Your Public Officials Are Failing You

When the CNET Scandal broke in 2011 it was clear all the calls I’d made the FBI were paying off.  In 2004 I went through a long list of attacks, arson, fires and accidents. 

In 2005 while my sons were students at San Ramon Valley Unified Schools covering Danville, San Ramon and south Walnut Creek my sons and I were on 680 heading WB 580 when a driver tried to flip us.

That incident claimed the life of the other driver who hit the median at 70 to perhaps 90 MPH.  Back then my sons were lucky but after ten years of many deliberate incidents it’s clear I was targeted and that the sum of my incident to several Gas Pipeline Explosions which leads a Danville Police Motorcycle Officer who was in Walnut Creek CA around Sept 2012 wearing those CHP truck inspection Overalls over his Navy Blues – with TAU, a mistake that State Senator Mark DeSaulnier made in August 2011, as relatives of two state senators have been murdered. I told the unit three years ago that persons near CNET have been regularly since the 80’s and the Dead Seeno Witness List page explain what’s truly happening.

I began once again calling Contra Costa Officials for help over ten years ago.  In 2004 a pipeline exploded in your county, straddled between two schools with thousands of students.  In 2004, Mormons from Alamo CA and Danville Police tried to kill me via the “Bennett Truck Arson Fire” on NB 680 where but that deliberately concealed fire preceded a deadly explosion in Walnut Creek where a pipeline explosion in close enough proximity to level two schools with thousands of students.

These Gas Pipeline Fires devastated lives on two sides of the San Francisco Bay but the Kinder Morgan Fire has far too many links to my events.  The Driscoll Murders are connected to Mountain Cascade Construction, CAL Fire, Kinder Morgan (KMP) where the billionaire settles out financially but reading up on Richard Morgan sketchy sounding operations but a research piece by

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