On File With Butte County Court - Line 12 Other Information

Oroville CA:

Last year I was arrested officer Rabinowitz Walnut Creek Police, Walnut Creek CA along with another officer.  My laptop was once again taken by the Walnut Creek Police.

Line 12 Other information
To Officers of the Court
I am using this section in an attempt to explain underlying events near a public corruption probe, deaths of numerous personal acquaintances, business people and past customers/client spanning nearly thirty years. This is my attempt to explain that I’ve been targeted by police officers, private citizens and persons from my past that used tremendous police powers from the California Department of Justice, Local Contra Costa County Law Enforcement agencies connected to the Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce (CNET) that is now disbanded. An agency that is notorious throughout the area for extensive intimidation tactics and extensive civil rights violations.

My additional goal is state my position on events publicly as once incident nearly included my sons who were inadvertently targeted in a high speed accident that killed the other driver back in late 2004 which at the time appeared to be an accident but after the 2011 revelations involving divorce scandal in Contra Costa County allowed this defendant to connect over 20 years very troubling incidents together.
US Grand Jury Charges filed against suspects – Bennett learns they are same persons near accidents and incidents

Specific Events linking defendant to defendant to persons indicted or convicted
CNET Scandal or Dirty DUI
Bennett informs Judge Joel Golub who was local parent that Bennett’s truck was torched, that he was nearly killed in by building inspector, Golub has fined Bennett over $12,000 for traffic by adding steep civil assessment fee, Golub knows Merrit Wiesinger, Terrance Doyle, and Richard Grossman who each have cases in the CNET scandal where divorcees were targeted and knows of other many divorcees targeted in stings that resulted in false arrests, civil rights violations and theft of public funds.
Officer Stephen Tanabe (indicted) was Danville resident residing in the same schools as my sons, was in same cub-scout den, was in defendant's house and makes best suspect in2004, suspect in vehicle tampering , engine failures, arson fire and assault Case Was same deputy present in 2007 hearing in Contra Costa County that threatened responded that he was making terrorist threats a patently false allegation. Bennett alleges that court personal concealed from Judge move-away prevention orders that were “lost” between clerk’s windows and judge thus allowing Petitioner to move away.

Exhibit ___ Chris Butler (Custody) – Private detective known to Defendant since later 80’s but is the same person who arrived days after the near fatal assault in Sept 2004 and is the same person deeply connected to larger scandal

Officer Louis Lombardi ((custody) – used fake police vehicle to pull over Bennett in 2004, brandished weapon at Bennett ,alleged that Bennett was dealing drugs, stealing his own tools, was breaking into houses and was on drugs. Danville Police appeared and Lombardi vanished who then searched Bennett, placed under street light, searched, accused and patted down over a registration violation. When learning of thefts in 2011 news article Bennett sent letters to US Attorney stating in 2004 a coin collection now valued at $40,000 was stolen in 2004 but defendants efforts were deflected on theft when Danville Police officer Paula Murphy refused to take police report on Coins and stolen tools. US Attorney placed that amount in Plea Agreement but to date has no way of collecting losses.
Commander Wielsch (custody) - Admitted co-conspirator of Butler, Tanabe and Lombardi –
Seeno Construction: Local Construction Company with legendary history of dubious business tactics now the subject of US Grand Jury Investigation. Seeno was raided by federal agencies in February 2010 which has netted numerous charges.

Seeno VP Pleads Guilty Carey Hendrickson pleads guilty in March 2013 and agrees to Testify against Albert Seeno Jr. which Defendant knows will be far reaching and far beyond what many might expect.
Anthony Banta Jr. Former Paradise Resident and Graduate residing in Walnut Creek was known to Bennett via Starbucks but was killed by Walnut Creek Officers on December 26th 2012 by officers known to Bennett. Please see August 2011 Walnut Creek Police False Allegations and City Council Meeting

August 2011 Walnut Creek Police False Allegations
Officers connected to Bennett’s allegations involving a Captain, Sergeant and detective who in August 2011 weeks after Bennett’s car was totaled by a retired San Francisco Police Officer attempted to create a scenario so that in Bennett’s opinion use deadly force. A tense scene in front of the Walnut Creek library and police department festered by baseless allegations that Bennett had attacked a city worker riding mowers. That event was sent to the FBI as Bennett is knowledgeable of other Fatal Shootings involving Police Officers. Banta is the fourth victim known to Bennett. A troubling and apparent dangerous connection with Police officers
Nov 1st 2011 - City Council Meeting and Meeting with Chief and City Manager
Bennett appeared at the Walnut Creek City Council meetings complaining officers attempting to use excessive force back in 2011 plus allegations connecting Gary Vinson Collins who was the Danville Building Inspector from 2004 that nearly killed Bennett in a assault case that occurred inside Bennett’s house at 161 Valle Vista Danville CA leaving Bennett with permanent shoulder and knee injuries. During that meeting Bennett alleged that officers connected to the CNET Scandal (including Walnut Creek) were attempting to take out witnesses (Bennett) and that Bennett’s July 20th 2011 accident was connected to Officers from the Walnut Creek Department who in fact may have driven Bennett from five offices used for developing software.
See Hale, Bhatia and Collins for what transpired after the November 1st meeting.
Gary Vinson Collins: Former Danville Building Inspector who attacked Bennett in 2004 coming close to ending Bennett’s life, Collins weighing in 285 and 6’4 to Bennett’s 160 and 5’ 8” frame. Bennett fought off Collins while on the phone with 911 listening but this incident was deliberately derailed by Danville Officers. Days later PI Butler arrives with all the facts about an assault lacking a police report that ultimately required an internal affairs case forcing a 90 day delay.
On December 5th 2011 weeks after being linked to CNET, Danville Police and Walnut Creek PD, Collins falls down an elevator shaft then expires on Dec 19th. Amazingly OHSA failed to fine a public works project, did not levy fines and stated the bracing was adequate. Bennett is highly suspect of events as Collins is related to Officers in the Contra Costa Sherriff Department and other agencies.
Loretta Hale November 11th 2011- - Danville resident dies on Mt Diablo in a suicide, Hale resided in same school district as defendant’s sons, was known to Tanabe and Bennett, was local divorcee, and Real Estate Agent.

Roma Bhatia November 12th 2011 - Found dead on Interstate 680 at Alcosta Blvd in same jurisdiction with other CNET officers. Bhatia was facing final divorce trial following month; husband was represented by attorney specifically mentioned in November 1st Meeting in Walnut Creek. That attorney was going to represent Bennett in 2008 but when Bennett learned that their client was murdered over the weekend withdrew as it was clear attorney was able to manipulate court personal and custody evaluations.

Exhibit ___ Ian Lotta Scott – Dalimontes Karaoke DJ, in 2010 Scott’s mother was assisting Bennett with endless legal issues facing Bennett. Her background was working for Solano DA offices (retired in 2000) was clearly perplexed at all the incidents I’d endured. Ian died of untimely asthma attack in 2011.
Bacterial Infections:
Councilman Mike Shimanksy – died in August 2009 of spinal meningitis weeks after Bennett raised allegations that his 2005 near fatal bacterial infection was deliberate, planned and was connected Bennett’s ongoing intestinal issues that started in 2002 and lasted for five years. Contra Costa Supervisor Federal Glover – another bacterial victim that Bennett has known for decades who in 2007 nearly succumbed an untimely death. Glover and Bennett had chance dinner in 2009 where Glover shared his medical. In 2008 Eric Nunn who running for the same seat was killed in plane crash in Las Vegas Nevada on June 28th 2008, Bennett was communicating with Nunn in regards to events constantly upsetting finances.

Gary Bell – Nov 2012 Richmond Councilman suffers bacterial meningitis infection shortly after winning seat and currently is not expected to recover.
Paradise High School – Viral Meningitis infection affects two students at Paradise High School. Bennett who is unable to reach his sons is unable to learn if his sons were victims, School will not return calls or send claim forms. Unable to get the school to respond has valid concerns that this could be another deliberate attack. Bennett’s coworker contracted Spinal Meningitis in 2009, a mom in Danville near residence lost Daughter to same infection in 2002.

Offices and Businesses Targeted by Police Officers and Employment Issues
Bennett leased numerous offices since 2004 but each ended with some type of setback forcing Bennett to move. Many hard won clients would withdraw constantly impacting revenue. As the CNET scandal was still unknown in 2010 numerous clients were getting death threats or leaving. Bennett was hired many times as contract programmer for positions between 2003 and 2011, each failed for what then appeared to unexplained reasons, Bennett learning of Butler’s illegal wiretaps suspects CNET, Officers Connected to CNET and related parties were actively interfering with clients. Many high paying jobs as Software Architect were lost forcing defendant to seek other options. For years Bennett suspected persons were flashing badges as Client would drop out and never explain why.

Offices Targeted driven out of business – Final Blow
San Francisco Police Lt. David Oberhoffer (retired) began targeting operations located on Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA was named by Bennett’s in 2011 hit and run that Bennett attempted to file with the Lafayette Police who refused. Chief Christenson refused to investigate and told me to get a lawyer but that appears to be impossible as attorneys throughout the area know than my counsel was beaten, that my other attorney offices were torched and that Bennett who wants to seek legal remedy cannot find counsel. Oberhoffer possessed images of Piedmont Lumber far too early to be just a lucky stringer.

In 2011 Bennett was retained by PG&E subcontractor to develop software for the PG&E pipeline testing program. The contract was worth around $200,000 in revenues which was the best contract in five years. Bennett’s revenues were decimated by endless business targeting events by others unknown. In June 2011 persons near the Walnut Creek Police Department created scenes to disrupt residence forcing 911 calls for assistance. Later it was learned that said persons was connected an attorney from the Danville Town Council.

Arson cases that closed businesses in Contra Costa County – Final Blows
Magic Touch Nail Salon Piedmont Lumber
Arson Victim: Defendant Alleges in 2004 that Danville Officers, CNET, and others rigged Bennett’s truck to catch on fire on 680

John Newman – Murdered on March 2012 while Bennett was in custody at Martinez Detention facility, Newman was connected to Kitty Maffie who was Newman’s SSI Payee but Maffie posted Bennett’s bail. That same evening Contra Costa Deputies took Bennett from protective custody and placed a seriously unstable psychotic inmate with Bennett that pretty much going to kill me. It was a harrowing night of threats.

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