The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Letter to State Attorney General Offices

Sent to the SAG


I live in Contra Costa County and I have a target on my back the persons carrying the badges are the ones I have to worry about.  I have had so many murders near me, so many attempts to harm me, my family and my friends I no longer believe the court system in this county is able to function.

I appear in a public forum and the next few months persons near my complaints were murdered.

Following has happened to me
2004 Beating and hospitalization by Danville Building Inspector,
2004 My truck exploded from an arson
2005 Poisoning Event - near fatal event
2005 Tainted medicine
2007 Hospitalization for bizarre infections
2007 Attacked by different inspector
2008 Cars vandalized
2010 Business Targeted by Police Offices
2011 FBI Arrests Commander Wielsch -Butler
that would your employee
2013 Mugging in Oroville
2011 car totaled in Hit and Run Lafayette Chief won't investigate, once dated ex-wife - attempted murder -
2012 Laptop Stolen with PG&E data now part of domestic terrorism case
2013 Roommate beaten and hospitalized
2013 Nearly killed in Crosswalk
2012 Brother in-law of divorce attorney murdered
2005 Former Attorney mugged in Walnut Creek
2001 Former Attorney offices hit by arsonist
2012 Friend murdered
2012 Friend dies in Suspicious Fire

2014 Friend Murdered - Bartender
2012 Music Friend Murdered - nephew of former State Senator
2014 Music Friend Murdered - Local Bartender

2014 Friend Murdered

This is just the recent stuff

I have been stalked by persons impersonating police officers wearing CHP Uniforms or uniforms or badges and nameplates not belonging them but they were wearing uniforms and were on the scene of more than one attempt to take my life.

Can anyone tell me why I spent over three years talking to legislative security unit, why I can't my license back, shy ANKA Behavioral Health who has contract with county for homeless court.  They lost my file and paperwork and refuse to help me.

I can tell you and will tell anyone

This mom did not murder her daughter - I had a date with her just before she died

The Driscoll Murders - Distorted Investigation mom loved that child


In 2011 provided services to PG&E for software services who has been indicted by US Grand Jury for Pipeline safety allegations - that is what was taken from my laptop.

Metcalf Substation Domestic Terrorism

If I can't get a police report then I can't get help and if I can't get help than I'm a fucking target

I've been banned, beaten, arrested, jailed, and in the end there are no criminal charges or convictions.


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