2013-04-16 The Metcalf Sub-Station Sniper Attack

SAN JOSE, Calif.— On April 13, 2012 the silence of the night was shattered with the thunder of AK-47's pumping over 100 rounds into a PG&E Sub-Station - one of many tests on the Domestic Power-Grid but unnoticed in that attack leads to my personal argument that the our systems are fragile, that we'll let anymore who uses a keyboard near critical information system.
In March 2011 PG&E hired American Programmer who was charged on Feb 2nd 2011 with PC-270 - a bench warrant was issued and 30 days later Bennett gets a job connected to worst pipeline disasters on record?
Do I suspect that this project was a setup and events in September 2010 concocted by a retired San Francisco Cop (Lt.) was part of a larger domestic terrorism plan - yes I do as getting hired in March 2011 goal was my laptop data but in 2011 it was just a contract but today I'm suspecting that persons near the deadly 2004 Pipeline Fire should reviewed as a Murder case

Walnut Creek CA: During summer 2013 a break came via a brief conversation with someone who was the Decoy Featured on 48 Hours segment calle...

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