Trail of Bodies - BART / PUSD / Broadway Pointe Garage


Posted April 16th 2014 

Walnut Creek CA:  This page is dedicated to protecting the Widow of one of your former employees.  In 2011 I reconnected with a friend from nearly 30 years ago.  I was saddened to learn of her husbands suicide.  

That person was friends with more than person connected to persons connected to numerous US Grand Jury Indictments.

Your widow is my friend and my adversary is a retired San Francisco Police Officer whose been too close to arson cases, fires, accidents and controversial incidents. 

In 2012 out of frustration with incidents near me I posted openly about this cop who has copies of my legal papers, knows where my sons live and knows police officers now in Federal Prison.  

The Student Stalker - why the blog instead of calling the Police
► Simple on September 28th 2013, 

Broadway Pointe located in Downtown Walnut Creek bounded by Mt. Diablo, Duncan, N. Broadway and N. Main Street. 

A Snapshot of my Story 

08/2004 - Truck Arson Fire - Truck Burst Into Flames on 680
09/2004 > Nearly beaten to death in residence - Assailant / Critical Witness now decease
09/2004 > Chris Butler arrives full knowledge of assualt - now in prison
10/2004 > SRPD Lombardi shoves gun at Bennett
10/2004 > Traffic Violations and fine campaign begins
10/2004 > Pipeline Explodes Killing Five - Bennett is in court same day sees flames from court house up street
Friends of Judge Golub - > Officer Stephen Tanabe now in Federal Prison for setting up divorces.
Yesterday I called CHP Internal Affairs Unit on how a CHP officer would come to Starbucks in Walnut Creek adn try to convince me that truck explode everyday - what bullshit.
last year I informed Paradise Unified School District that in my court motion was direct references to Students and School Districts were being targeted for Profitable Plaintiff cases.
it's clear that no one wants my 2004 Arson case to surface.


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