The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Dear Senator Feinstein : I Am Forced to Beg for Help and Witness Protection From US Government

The Honorable 
Senator Dianne Feinstein
United State Senate
One Post Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104 
Main: (415) 393-0707
Fax: (415) 393-0710
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Feinstein:

The legislation addressing immigration, domestic terrorism and Public Corruption which is unfolding with the indictments of PG&E, California State Senator Leland Yee and another case in Contra Costa County where the head of the narcotics task force, his private investigator friends were arrested locally known as the CNET Scandal or Dirty DUI. 

Arson Operation - Mission Bay, Walnut Creek, Chevron, and San Bruno
In 2004 I was an arson target, I narrowly escaped being burned alive, in 2001 someone torched my attorneys offices, in 2004 the Kinder Morgan Pipeline explosion in Walnut Creek Pipeline Explosion killed five, but Eiko Sugihara died in 2009, and a two homeless person in tents and in February someone lit a young man on fire at the Concord BART Station. 

In 2008 Butte County's largest fire nearly consumed the entire town of Paradise CA which is known as the Humbolt Road Fire.  I have linked persons with connections to Contra Costa County, San Bruno, San Francisco and Butte County but wouldn't be surprised to find connections to other fires.  

Major Re insurer ~ Significant Risk Via Law Enforcement 

With the help of the 48 Hours Documentary a call arrived that allowed me to link CNET to this insurers Special Investigations Unit (SIU).  It's being processed from Contra Costa County out of reach to traditional investigative deflectors. 

State Department of Insurance
During 2012 I discovered that members of Hillside Covenant Church were communicating with my sons and that was after my car was totaled in July 2011.  A series of incidents connected my sons to my laptop breach involving sensitive PG&E Data.  

Since engaging with PG&E as a software development consultant.  

State Department of Justice Systems Investigative Asset Tracing Tools

Used to destroy my business, put first my sons and ex on welfare, then left me unable to pay child support, cost the State Of California, Medi-cal, Food Stamps with prosecution costs to Butte County of at least 100,000, the loss of software projects worth millions in services down the drain with me getting fired with a tap on the shoulder.  

CalFire Pipeline Safety Engineer who hangs up and refuses inquiries?

When a Pipeline Safety Engineer hung up then never returned my I immediately called Cal Fires Legal Counsel then fired off a letter to Pleasant Hill CA about a long forgotten 1980 arson that was fireball 500 feet from my house.  

That hangup also triggered a deeper search of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Fire plus I started researching Mountain Cascade, EBMUD, and the persons near the fire, quoted, picture or connected which included plaintiffs, defense and experts. 

Sifting articles for names in word pairs such as Ellen Sabuquaria Obituary, Address or Social Security Death Index - I soon she was deceased but then to date I've yet to find her name anywhere in the legal proceedings.  Then I stumbled on the Mary Alicia Driscoll event in June 2005 who was found in an alleged Murder Suicide with her daughter Jineva Driscoll - then back to the Cal Fire Reports where Joe Driscoll's name surfaced as a heavy equipment operator who coincidentally worked on Pipeline Project.  

Anyone reading this will wonder how a key witness vanished, how the ex-wife died and why a CalFire Engineer would hangup.  She's the same mom was interested in buying my play structure in 2004 - right after the fire.  

Iron Horse Trail and the Oceanside Railway
That's when missing persons cases, murder-suicides, and fires were obviously occurring along the old S-P Right of Way now known as the Iron Horse Trail and the Oceanside Railway near the San Bruno Explosion.  

That's when I noticed that missing persons, drownings, and fires were along the Iron Horse Trail which ties into the Fatal Police Shooting of Anthony Banta Jr, where you'll find the Kinder Morgan Fire was directly behind the shooting location at Diablo Pointe - not to be confused with Broadway Pointe where Anthony worked at Starbucks and where drowning Victim Gavin Powell worked at Jamba Juice. 

The Dead Witnesses - Far too many 
The same happened in different forms more than ten times - no one listened the most recent attempt was recorded by 911 but like before so far no police report.  I need police report so I can I get Victims Compensation Program but the underlying requirements are being blocked while people still try to kill me.  

San Bruno Fire 2010 
The deaths near this case continue to stack up but in my personal story the first murders in 1980 and have gone on for what feels like eternity. In 2011 I was working as sub contractor for PG&E developing software.  PG&E is lying to Federal Investigators about the deliberate attempts to end my life many times since working for them. 

Schools and Students

Operation "Hidden Sandy Hook" the real truth on students

There is another pipeline fire 

Mary Alicia Driscoll Murder Suicide? I don't think so

For ten long years I've been attacked, mugged, beaten, arrested, victim of hit and run, endured stolen funds, trust accounts and a coin collection.  I've filed almost 100 police reports which happen to match how others were murdered such as . . . 

Kaitlyn Brittany Stand (Oct. 24, 1988 - May 11, 2013) 

In September 2013 someone nearly killed me in an intersection.  I can't get a police report through any agency in Contra Costa County so as a result I can't help from VCP yet I have file litigation at every step.

My children are on welfare, my friends have tombstones above their heads and most of the job openings I'm qualified for get rejected because my clients are connected to this nightmare

PG&E Indicted
Seeno Construction - Indicted
Contra Costa Narcotics Taskforce
Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe, Lombardi

Kill the Witnesses as fast as possible

There is list of dead witnesses, homeless in the area being killed and some of the victims are related or/are public officials, police officers, retirees (financial victims)

I am tired of calling agency after agency explaining to them that these people are getting killed.  It's not my job but I am doing this so others are not killed.  Perhaps you'd like to hear my story in person before they kill me - it's a matter of time that they get me or my sons as they got this witness so it's clear they don't care.

Benny Chetcuti Jr.
Mary Alicia Driscoll and Jineva

Charles Silverman, Kellie Reed, Nate Greenan, Michael McNulty,

James Naylor

Lets be clear how could I know this many victims and this former SFPD Officer was in my office and I've seen near the scene of a fatal fire in Pleasant Hill CA where Samantha Mooney died - why bother calling Contra Costa Consolidated Fire as they couldn't find a known Arson fire for my attorneys offices from 2001.


Pete Bennett

Your constituent that can't get help from any agency anywhere while his friends, acquaintances, clients and customers are dying in well planned accidents, infections and arson.  In 2005 they nearly killed my sons in a high speed crash.


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