OBIT: David Kristopher Schafer

The Teflon Coated Umbrella

Almost nothing went through, Arson, murders, murders were always suicides, fatal police shootings investigations one sided, custody deaths and fraud cases left to languish for decades.

Quick Facts

District Attorney:Mark Peterson
Jurisdiction: Contra Costa
Agency: Office of the District Attorney    
Status: Felony Perjury / Disbarred   

You're too good to be true
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David Kristopher Schafer

David was the bouncer at Round Up between early 2011 to his death
in August 2011.  He was a nice guy keeping the peace at a bar with a sometimes sketchy history.  He was also interested in the events going on near me and sometimes in the bar.  One night as the bar closed out for the night he mounted his motorcycle and was dead within 20 minutes of leaving Central Lafayette


Contra Costa District Attorney
Ward Street
Martinez. CA 94555



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