The Plaintiffs Winners Circle | How the Contra Costa Bar Association is a Fraud of the Court

Ambulance Chasing Perfected
An Argument for a Broader Investigation

Posted: 04/11/2014
Walnut Creek CA:  On the evening of July 20th 2011 just past 9:00 PM, an unknown vehicle to my rear blinded me with bright white light then pushed me into oncoming traffic but a quick turn by me landed me on the island.
Attempted Murder covered up by the City of Lafayette 

Police Reports?  Good luck
Victims Compensation? Good Luck - go back to Police Reports - can't get one, can't find records sorry too bad can't find that report.  Why do you are you interested in a cold-case from 1980?  Because it was next to my house and I think cops like you are behind it.

The above mentioned neighbors son was allegedly injured in this accident – it happens to be the same investigators in the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Fire 2004 – one of which decided to meet me last year – AFTER people learned I was asking questions.

Chad Cordon - DOWNS Syndrome Danville Resident 

Several Strong Arguments for Premeditated Attacks and Immigrant Targeting

San Mateo Bridge: 
  • Arson Maps (pending)
  • Plaintiffs Winners Circle
  • Notable Fires 
  • Pipeline Fire
  • Victims Compensation


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