Dennis Sandoval -56-year-old man killed after car plunges into canal

The Man in the Canal

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Pittsburg CA:

Man speaks out against BART in November 2013 and is dead by April 2nd, 2014. I know that it's another Cold Case County accident where residents like Bennett who speak out are nearly killed in Walnut Creek crosswalks, that his friends like Kellie Reed or his attorneys brother in-law are killed and damn even when Bennett's truck exploded on the Freeway nothing -

I have witnesses and they are Mormon's that are friends with Supervisor Anderson who knows James Greenan where they happily drink that Mormon Swill known as Kool-Aid and Jello -

More to come
Just kinda of weird
When speaking up on BART issues you should be careful as someone might pull a Sandoval on you.
Dennis Sandoval , 56, of Pittsburg has been riding BART for four decades, and he is fed up by the two strikes and ongoing labor dispute, in which the transit agency board is refusing to ratify the tentative contract because of a family medical leave section it says was accidentally included.
"The state should take over the entire operation," he said, questioning whether either BART management or its unions are taking commuters into consideration.
"The voice of the commuters, the hundreds of thousands of people who ride BART every day, is not being heard at the negotiation table," he said. "What about us?"
Trost said the transit agency's priority is its riders and that it tries to keep them informed of potential or actual shutdowns, whether caused by strike, computer failures or someone or something on the tracks.

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