The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Timeline of Corruption Scandal with PG&E

June 16 2016

District Attorney Mark Peterson arrested

June 2016

Bennett Witness murdered in Concord CA

Sept 9,2014

San Bruno Explosion

April 2013

Metcalf Sniper Attack

April 2012

Nate Greenan Murder

April 2015

Fresno Explosion

July 20, 2012

Bennett meets with Chief Christensen

August 2012

David Schafer


Bennett returns to Walnut Creek

NIMDA 9/11

Bennett hired by SBC during 9/11

Bennett hired by PG&E

During Feb 2011, while homeless is hired to work for PG&E on the deadliest explosion on record, offered in $65 per hours, allowed access to sensitive PG&E documents


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