Danville Mormon Stake - A Tall Tale about Two Mormon Sons - One Murdered - One is a Murderer?

A Tall Tale Two Mormon Sons One in Heeevan , One Living in Hell, One has the Missing Sword
I Know Both Families 


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Alamo CA:  Nestled in the East Bay about 30 miles from San Francisco CA is Alamo CA basking in the Shadow of Mt. Diablo, just beyond the East Bay Hills.  A pristine enclave of beautiful sunrises, striking sunsets interwoven with the boiling fog banks arriving in summer.  These can produce those once in a lifetime pictures rivaling the Sierra's, Smokey's, Rockies or Cascade Range.  The right day with the right sunlight.  

Having lived at the base of Mt. Diablo for many years I know the hills very well from hiking in Briones, Sugarloaf, Briones or Las Trampas.  

Mormon Country ~ The Western Edge of the Mormon universe, a Western Bible Belt and sun tanned golfers and staunch members Contra Costa Republican Party who dominate Danville, San Ramon and Walnut Creek CA attend church while ignoring lynchings, arson and murders.  These same groups have control of the Contra Costa Bar Association with airtight connections to the .  

One notable case was The Pamela Vitale in Lafayette CA murder which occurred just in time to disrupt the Susan Polk Murder Trial that my personal opinion was winnable and that opinion sealed when no one returned my inquiries about the The Eiko Sugihara Murder in 2009 where the Arson/Murder Tip Line was set up to deliberately derail the investigation.  It's interested in tips, leads or information that might shed light on the Sugihara case.  

This story leads to Las Vegas, NV, Pleasanton CA, and Ornida CA to a story that I believe is distorted by several clever Mormons from Danville.  They in turn will linked to the death of Nate Greenan who was the brother in-law of Attorney Dax Craven.  

A well hidden story from me for over 20 years. 

I can only guess who is the fathered a son given up for adoption.

  • I believe that Nate might be that son.  
  • The Alamo 1st Ward is blocking my efforts
  • There is one missing person, 
  • Who set my truck on fire   
  • Who is behind the expert bacterial cases

Threading The Cases


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