whether caused by strike, computer failures or someone or something on the tracks.

Pro Bono Attorney or Legal Representation

Please accept my highly unusual approach in reaching out for counsel. The type of firm doesn't matter nor does your field of expertise this email is desperate plea for legal representation, repeated violation of my civil right, attack on the court, officers of the court and redlining of litigant to homelessness.

In 2004 I was attacked and beaten in Danville CA, a month earlier my truck was rigged for arson and exploded on 680 nearly burning me alive. You won't find a police report for the fire nor will you find a police report for the July 20th 2011 hit and run in Lafayette CA where once again my car was destroyed.

2005- Mid Year Beat the Attorney

Be Well Prepared

After that accident it was clear someone was after me. In June 2011 the FBI arrested Danville Police Officer Stephen Tanabe, Steve was in my cubscout den, he was in my house often and knew I carried nearly a million of life insurance payable to my then wife and sons.

The PG&E Internal Conspiracy 
During Spring / Summer of 2011 I was working for PG&E developing software connected to the deadly PG&E San Bruno Pipeline Explosion

 but the previous fall I had a PG&E Engineer standing my for former offices next to a retired San Francisco Police Officer Lt. David Oberhoffer. Oberhoffer is a well known entity to East Bay Police officers but there is another side that places him close to numerous fires and incidents. Oberhoffer was in my offices with PG&E High Performance Engineer Hugh Smith just days after the PG&E San Bruno Fire

Crime victims are entitled to justice and due process. Their rights include, but are not limited to, the right to notice and to be heard during critical stages of the justice system; the right to receive restitution from the criminal wrongdoer; the right to be reasonably safe throughout the justice process; the right to expect the government to properly fund the criminal justice system, so that the rights of crime victims stated in these Findings and Declarations and justice itself are not eroded by inadequate resources; and, above all, the right to an expeditious and just punishment of the criminal wrongdoer.

Trail of Bodies - BART / PUSD / Broadway Pointe Garage


Posted April 16th 2014 

Walnut Creek CA:  This page is dedicated to protecting the Widow of one of your former employees.  In 2011 I reconnected with a friend from nearly 30 years ago.  I was saddened to learn of her husbands suicide.  

That person was friends with more than person connected to persons connected to numerous US Grand Jury Indictments.

Your widow is my friend and my adversary is a retired San Francisco Police Officer whose been too close to arson cases, fires, accidents and controversial incidents. 

In 2012 out of frustration with incidents near me I posted openly about this cop who has copies of my legal papers, knows where my sons live and knows police officers now in Federal Prison.  

The Student Stalker - why the blog instead of calling the Police
► Simple on September 28th 2013, 

Broadway Pointe located in Downtown Walnut Creek bounded by Mt. Diablo, Duncan, N. Broadway and N. Main Street. 

A Snapshot of my Story 

08/2004 - Truck Arson Fire - Truck Burst Into Flames on 680
09/2004 > Nearly beaten to death in residence - Assailant / Critical Witness now decease
09/2004 > Chris Butler arrives full knowledge of assualt - now in prison
10/2004 > SRPD Lombardi shoves gun at Bennett
10/2004 > Traffic Violations and fine campaign begins
10/2004 > Pipeline Explodes Killing Five - Bennett is in court same day sees flames from court house up street
Friends of Judge Golub - > Officer Stephen Tanabe now in Federal Prison for setting up divorces.
Yesterday I called CHP Internal Affairs Unit on how a CHP officer would come to Starbucks in Walnut Creek adn try to convince me that truck explode everyday - what bullshit.
last year I informed Paradise Unified School District that in my court motion was direct references to Students and School Districts were being targeted for Profitable Plaintiff cases.
it's clear that no one wants my 2004 Arson case to surface.


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