Mayor Newsome - the Witness

PG_mcfaddenAsk Newsom Go Long and Homeless

Date: Oct. 2010 
Event: Approaching Newsome
Where: Market Street HQ for BOS Candidate
Results: Call Garr Homeless Advocate

Newsom walked away when I asked about SFPD Lt. David Oberhoffer

Walnut Creek at 17 Koala Ct. connects him to Benny Chetcuti Jr. (Prison) (find title records yourself) leads to CNET Scandal and Chris Butler. 
Here is the new problem for Nancy McFadden
Judge Golub - my neighbor who was well informed about my F-250 Explosion in August 2004, he knew about the Gary Vinson Collins incident in Sept 2004 - he's dead, I was in his court room getting screwed over on my first ticket.
Since we met and I am sure glad I approached you as it's a very important milestone in the PG&E as is Bing Lapus which in my eyes is no different than the 250K reward YOU SIGNED to encourage citizens to come forward
Everywhere I look I see public officials taking and using the public prowess to run over others rights. 
There is LGBT jumper in Walnut Creek that used to sing in the gay bar where I'd sing as I'm gay friendly - everyone is the same. 
Too bad in my situation no one cares too much about Pete Bennett or his family.
In June 2005 these people operator tried to kill my sons on 680.
The Great Lt. Governor and his side kick Jerry?  Pete who? Why is his so fucked up ? Why is he getting beaten, why does he thyroid disease? He was sure lucjky that Lt. Oberhoffer didn't kill him. 
The only way you'll ever be responsive and/or perhaps responsible. The court filing is coming soon - your a witness that's different than a defendant.
I want to know why Sen. Feinstein's and Blum's SVP Greg Smyth are so close to the deaths near me. 

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