Claims Against City of Walnut Creek

Claims Against City of Walnut Creek
By Pete Bennett  
WALNUT CREEK CA -- For nearly ten years no one believed me about events that a large scale fraud operation was centered in Contra Costa County complete with all the resources and cover needed to run a covert operation.

In 2004 my truck explodes - A motorcycle officer arrives saying you we're burned alive, then months later the Gas Pipeline Explosion killed five but along the way there are four more deaths.  When discovering connections between my truck fire, then connecting my attorneys offices were connected to the same CNET offices, then connecting one of Chris Butlers clients to the 1170 Lincoln Ave Apartments but when my calls to CAL FIRE PIPELINE SAFETY GROUP who decided hanging up was better than answering questions about my findings.

I am eternally frustrated with my cars being totaled, accidents occurring near me, my friends, and my sons who were nearly killed in a high speed near direct "Swoop and Squat" and then eight years later my car is totaled in Lafayette CA by a retired cop and after three years with the FBI, SAG and CHP State Investigators, a very close call attempted murder by vehicle in Walnut Creek CA nothing.

My friend is beat to death in the Martinez Detention Facility which might be better suited to be Martinez Death Facility kill on arrival when appropriate.  The one good change was watching Walnut Creek PD arrest a off the charts belligerent patron of HubCaps Restaurant Walnut Creek.  The guy was an easy take down who apparently thought the bathroom was someone behind the kitchen are.  Either way they took the Sumo Wrestler down fast effectively but most important safely.  They used The Wrap and at the end of the day no one got hurt.

Perhaps we won't ever have another Banta or Bremer again which is two young men I personally knew.

The claims have been filed but I can't find an attorney because many attorneys know about The Dead Attorney Syndrome and the Contra Costa Bar Association should be investigated for ignoring issues I raised before many of these deaths occurred.  Our public officials at all levels should protecting businesses from extortion, arson, murders and tactical economic games targeting elderly residents (Benny Chetcuti Jr. and Walter Ng) who managed to ramp up millions collectively leading to Billions in Fraud.

That doesn't include the PG&E, Oakland Hills, and Kinder Morgan Fire. 


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