Broadway Pointe Shopping Center - Downtown Employees Targeted

Walnut Creek CA:

What could possibly have happened to allow a homeless American Programmer seeking work be able to be connected to this many cases?  

The truly disturbing reality is a surge in train accidents, highway crashes. fires, suspected arson cases, murders, murder suicides, but coupled with one truly strange shooting a Starbucks Barista, a drowning of three students connected to Los Lomas High School, a relative of District Supervisor, several local businessman, the suicide of a pharmacist, a deli worker, a mugging, a jumper, the theft of a guitar, a smash and grab at Tiffany's, Davidson and Licht, a dead cook, dead bartender, a dead piano player, dead a waitress, a transmission service writer and many other cases spanning 30 years is nearly impossible but it's true - I know all these victims or their families.  

Gavin Powell - Employed by Jamba Juice 

Anthony Banta Jr. Employed by Starbucks 

Pete Bennett - American programmer, guitar stolen broad daylight, investigating officer fired, car towed by Regional Parking located at 1204 Alpine Road Walnut Creek who alleges he's been terrorized by parties suspected but not identified who are connected the following Federal Indictments. 


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