Defrauding United States Government and John Muir, San Ramon, Kaiser, Oroville Hospitals

OPEN CEO LETTERS to Medical Community

Bernard J.Tyson, CEO of Kaiser
Calvin "Cal" Knight President/CEO John Muir Health

CC:Jerome McGuire Sub Committee of Public Safety
US Attorney Hartley West USDOJ
Attorney General

Dear Respective Chief Operating Officers,

I am writing to inform you that numerous law enforcement agencies have defrauded your respective hospitals by distorting public law by constructing deceptive police reports.  The argument I'm presenting involves activities of police agencies directly affecting mandatory care provisions.

The events connected to incidents involve medical staff, murders of former resident physician of the John Muir, Murders near Family, witnesses to civil and criminal cases.

Surviving attacks by police officers, persons near cases, witnesses and victims alike whose civil rights have been repeatedly violated, where victims of accidents are routinely assigned near total blame as pedestrians that  veiled, active or discrete the net sum of events has created impossible adverse scenario

Witness and victim intimidation as business model.  Below are profiles of three separate victims that either alive, suffered permanent long term costs, or deceased but each fall

Internal HIPPA Failures leading to continued victimization of homeless persons who have zero property rights, have limited or non-existent access to legal protection, almost no access to the courts, face foreboding fines greater the sum of their food stamp card.  Expanding the argument to courtroom in

The Body Across From Kaiser Hospital is a Coroner Whodunit

Failure to deliver adequate care to one resident long term effects has affected his life expectancy, issued a police report with subjective conclusion prevents the victims from realizing recovery in the court room, where the jury would be tainted with arguments that the victim deserved the accident which is akin to be a participant of conspiracy to murder.

The expanding cities, boundaries and property create a property superior race over property-less inferior rights.  The one without legal standing no matter where they stand, sit or lie



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