Pressing EBMUD for answers

Pressing EBMUD for answers 

My position in regards to my 2004 Truck Arson Fire is as follows

  • Law Enforcement Personnel Involved 
  • Planned for insurance fraud Prudential Universal Life Policy $855,000 

The Explosion

The final straw was another Hit and Run in Lafayette CA where July 20th 2011 my car was totaled.  That event galvanized this blogger as Chief Christiansen has refused to investigate.

  • Mountain Cascade -
  • Cal Fire Pipeline Safety Group - Lakewood CA 
  • EBMUD - Protecting the public's money 
  • The Litigation Players - Unsavory Plaintiff 
  • The State Bar - The first letters going 
  • Other Parties 

The Deceased Witnesses Players 

In early 2014, a former (but brief) friend named Alicia Driscoll and the alleged murder suicide of her daughter fell perfectly into my incident timeline.  There are several other cases near the CNET Scandal (Police), Family Law, Contra Costa Bar Association whose members litigated many major catastrophic accidents reaping those Super Lawyer Settlements but along the way even their Super Lawyer Powers missed deposing what most Plaintiff Attorneys conclude was the most important unrelated witness who'd collaborate the horrible fire deaths linked to other horrible deaths by fire.

Deceased Witnesses


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