Nobody was home at Harry Bowman's apartment in Upland on Thursday evening.
A package was tucked neatly under the welcome mat on the concrete landing. It had been sent "priority express" by his mother from York, Pa. The postage was $44.95.
It was addressed to "Hal."
Bowman's name had been released by authorities earlier in the day, along with the 13 other victims of the mass shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino. He was 46.
Bowman was one of the earliest contributors to CREATE, a USC center that studies national security and terrorism, the director said in an email. Bowman, who left the center for a job with the San Bernardino Unified School District, was an expert in spacial data and mapping.
Neighbors said they didn't really know much about him, or anybody else at the Stoneridge Apartment Homes for that matter.
"There's not a lot of socializing," said Gina Lugo, 54, who lives in the one-bedroom next door with her mother. "People just go to work and come home."
She said they had talked only once, when he advised her to call the management about a problem with the hot water.
Across the hall, Dr. Guillermo Saenz, a 29-year-old medical resident, said he knew Bowman had at least one daughter.
"He would come out to the pool and teach her how to swim," he said.
Reached by phone in York, Bowman's mother, Marion, said that her son had grown up there and moved to California for work more than 15 years ago.
He had two daughters, she said, adding that the family wanted to protect their privacy.
The package, she said, contained Christmas presents.


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